Final Fantasy (Famicom/NES video game soundtrack)

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composer:植松伸夫 (video game, film & anime composer known for Final Fantasy)
part of:Final Fantasy games (number: FF001) (order: 1)
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Wikidata:Q1415970 [info]
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later versions:Final Fantasy (PlayStation 1 video game soundtrack)
parts:エンディング・テーマ (Final Fantasy)
オープニング・テーマ (Final Fantasy I "Opening Theme"; this is the "Main Theme from FINAL FANTASY" that appears throughout the Final Fantasy series, mostly during the credits)
カオスの神殿 (Final Fantasy)
グルグ火山 (Final Fantasy)
コーネリア城 (Final Fantasy)
セーブミュージック (Final Fantasy)
ダンジョン (Final Fantasy)
デッドミュージック (Final Fantasy)
プレリュード (Final Fantasy I–III original “The Prelude” (simple arpeggios, no counter-melodies)) (part of collection)
マトーヤの洞窟 (Final Fantasy)
メイン・テーマ (Final Fantasy I world map theme; this is NOT the recurring Final Fantasy Main Theme)
メニュー画面 (Final Fantasy)
勝利 (Final Fantasy)
(Final Fantasy)
戦闘シーン (“Battle Scene” from Final Fantasy)
浮遊城 (Final Fantasy)
海底神殿 (Final Fantasy)
(Final Fantasy)
(Final Fantasy)
飛空船 ("Airship" from Final Fantasy)