Rescue Me

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writer:Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone (American singer-songwriter, actress, businesswoman, “Queen of Pop”)
Shep Pettibone
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Wikidata:Q1576306 [info]


Rescue MecoverKnew Order4:47
Rescue MeMadonna4:53
Rescue Mecover and instrumentalLondon Twilight Orchestra4:45
Rescue MeMadonna?:??
Rescue MeMadonna5:31
Rescue MecoverAdeva3:49
Rescue Me (7" mix)Madonna4:56
Rescue Me (album cut)Madonna5:34
Rescue Me (alternate single mix)Madonna5:05
Rescue Me (Demanding dub)Madonna5:21
Rescue Me (Houseboat vocal)Madonna6:58
Rescue Me (Houseboat vocal)Madonna6:57
Rescue Me (Lifeboat vocal)Madonna5:19
Rescue Me (Lifeboat vocal)Madonna5:20
Rescue Me (remix)Madonna9:40
Rescue Me (S.O.S. mix)Madonna6:25
Rescue Me (S.O.S. mix)Madonna6:28
Rescue Me (S.O.S. mix)Madonna6:22
Rescue Me (single mix)Madonna4:54
Rescue Me (single mix)Madonna4:54
Rescue Me (single mix)Madonna4:54
Rescue Me (Titanic vocal)Madonna8:17
Rescue Me (Titanic vocal)Madonna8:18
Rescue Me (Titanic vocal)Madonna8:17