Splitting on parts (Scenes) according to the score available on IMSLP. As an exception, keeping separation between purely instrumental parts ("Vorspiel", "Orchesterzwischenspiel") and scenes proper: although such splitting is not explicitly indicated in the score, it is unambiguous and commonly used.

Please do not add more fine-grained parts according to a splitting on recordings in a particular release. The composer has not provided any fine-grained parts in the score, and editors of different releases split on recordings differently. Please use a "partial recording" relationship instead.

DM's opera site has the libretto in German, English, French and Russian.

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composer and librettist:Richard Wagner (composer)
premiered at:Nationaltheater München in Munich, Bayern, Germany (on 1869-09-22)
part of:Wagner-Werk-Verzeichnis (number: 86a) (order: 37)
other databases: [info] [info]
download score for free:imslp: Das Rheingold, WWV 86A (Wagner, Richard) [info]
Wikidata:Q327717 [info]
part of:Der Ring des Nibelungen, WWV 86 (part of collection) (order: 1)
parts:1. Das Rheingold: Scene I. Vorspiel
2. Das Rheingold: Scene I
3. Das Rheingold: Orchesterzwischenspiel (between scenes I and II)
4. Das Rheingold: Scene II
5. Das Rheingold: Orchesterzwischenspiel. Fahrt nach Nibelheim (between scenes II and III)
6. Das Rheingold: Scene III
7. Das Rheingold: Orchesterzwischenspiel. Rückkehr aus Nibelheim (between scenes 3 and 4)
8. Das Rheingold: Scene IV
is the basis for:Der Ring ohne Worte
Rheingold-Fantasie für 8 Hörner
Walhall aus Der Ring des Nibelungen, S. 449


1927-06-18Das Rheingold: Einzug der Götter in WalhallpartialGenia Guszalewicz, Waldemar Henke, Friedrich Schorr, Staatskapelle Berlin, Leo Blech8:26
1953-08-08Das RheingoldliveClemens Krauss, Orchester der Bayreuther Festspiele2:24:09
Das Rheingold: Rheintöchter Terzett (1904; (xV 98) Odeon X 38022)partialJenny Pohlner, Elise Elizza, Hermine Kittel2:40
Die Morupeus-Töchter: Auf dem Grunde des RheinespartialEnsemble Pygmalion, Raphaël Pichon4:01