All Blues

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composer:Miles Davis (jazz trumpeter, bandleader, songwriter)
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Wikidata:Q2600918 [info]
referred to in medleys:Chaos
later versions:All Blues (English lyrics)
is the basis for:I've Got a Feeling (Pentangle)


1959-03 – 1959-04All BluesMiles Davis & Bill Evans11:37
1959-04-22All Blues (original mono studio mix)Miles Davis11:34
1959-04-22All Blues (original stereo studio mix)Miles Davis11:35
1960-03-22All Blues (live, 1960-03-22: Second Concert, Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden)liveMiles Davis & John Coltrane16:10
1960-03-22All Blues / The Theme (live, 1960-03-22: Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden)live and medleyMiles Davis17:09
1960-03-24All Blues (live, 1960-03-24: Tivolis Koncertsal, Copenhagen, Denmark)liveMiles Davis & John Coltrane15:31
1960-03-24All Blues / The Themelive and medleyMiles Davis Quintet15:29
1960-03-24All Blues / The Theme (live, 1960-03-24: Tivoli Konsertsal, Copenhagen, Denmark)live and medleyMiles Davis Quintet with John Coltrane15:31
1960-04-08All BluesliveMiles Davis Quintet17:06
1960-04-09All BluesliveMiles Davis12:56
1960-09-27All Blues (live, 1960-09-27: Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England)liveMiles Davis Quintet4:41
1960-09-27All BluesliveMiles Davis15:09
1960-10-15All BluesliveMiles Davis12:37
1963-05-29All Blues (live, 1963-05-29: Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England)liveMiles Davis Quintet12:40
1963-06All BluesliveMiles Davis12:42
1963-06All BluesliveMiles Davis Quintet12:49
1963-07-26All BluesliveMiles Davis Quintet9:54
1963All BluesLes McCann & The Jazz Crusaders4:12
1964-02-12All Blues (live, 1964-02-12: Lincoln Center, New York, NY, USA)liveMiles Davis8:54
1964-02-12All BluesliveMiles Davis8:58
1964-10-11All BluesliveMiles Davis Quintet13:40
1965-09-01All BluesEric Kloss With Don Patterson5:37
1965-12-23All Blues (live, 1965-12-23: Plugged Nickel, Chicago, IL, USA (set 4))liveMiles Davis12:25
1966-10-03All Blues (mono)cover and liveHerbie Mann7:32
1966All Blues (stereo)cover and liveHerbie Mann7:32
1969-05-06Chaoscover and medleyThe Doors3:06
1973-04-29All Blues (live, 1973: Casa Caribe Club)liveGeorge Benson12:51
1973-04-29All Blues (live)liveGeorge Benson4:35
1974-05-21All BluesKenny Drew Trio6:28
1976-03All BluesliveMilt Jackson10:22
1978-05-17All Bluescover and liveNew York Jazz Quartet14:35
1978-08-12All BluesliveFrank Rosolino & Carl Fontana15:34
1979-09-05All BluesRachel Gould, Chet Baker5:31
1979-09All BluesChet Baker5:37
1981-01P.S. (All Blues)coverStanisław Sojka1:12
1982-05-24All BluesOscar Peterson & Freddie Hubbard13:56
1982All BluesChet Baker, Jim Hall, Hubert Laws9:43
1986-11-30 – 1986-12-03All BluescoverBarney Wilen5:04
1988-04-28All BluesliveChet Baker5:53
1988-11-16 – 1988-11-17All Bluescover and livePeter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass12:58
1991-06-27All BluesThe Tete Montoliu Trio5:45
1991-10-24All BluesliveFreddie Hubbard15:23
1991-10-24All Bluescover and liveFreddie Hubbard Quintet13:27
1992-04-27All BluescoverJazz-AG Scheffel-Gymnasium Bad Säckingen4:59
1992-07-22All BluesliveKenny Drew Trio13:45
1992-09-19All BluesliveHerbie Hancock, Ron Carter, Wayne Shorter, Wallace Roney & Tony Williams12:09
1992-09-19All Blues (live)liveHerbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Ron Carter, Wallace Roney & Tony Williams15:14
1993-02-27All BluescoverKevin Mahogany5:23
1993-08All BluesManhattan Jazz Orchestra?:??
1993All BluesWarren Vaché6:02
1994-03All BluesDave Liebman Group6:07
1994-04-18All Bluescover and liveMichel Petrucciani & Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen6:29
1994-09All BluescoverAnn Hampton Callaway4:58
1998-02-19 – 1998-02-20All BluesWarren Vaché & Allan Vaché7:01
1998-03-02 – 1998-03-03All BluescoverWorld Saxophone Quartet feat. Jack DeJohnette9:51
1998-06-16All BluesJimmy Ponder4:41
1999-07-21 – 1999-07-22All BluescoverBruce Lofgren Jazz Orchestra5:44
2000-12-15 – 2000-12-17All Bluescover and livePat Martino12:03
2000All BluesliveDavid Gazarov & Simon Nabatov12:06
2001-02-26All BluesliveGrady Tate9:28
2001-12-12All BluesJunior Mance Trio, Eric Alexander7:53
2002-03-13 – 2002-03-14All BluesEddie Henderson7:04
2002-05-12All BluesliveCarter, Cobb, Coleman, Stern7:03
2002-10-14All BluesArthur Blythe8:39
2003-03All BluesConrad Herwig8:17
2004-11Blues Medley for Miles: Blue Skies / All Blues / Freddie Freeloaderlive and medleySheila Jordan10:10
2006-02All Blues (live, 2006-02: Sangha, Takoma Park, Washingto D.C., United States)cover and liveEthnic Heritage Ensemble14:03
2006-03-16All BluesMelvin Rhyne5:45
2006-07-03All BluesRussell Gunn5:45
2007-02-16All BluesliveRosario Giuliani special guest Enrico Pieranunzi14:57
2007-07-05All BluesliveThe Great Jazz Trio7:39
2008-05-11 – 2008-06-16All BluescoverJulian Lage7:14
2009-08-22 – 2009-08-24All BluescoverHeinz Sauer, Michael Wollny, Joachim Kühn3:27
2012-09-02All Bluescover and liveHeinz Sauer - Michael Wollny6:41
2012-09 – 2012-12All BluescoverGiacomo Gates5:06
2014All BluescoverMartin Auer Quintet10:58
2018-04-25All Bluescover, instrumental and liveYuko Mabuchi6:52
2019-03-05All BluescoverMichael Musillami, Rich Syracuse7:22
All BluesPoffet Trio5:55
All BluesCannonball Adderley11:35
All BluesMiles Davis Quintet & John Coltrane17:01
All BluesJohn Coltrane5:59
All BluesliveMiles Davis8:14
All BluesMiles Davis, arranged by Vince Mendoza9:38
All BluesCannonball Adderley & Miles Davis11:33
All BluesMiles Davis11:34
All BluesliveMiles Davis8:54
All BluesMiles Davis11:36
All BluesMiles Davis11:37
All BluesMiles Davis11:35
All BluesMiles Davis?:??
All BluesMiles Davis?:??
All BluesMiles Davis?:??
All BluesliveMiles Davis & John Coltrane15:31
All BluesMiles Davis11:36
All BluescoverPhilip Catherine7:50
All BluescoverShnabubula10:45
All BluescoverFourPlay String Quartet4:23
All BluesChet Baker5:40
All BluesChet Baker7:25
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