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composer:Stephen Sondheim
lyricist:Stephen Sondheim
librettist:James Goldman (screenwriter)
Wikidata:Q2452512 [info]
other databases: [info]
parts:Follies: Ah, Paris! (Follies)
Follies: Beautiful Girls
Follies: Broadway Baby
Follies: Could I Leave You?
Follies: Don't Look at Me
Follies: I’m Still Here
Follies: In Buddy's Eyes
Follies: Live, Laugh, Love
Follies: Losing My Mind (Follies)
Follies: Love Will See Us Through
Follies: Loveland
Follies: One More Kiss
Follies: Prologue
Follies: Rain on the Roof
Follies: The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me? Blues
Follies: The Right Girl
Follies: The Road You Didn't Take (Follies)
Follies: The Story of Lucy and Jessie
Follies: Too Many Mornings
Follies: Waiting for the Girls Upstairs
Follies: Who’s That Woman
Follies: You’re Gonna Love Tomorrow