Send In the Clowns (A Little Night Music)

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lyricist and composer:Stephen Sondheim
publisher:Fiddleback Music Publishing Co., Inc.
Revelation Music Publishing Corp.
Rilting Music, Inc.
Warner Chappell Music Ltd. (no slash; used 1988–1996)
Warner/Chappell North America
ヤマハミュージックエンタテインメントホールディングス (holding company - do not use as release label)
ワーナー・チャペル音楽出版 Synch事業部
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Wikidata:Q2704917 [info]
later parody versions:Duelling Pianos (medley of parodies of Sondheim's and Lloyd Webber's musical hits)
later translated versions:Bringt mir die Clowns
Var är min clown
part of:A Little Night Music (musical) (order: 17)
is the basis for:A Little Night Fughetta
In and Out of Love
arrangements:Send in the Clowns (piano arrangement, “Liaisons: Re-Imagining Sondheim from the Piano”)
Send In the Clowns (for stage band, Barduhn)
Send In the Clowns (catch-all for arrangements)


1969-04-22Send in the ClownsinstrumentalZoot Sims Quartet2:30
1973-03-18Send in the Clowns (original 1973 Broadway cast, remastered)Glynis Johns, Harold Hastings3:28
1973-06-22Send in the Clowns (1973 original studio master)coverFrank Sinatra4:12
1974-04-08Send in the ClownsliveFrank Sinatra5:10
1974-10-07Send in the Clowns (live, 1974‐10‐07: The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USA)liveFrank Sinatra4:35
1974-10-12Send in the ClownsliveFrank Sinatra5:34
1975-12-03 – 1975-12-05Send in the ClownsinstrumentalStan Kenton and His Orchestra5:19
1976-02-05Send in the Clowns (1976 original studio master)coverFrank Sinatra3:39
1976-02Send in the ClownsinstrumentalPat Martino2:46
1976-05Send in the ClownsMillicent Martin3:34
1978-05-31Send in the ClownsliveSarah Vaughan6:00
1979-04Send In The ClownsinstrumentalPaul Smith with Monty Budwig, Frank Capp, Barney Kessel?:??
1980-07-29 – 1980-07-31Send in the Clownscover and livePerry Como?:??
1980 – 1981Send in the Clowns (live, 1980/81: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)liveTom Jones2:54
1981-01-17Send in the Clowns (live, 1981-01-17: Bubba’s, Fort Lauderdale, FLA, United States)liveCarmen McRae4:43
1981Send in the ClownsSarah Vaughan & The Count Basie Orchestra6:23
1981Send in the Clowns (live, 1981: The Tom Jones Show, Vancouver, Canada)cover and liveTom Jones2:38
1982-08-20Send in the Clowns (live, 1982-08-20: Altos de Chavón, La Romana, Dominican Republic)liveFrank Sinatra4:11
1982-09Send in the CrownsinstrumentalThe Great Jazz Trio7:47
1982Send in the ClownscoverIris Williams3:02
1983-05-06The Cry / The Electric Co.cover, live and partialU26:07
1983-08-14The Electric Co. (live: 1983-08-14: Phoenix Park Racecourse, Dublin, Ireland)cover, live and partialU25:22
1983-10Send in the ClownsinstrumentalFrank Foster Quintet6:19
1985Send in the ClownscoverBarbra Streisand4:43
1986-06-06Send in the ClownsliveVan Morrison & Chet Baker3:45
1986-09-06Send In the Clowns (live, 1986-09-06: Malibu, CA, USA)cover and liveBarbra Streisand5:02
1987-10-24Send in the ClownsliveMaria João, Aki Takase4:21
1989-01-01Send In the ClownsinstrumentalJohn Williams & The Boston Pops Orchestra2:57
1990-10-12 – 1990-11-05Send in the ClownscoverCarmen McRae3:51
1993-04-17Medley: Send In the Clowns / Looks Like We Made It (live, 1993-04-17: Wembley Arena, London, England, UK)cover, live and medleyBarry Manilow?:??
1996-03-08 – 1996-03-10Send in the ClownsliveStephen Sondheim4:01
1997Send in the ClownsinstrumentalMilt Jackson7:56
1999-12-31Send in the Clownscover and liveBarbra Streisand3:07
1999-12-31Send in the ClownsliveBarbra Streisand3:08
2004-04Send in the ClownsDenise Donatelli4:43
2005-03-19A Little Night Music: Send in the ClownsliveStephen Sondheim2:58
2005-03-19A Little Night Music: Send in the ClownsliveStephen Sondheim4:29
2005-04-14The Electric Co. (live, 2005‐04‐14: Glendale Arena, Glendale, AZ, USA)cover, live and partialU26:03
2013-05-02 – 2013-05-05Send in the Clownscover and liveAnn Hampton Callaway6:25
2014-06-01Send In the Clownsinstrumental and liveDick Hyman7:33
2015-01-20 – 2015-01-21Love Theme from Candide / Send In the Clownsinstrumental and medleyDavid Benoit3:42
2016-09-20 – 2016-09-24Send In the ClownsNatalie Dessay, Paris Mozart Orchestra, Claire Gibault4:32
2017-04-02Send in the ClownsliveNils Landgren & Michael Wollny5:12
2019-12-31Send In The Clonescover and livePhish6:55
A Little Night Music: Send in the ClownsToni Lamond, Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Guy Noble4:45
A Little Night Music: Send in the ClownsStephen Sondheim3:27
A Little Night Music: Send in the ClownsRuthie Henshall2:47
A Little Night Music: Send in the ClownsStephen Sondheim4:24
A Little Night Music: Send In the ClownsinstrumentalThe London Pops Orchestra11:44
Selections from “A Little Night Music”: Night Waltz / Send in the ClownsinstrumentalJohn Williams & Boston Pops Orchestra8:56
Sen in the ClownsTom Jones2:32
Send in the ClowncoverTom Jones2:25
Send in the clownsinstrumentalArve Tellefsen4:52
Send in the ClownscoverAngelique Beauvence4:01
Send in the ClownscoverTom Jones2:23
Send in the ClownsVan Morrison feat. Chet Baker3:58
Send in the ClownsJudy Collins4:08
Send in the ClownsStella Moray, The Romantic Strings3:34
Send in the ClownsinstrumentalThe Rolls Royce Coventry Band3:43
Send in the ClownscoverAnn Burton4:21
Send in the ClownsBryan Ferry4:02
Send in the ClownsCarmen McRae4:42
Send in the ClownscoverJacob Koller and Maki Mannami4:54
Send in the ClownsDeborah Myers4:59
Send in the Clowns (A Little Night Music)coverSam Robson3:03
Send in the ClownsJudy Collins4:02
Send in the ClownscoverBryan Ferry?:??
Send in the ClownsJudy Collins4:04
Send in the ClownsOlivia Newton‐John3:41
Send in the ClownscoverStan Ridgway3:53
Send in the ClownscoverSeide4:21
Send in the ClownscoverBich?:??
Send in the ClownsTom Jones2:31
Send in the ClownscoverBryan Ferry4:02
Send in the ClownsStephen Sondheim4:22
Send in the ClownsTom Jones2:45
Send in the ClownscoverJudy Collins4:02
Send in the ClownsTom Jones2:29
Send in the Clowns (live)liveTom Jones2:31
Send in the ClownscoverPeters & Lee3:51
Send in the ClownscoverShirley Bassey3:23
Send in the Clownscover and instrumentalSilver, Wood & Ivory6:12
Send in the ClownsRoger Whittaker3:52
Send in the ClownsliveRoger Whittaker3:55
Send in the ClownscoverPeters & Lee?:??
Send in the ClownscoverRosemary Clooney3:46
Send in the ClownsliveVan Morrison4:42
Send in the ClownsErnestine Anderson4:13
Send in the Clownscover and instrumentalTony Rice & John Carlini3:08
Send in the ClownsVan Morrison?:??
Send in the ClownscoverUnwoman4:01
Send in the ClownsJosé Carreras5:14
Send in the ClownscoverJohnny Mathis3:35
Send in the Clowns조수미4:17
Send in the ClownsinstrumentalDimo Dimov3:37
Send in the ClownsFrank Sinatra?:??
Send in the ClownsFrank Sinatra4:11
Send in the Clownscover and liveThe Peddlers5:22
Send in the ClownsFrank Sinatra4:10
Send in the ClownsJudy Collins4:02
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