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writer:Ester Dean
Mikkel Storleer Eriksen
Tor Erik Hermansen
Katy Perry
Sandy Wilhelm (French electro DJ/producer, key track “Promised Land”)
publisher:Dat Damn Dean Music
Di Piu S R L
EMI Music Publishing Ltd.
Peermusic III, Ltd.
When I’m Rich You’ll Be My Bitch
Wikidata:Q163412 [info]


2011-06Firework (live, 2011-06: Izod Center, East Rutherford, USA)cover and liveGlee Cast2:46
2012-11-07Fireworkcover and liveAdriana Louise?:??
2012Giant Robot Dance + Perpetual eMotion - Nils Fredlandcover, instrumental, live and medleyGiant Robot Dance + Perpetual e‐Motion10:40
2015-09Firework (JonTron cover)coverJonTron4:16
AuditionscoverSing Cast2:47
FireworkcoverIthacappella & Premium Blend3:49
FireworkKaty Perry4:16
FireworkcoverTessanne Chin4:04
FireworkcoverBoyce Avenue feat. David Choi4:45
FireworkcoverPeter Hollens3:10
FireworkcoverFuture Idiots3:21
FireworkcoverGlee Cast3:47
Firework (live)cover and liveKina Grannis4:01
FireworkKaty Perry3:47
FireworkcoverExit Eden4:17
FireworkcoverLeo Moracchioli3:58
FireworkcoverMike Tompkins3:35
FireworkKaty Perry3:48
Firework (part of “The Video Yearmix 2011” DJ-mix)Katy Perry?:??
FireworkKaty Perry3:47
FireworkKaty Perry3:48
FireworkKaty Perry3:48
FireworkKaty Perry3:48
FireworkKaty Perry3:46
FireworkKaty Perry?:??
FireworkKaty Perry3:48
Fireworkcover and partialThe Glee Project Cast2:29
Fireworkcover and liveMadilyn Paige3:53
FireworkcoverJake Coco4:06
FireworkcoverKidz Bop3:48
Firework (live, 2014-12-13/14: Allphones Arena, Sydney, Australia)Katy Perry?:??
FireworkKaty Perry3:48
FireworkKaty Perry3:48
Firework (instrumental version)Katy Perry3:47
FireworkKaty Perry3:48
FireworkKaty Perry3:49
Firework (Abunai remix)Katy Perry4:50
Firework (Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney club)Katy Perry6:05
Firework (Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney dub)Katy Perry6:06
Firework (Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney edit)Katy Perry3:37
Firework (Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney mix)Katy Perry6:05
Firework (Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney mixshow)Katy Perry7:15
Firework (DJ Mehdi instrumental)Katy Perry3:40
Firework (DJ Mehdi remix)Katy Perry3:40
Firework (extended Floorfiller) (part of “Mastermix Issue 297” DJ‐mix)Katy Perry6:47
Firework (Fred Falke club radio edit)Katy Perry4:11
Firework (Fred Falke club remix)Katy Perry6:45
Firework (Fred Falke dub mix)Katy Perry6:30
Firework (Fred Falke extended mix)Katy Perry5:00
Firework (Fred Falke pop radio edit)Katy Perry3:54
Firework (instrumental)Katy Perry3:50
Firework (instrumental)Katy Perry3:51
Firework (Jump Smokers club extended mix)Katy Perry4:52
Firework (Jump Smokers club radio edit)Katy Perry3:52
Firework (Jump Smokers dub mix)Katy Perry4:52
Firework (Jump Smokers extended)Katy Perry4:51
Firework (Jump Smokers mixshow)Katy Perry4:24
Firework (Jump Smokers radio edit)Katy Perry3:56
Firework (Jump Smokers radio edit)Katy Perry3:56
Firework (Liam Keegan club mix)Katy Perry5:58
Firework (Liam Keegan radio edit)Katy Perry4:00
Firework (live)cover and liveKarmin3:41
Firework (Nick Harvey & Bill Waters remix)Katy Perry7:13
Firework (Totally Enormouse Dinosaurs dub)Katy Perry5:15
Firework (Totally Enormouse Dinosaurs mix)Katy Perry5:15
Firework (Wew club remix)Katy Perry8:08
Firework (WEW remix)Katy Perry8:11
Firework (Wideboys club remix)Katy Perry7:28
Firework (Wideboys dub mix)Katy Perry8:03
Firework (Wideboys extended mix)Katy Perry4:43
Firework (Wideboys radio edit, cold intro)Katy Perry3:42
Firework (Wideboys radio edit)Katy Perry3:42
Firework (Wideboys radio mix, V2 intro)Katy Perry3:42
Firework (Wideboys remix club)Katy Perry7:25
FireworkscoverJason Chen feat. Gerald Ko4:16
FireworksKaty Perry1:15
Tommie Sunshine’s Megasix Smash-Upmedley and partialKaty Perry7:03