composer:Geezer Butler
Ronnie James Dio
Tony Iommi
Bill Ward
lyricist:Ronnie James Dio
publisher:Essex Music International, Inc.
Niji Music
ティー・アール・オー・エセックス・ジャパン A事業部
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Wikidata:Q2708123 [info]
later translated parody versions:Humppa ja jenkka
later translated versions:Tuli ja maa
referred to in medleys:The Sign of the Southern Cross / Heaven and Hell (continued)


1980-08-10Heaven and Hell (live, 1980-08-10: Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT, USA)liveBlack Sabbath12:44
1980-11-21Heaven and Hell (live, 1980-11-21: Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan)liveBlack Sabbath16:37
1980Heaven and Hell (live, 1980)liveBlack Sabbath12:34
1983-08-20Heaven and HellliveDio11:06
1986-09-03Heaven and Hell (live, 1986-09-03: Budokan, Tokyo, Japan)liveDio?:??
1987-08-22Heaven and HellliveDio3:18
1989-11Heaven and Hell (live, 1989-11: Olympisky Hall, Moscow, Russia)liveBlack Sabbath9:54
1992-08-09Heaven and Hell (live, 1992-08-09: Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, USA)liveBlack Sabbath11:00
1992-11-15Heaven and Hell (live, 1992-11-15: Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA, USA)liveBlack Sabbath7:52
1994-04 – 1994-05[untitled]cover and partialOverkill13:55
2000-04-18Heaven and Hell (live, 2000-04-18: Riviera, Madrid, Spain)cover and liveDream Theater2:24
2004-01-30Heaven and Hell (live, 2004-01-30: (Soundcheck), Westfalenhalle 1, Dortmund, Germany)cover and liveDream Theater6:20
2004-03Heaven and HellcoverBarilari7:29
2007-03-30Heaven and Hell (live, 2007-03-30: Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY, USA)liveHeaven & Hell15:16
2009-07-30Heaven and Hell (live, 2009-07-30: Wacken Open Air, Wacken, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany)liveHeaven & Hell17:48
2010-06-22Indians / Heaven and Hell (live, 2010-06-22: Sonisphere Festival, Vasil Levski National Stadium, Sofia, Bulgaria)live and medleyAnthrax10:02
2010-06-22Indians / Heaven and Hell (live, 2010-06-22: Sonisphere Festival, Vasil Levski National Stadium, Sofia, Bulgaria)cover, live and medleyAnthrax10:10
Heaven & HellBlack Sabbath11:57
Heaven & HellliveDio?:??
Heaven & HellBlack Sabbath7:00
Heaven & HellliveBlack Sabbath12:13
Heaven & HellcoverDivision4:41
Heaven & HellliveDio6:48
Heaven and HellliveBlack Sabbath10:23
Heaven and HellBlack Sabbath8:37
Heaven and HellBlack Sabbath6:51
Heaven and HellBlack Sabbath6:46
Heaven and HellBlack Sabbath6:51
Heaven and HellliveBlack Sabbath14:47
Heaven and HellliveBlack Sabbath11:58
Heaven and HellBlack Sabbath?:??
Heaven and Hell (live, 1982-01-01: Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK)liveBlack Sabbath14:25
Heaven and HellcoverRockabye Baby!4:19
Heaven and HellcoverElis6:00
Heaven and HellliveBlack Sabbath12:04
Heaven and HellBlack Sabbath11:47
Heaven and HellcoverSolitude Aeturnus6:14
Heaven and HellcoverEnola Gay6:18
Heaven and HellcoverBenedictum7:47
Heaven and HellcoverElis4:54
Heaven and HellBlack Sabbath6:57
Heaven and Hell (live)liveDio13:03
Heaven and HellcoverDivision4:41
Heaven and HellcoverDivision4:42
Heaven and Hell (live)liveBlack Sabbath7:20
Heaven and Hell (edit version)Black Sabbath4:25
Heaven and HellliveBlack Sabbath11:49
Heaven and HellBlack Sabbath6:54
Heaven and HellliveBlack Sabbath10:54
Heaven and HellliveBlack Sabbath17:38
Heaven and HellliveBlack Sabbath13:25
Heaven and HellliveBlack Sabbath6:55
Heaven and HellliveBlack Sabbath?:??
Heaven and HellliveBlack Sabbath?:??
Heaven and HellBlack Sabbath7:00
Heaven and HellBlack Sabbath6:51
Heaven and HellliveBlack Sabbath8:39
Heaven and HellBlack Sabbath6:58
Heaven and HellBlack Sabbath6:10
Heaven and HellBlack Sabbath6:53
Heaven and HellliveBlack Sabbath14:25
Heaven and HellliveBlack Sabbath16:01
Heaven and HellBlack Sabbath6:58
Heaven and HellcoverStryper6:03
Heaven and HellcoverDeath Angel6:47
Heaven and HellBlack Sabbath6:52
Heaven and Hellcover and liveDio3:49
Heaven and Hellcover and liveDio6:28
Heaven And HellBlack Sabbath6:59
Heaven and Hell (live)liveBlack Sabbath8:50
Heaven and Hell (Live)liveBlack Sabbath12:34
Heaven and Hell (Montreaux) (live, 2000)coverDream Theater1:45
Heaven and Hell (reprise)liveBlack Sabbath1:51
Heaven and Hell (reprise)liveBlack Sabbath?:??
Heaven and Hell (Reprise)cover and liveDio1:41