lyricist and composer:Gordon Lightfoot
publisher:Early Morning Music
M. Witmark & Sons
Moose Music
WB Music Corp. (ASCAP)
SecondHandSongs: [info]
Wikidata:Q3373773 [info]
later translated versions:Chaque matin, il se lève
later versions:Dans la brume du matin


1965-11-03Early Morning RaincoverGrateful Dead3:22
1965-11-03Early Morning Rain (Previously Unissued version)coverGrateful Dead3:20
1979-09-08Early Morning RainliveGordon Lightfoot3:40
1998-05-08Early Morning Rain (live, 1998-05-08: Massey Hall, Toronto, ON, Canada)liveGordon Lightfoot3:36
2000-04Early Morning Rain (live, 2000-04: Pioneer Theater, Reno, NV, USA)liveGordon Lightfoot3:38
Early Mornin' RaincoverPeter, Paul & Mary3:07
Early Mornin' RaincoverElvis Presley2:57
Early Mornin' RaincoverElvis Presley2:58
Early Mornin' RaincoverElvis Presley2:57
Early Mornin’ RaincoverElvis Presley2:53
Early Mornin’ RaincoverBob Dylan3:34
Early Mornin’ RaincoverElvis Presley2:50
Early Mornin’ RaincoverBob Dylan3:38
Early Mornin’ RaincoverBob Dylan3:31
Early Mornin’ RainGordon Lightfoot3:00
Early Mornin’ Rain (extract)cover and partialBob Dylan0:30
Early Morning RaincoverEva Cassidy4:03
Early Morning RaincoverPaul Weller3:48
Early Morning Rain (Gord's Gold version)Gordon Lightfoot3:14
Early Morning RaincoverEva Cassidy4:06
Early Morning Raincover and liveBob Dylan?:??
Early Morning Rain (1989-07-29: Kingswood Music Theatre, Maple, ON, Canada)cover and liveBob Dylan?:??
Early Morning Rain (live: BBC)cover and livePaul Weller4:00
Early Morning RaincoverElvis Presley2:58
Early Morning RainGordon Lightfoot3:07
Early Morning RaincoverTim O’Brien & Darrell Scott4:22
Early Morning RaincoverElvis Presley?:??
Early Morning RainGordon Lightfoot3:08
Early Morning RaincoverPat Surface3:42
Early Morning RaincoverBobby Bare3:17
Early Morning RaincoverIan & Sylvia3:58
Early Morning RaincoverTony Rice3:02
Early Morning RaincoverTony Rice3:06
Early Morning RainGeorge Hamilton IV2:53
Early Morning RainGordon Lightfoot3:08
Early Morning Rain (mono)coverIan & Sylvia3:58
Early Morning Rain (live: BBC)livePaul Weller3:49
Early Morning RaincoverThe Kingston Trio2:38
Early Morning Rain (live)cover and livePaul Weller4:10
Early Morning RaincoverBilly Bragg & Joe Henry4:13
Early Morning RainGordon Lightfoot3:09
Early Morning RaincoverJ. P. Cormier3:28
Early Morning Raincover and livePhil Lesh & Friends11:04
Early Morning Rain (live)coverElvis Presley1:02
Early Morning Rain (live, 1977-06: USA)cover and liveElvis Presley1:50
Early Morning RaincoverElvis Presley3:03
Early Morning Raincover and liveElvis Presley0:57
Early Morning RaincoverStephen Fearing4:50
Early Morning RaincoverGeorge Hamilton IV2:49
Early Morning RaincoverJack Semple4:24
Early Morning Rain (“direct feed from the booth” audiophile version)coverNeil Young4:28
Early Morning RainBill Staines3:35
Early Morning RaincoverWatkins Family Hour3:37
Early Morning RaincoverNeil Young4:24
Early Morning RaincoverNeil Young4:51
Early Morning RaincoverRaul Malo / Pat Flynn / Rob Ickes / Dave Pomeroy3:38
Early Morning Rain (live 5-7-76)cover and liveElvis Presley0:54
Early Morning Rain (rehearsal)coverElvis Presley2:53
In the Early Morning RaincoverCrazy Crackers?:??