Memory (Cats)

~ Song


lyricist:T. S. Eliot
Trevor Nunn
additional writer:Trevor Nunn
composer:Andrew Lloyd Webber (English composer and impresario of musical theatre)
publisher:Faber Music
Faber Music Ltd.
The Really Useful Group Ltd. (not for release label use!)
The Really Useful Music Co. Ltd.
Universal Music Publishing (Use ONLY if no country-specific information is available)
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Wikidata:Q1920130 [info]
referred to in medleys:Phantom of the Total Eclipse of the Memory (order: 4)
later translated versions:Erinnerung
Pamięć (Polish version of "Memory", from the ALW musical Cats)
Piano (Italian version of "Memory" from the musical Cats)
later versions:Nos souvenirs
part of:Cats (Andrew Lloyd Webber musical) (order: 19)
arrangements:Memory from Cats (for band, Catherall)


1984MemorycoverJohnny Mathis3:05
1987-05-01MemoryRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra, Paul Gemignani?:??
1989-01-01 – 1989-01Andrew Lloyd Webber Trilogyinstrumental and medleyJohn Williams & The Boston Pops Orchestra8:21
1990-07-07Medley: Memory / Ochi tchorniye / Caminito / La Vie en rose (live, 1990-07-07: Terme di Caracalla, Rome, Italy)live and medleyCarreras, Domingo, Pavarotti6:54
1990 – 1992MemoryLesley Garrett4:02
1999-12-31Entr'acte (Timeless: Live in Concert)instrumental, live and medleyBarbra Streisand2:22
2000-01 – 2000-031980s: MemoryinstrumentalThe BBC Concert Orchestra, Barrie Hingley3:27
2002-01Memory (live, 2002-01: Athens Concert Hall)cover and liveΆλκηστις Πρωτοψάλτη4:23
2007-07-01Cats: Memory (live, 2007-07-01: Concert for Diana, Wembley Stadium, London, UK)liveConnie Fisher & Andrea Ross3:42
2018-01-16 – 2018-01-21Memorycover and liveAmel Bent, Claire Keim, Zaz & Liane Foly5:01
CatsmedleyLondon Philharmonic Orchestra11:19
Cats: MemoryinstrumentalThe London Pops Orchestra4:04
Cats: MemorycoverJosé Carreras, Robert Farnon & His Orchestra4:21
Cats: MemoryLesley Garrett3:59
Cats: MemoryJosé Carreras4:19
Cats: MemoryJacinta Whyte, National Symphony Orchestra & Martin Yates3:43
Cats: Memory (The Three Tenors)The Three Tenors2:39
MemoriesAndean Nation3:42
MemoryinstrumentalBroadway Ballroom Orchestra4:02
MemoryThe West End Orchestra and Singers4:00
MemorycoverAnita Meyer3:55
MemorycoverLee Towers?:??
Memorycover and instrumentalRaymi Bambú3:33
MemoryElaine Paige4:18
MemoryinstrumentalThe BNFL Band4:08
MemorycoverRadical Face6:06
MemoryGeorge Carlaw3:51
MemoryThe Showtime Orchestra and Singers4:13
MemoryinstrumentalThe Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Paul Gemignani4:04
MemorycoverUlfts Mannenkoor en Lee Towers5:43
Memorycover and instrumentalJames Galway3:36
MemorycoverJayne O’Mahony?:??
MemorycoverRenaud Hantson en duo avec Grégori Baquet3:49
MemoryBetty Buckley3:36
MemoryBarbra Streisand3:52
MemorycoverTeresa Carpio4:41
MemoryAndrew Lloyd Webber4:04
Memory (music with nature sounds as accompaniment)instrumental[unknown]5:13
Memorycover and instrumentalEthnic Instruments4:29
MemorycoverHoward Keel3:56
Memorycover and instrumentalCarl Doy3:50
MemoryLesley Garrett4:01
Memorycover and instrumentalNorthern Lights Trio3:13
MemoryStephanie Lawrence?:??
MemorycoverRalph Dunnegan All Stars3:55
MemoryinstrumentalCanadian Brass3:25
MemoryinstrumentalAlexander Zoltan4:19
Memorycover and instrumental[unknown]4:46
MemorycoverBarry Manilow4:56
MemorycoverTracy Huang4:25
MemoryliveThe Three Tenors6:55
MemoryKim Criswell3:46
MemoryBarbara Dickson4:14
MemoryBarbara Dickson4:13
MemoryBarbara Dickson4:15
MemoryBarbara Dickson4:13
MemoryBarbra Streisand3:55
MemorycoverBarbra Streisand3:55
MemoryRichard Clayderman3:06
MemoryinstrumentalRichard Clayderman5:28
Memorycover and instrumentalThomas Somr4:08
MemoryElaine Paige4:16
MemoryinstrumentalJohnny Gregory and His Orchestra3:14
MemoryElaine Paige, David Firman4:17
MemoryinstrumentalThe Shadows3:58
MemorycoverRoger Whittaker4:16
MemoryBetty Buckley3:40
MemorycoverMichael Crawford4:26
MemoryElaine Paige4:12
MemoryElaine Paige4:17
MemorycoverJackie Evancho3:53
Memoryinstrumental101 Strings3:19
MemorycoverPetula Clark4:34
MemorycoverThe New York Theater with The Broadway Choir4:03
MemorycoverMichael Crawford4:26
MemoryBetty Buckley5:22
MemorycoverAled Jones4:02
MemoryHayley Westenra4:03
MemoryBarbra Streisand3:59
MemoryinstrumentalGheorghe Zamfir3:55
MemorycoverBellas Melodias4:07
Memorycover and instrumentalVlado Kumpan3:35
MemoryinstrumentalDanny Wright4:41
Memorycover and instrumentalThomas Mohr4:06
MemoryinstrumentalDavid Davidson5:12
MemoryliveElaine Paige4:10
MemorycoverThe Starlite Orchestra and Singers4:02
MemorycoverThe Broadway Singers, Adam Mansell Orchestra3:55
MemorySarah Brightman3:58
MemoryBarbara Dickson4:15
MemoryAndrew Lloyd Webber3:41
MemoryinstrumentalThe Sergio Rafael Orchestra4:03
MemoryJohnny Gregory and His Orchestra3:12
MemoryElaine Paige4:12
MemorycoverMichael Ball4:04
MemoryLaurel Ford4:03
MemoryJessie Hillel4:33
MemoryAndrew Lloyd Webber3:59
MemorycoverImaginary Sound Project3:17
Memory (uncredited instrumentals, from Lover’s Romance, Vol. 4)instrumental[unknown]4:06
Memorycover and instrumental[unknown]4:04
MemorycoverLesley Garrett4:01
MemoryRichard Clayderman3:04
MemoryRichard Clayderman?:??
MemoryRichard Clayderman3:04
MemoryRichard Clayderman3:06
MemoryRichard Clayderman3:03
MemoryRichard Clayderman?:??
MemoryRichard Clayderman3:06
MemoryRichard Clayderman3:07
MemoryRichard Clayderman5:28
MemoryRichard Clayderman3:51
MemoryRichard Clayderman3:03
MemoryRichard Clayderman3:54
MemoryRichard Clayderman4:53
MemoryRichard Clayderman3:10
MemoryRichard Clayderman3:05
MemoryRichard Clayderman3:06
MemoryRichard Clayderman3:06
MemoryRichard Clayderman3:09
MemoryElaine Paige1:21
Memory (2 Meter Sessies)coverEpica4:41
MemorycoverSarah Brightman4:08
Memory (reprise)Elaine Paige & Sarah Brightman5:15
Memory (1993 version)coverShirley Bassey5:03
MemorycoverSarah Brightman3:58
MemoryinstrumentalThe Shadows3:57
MemoryinstrumentalJulian Lloyd Webber4:27
MemorycoverBig Daddy2:30
MemoryElaine Paige4:11
MemoryElaine Paige4:12
MemoryliveElaine Paige5:03
MemoryElaine Paige4:13
MemoryElaine Paige4:13
MemoryElaine Paige4:16
MemoryElaine Paige4:11
MemoryElaine Paige4:12
MemoryElaine Paige4:10
MemoryinstrumentalThe Shadows3:58
MemoryMarti Webb & Mark Rattray4:15
MemoryFootlights Orchestra and Chorus4:04
MemorycoverSusan Boyle4:06
MemoryThe Mantovani Orchestra4:49
MemorycoverKimberley Walsh4:22
Memorycover and instrumentalRichard Clayderman3:08
MemoryBetty Buckley3:40
MemoryAndrew Lloyd Webber4:02
MemoryinstrumentalJohn Williams & Boston Pops Orchestra4:34
Memory ("Cats")coverRose Jang3:38
Memory (from 'Cats')Michael Ball4:03
Memory (from 'Cats')Elaine Paige4:16
Memory (from ‘Cats’)The West End Orchestra & Singers4:03
Memory (from "Cats")cover and instrumentalThe Royal Philharmonic Orchestra5:21
Memory (from "Cats")coverFootlights Orchestra & Chorus4:04
Memory (from "Cats")Elaine Paige4:09
Memory (from "Cats")instrumentalGuy Maeda4:11
Memory (from "Cats")instrumentalAndrew Lloyd Webber4:20
Memory (from "Cats")coverDudu Fisher3:44
Memory (From "Cats")Sergio Franchi3:31
Memory (from “Cats”)Elaine Paige4:18
Memory (from “Cats”)Maria Friedman, National Symphony Orchestra, John Owen Edwards3:48
Memory (from “Cats”)instrumentalRoger Webb3:03
Memory (from “Cats”)instrumentalRonnie Aldrich4:26
Memory (from Cats)Orlando Pops Orchestra3:42
Memory (from Cats)cover and instrumentalJames Galway3:32
Memory (from Cats)Morriston Orpheus Choir4:28
Memory (From Cats)coverSusan Wong3:58
Memory (From Cats)Mark Rattray4:28
Memory (from Cats) (instrumental version)instrumentalOrlando Pops Orchestra4:06
Memory (In the Style of Cats)coverAvid All Stars4:01
Memory (reprise)live and partialElaine Paige1:13
Memory (T.S. Eliot / Trevor Nunn / Andrew Lloyd Webber)Richard Clayderman5:29
Memory (Theme From “Cats”)instrumentalRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra3:40
Memory (ur Cats)Richard Clayderman3:06
Memory (Webber / Nunn / Eliott)Richard Clayderman1:30
Memory Reprise (1993 version)coverShirley Bassey1:09
Suite from ‘Cats’instrumental and medleyRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra, Tony Britten28:21
キャッツ: メモリーinstrumentalJohn Williams & The Boston Pops Orchestra4:38
メモリー (English Version)cover石川ひとみ?:??