R Blonde Story

~ Song-cycle


R Blonde Story was conceived and always performed as a group of twelve songs in this specific order. This is the second of two Story Albums released in 1994 by R Band. Songbooks with both stories and all songs in proper order were printed and handed out to audiences with the liner notes for each song continuing the story on a consistent theme.

R Blonde Story continues the adventures of the main character Manny from the first album (R College Story) and introduces two new characters: Scotty and Michelle.

1. Instant Sensual Gratification
2. Scotty Be Naughty
3. Domestic Violence
4. Freedom
5.Hot Young Blonde
6. Running Out of Time
7. Spank the Naughty Blonde
8. Crazy Metal
9. Rejected
10. Did I Hear Your Voice?
11. 99.99% Blues
12. It's What You Make It

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writer:R Band (in 1994)
parts:99.99% Blues
Crazy Metal
Did I Hear Your Voice?
Domestic Violence
Hot Young Blonde
Instant Sensual Gratification
It's What You Make It
Running Out of Time
Scotty Be Naughty
Spank the Naughty Blonde