Jesus Christ Superstar (Andrew Lloyd Webber musical)

~ Musical


lyricist:Tim Rice
composer:Andrew Lloyd Webber (English composer and impresario of musical theatre)
publisher:Universal/MCA Music (music publisher; do not use as release label!)
Wikidata:Q242667 [info]
later translated versions:Jesucristo Superstar (Spanish version, 1975)
Jesus Christ Superstar (Czech version)
Jésus-Christ Superstar (French version)
parts:3. Overture (Jesus Christ Superstar)
4. Heaven on Their Minds
5. What’s the Buzz? / Strange Thing, Mystifying
6. Everything’s Alright
7. This Jesus Must Die
8. Hosanna (Jesus Christ Superstar)
9. Simon Zealotes / Poor Jerusalem
10. Pilate’s Dream
11. The Temple
13. I Don’t Know How to Love Him
14. Damned for All Time / Blood Money
15. The Last Supper
16. Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say) (Jesus Christ Superstar)
17. The Arrest
18. Peter’s Denial
19. Pilate and Christ
20. King Herod’s Song
21. Could We Start Again, Please?
22. Judas’ Death
23. Trial Before Pilate (Including the 39 Lashes)
24. Superstar
25. Crucifixion
26. John Nineteen: Forty-One


1985-06-22Strange Kind of Woman / Superstar (live, 1985-06-22: Knebworth Festival, Knebworth Park, Hertfordshire, England, UK)cover and liveDeep Purple8:04
Jesus Christ Superstar SuitepartialLondon Symphony Orchestra & The Royal Choral Society9:12