writer: Samuel Barnes
Beyoncé (US singer, songwriter, record producer & actress)
Jean-Claude Olivier (hip hop producer Jean Olivier, of Poke and Tone)
Cory Rooney
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Destiny's Child Medley medley Beyoncé 11:52
Dreadlock Woman (Destiny's Child vs 10cc) (part of a “As Heard on Radio Soulwax, Part 6” DJ‐mix) partial 2 Many DJ’s 1:18
Independent Woman (Radio 1 Live Lounge) cover and live Elbow 1:56
Independent Women, Part 1 cover Ten Masked Men 3:13
Independent Women, Part 1 (Victor Calderone radio mix) (part of a “Bump 8” DJ‐mix) Destiny’s Child 3:19
Independent Women, Part 1 vs. Dreadlock Holiday (Destiny's Child vs. 10cc) partial 2 Many DJ’s 3:30
Independent Women, Part I (album version) Destiny’s Child 3:41
Independent Women, Part I (#1’s edit) Destiny’s Child 3:36
Independent Women, Part II Destiny’s Child 3:46