lyricist:Peter Sinfield
composer:Robert Fripp
publisher:Universal Music Publishing MGB Ltd.
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1971-08-10Formentera Lady (live, 1971-08-10: The Marquee, London, England, UK)liveKing Crimson6:10
1971-08-10Formentera Lady (Marquee Club, London, August 10th)liveKing Crimson6:14
1971-10-16Formentera LadyliveKing Crimson7:15
1971-10-16Formentera LadyliveKing Crimson7:14
1971-11-13Formentera Lady (live, 1971-12-13 Detroit, MI, USA)liveKing Crimson9:08
1971-11-13Formentera Lady (abridged)live and partialKing Crimson6:42
1971-11-13Formentera Lady (Eastown Theatre, Detroit, November 13th)liveKing Crimson9:10
1971-12-13Formentera LadyliveKing Crimson8:59
1972-02-11Formentera Lady (live, 1972-02-11: Armory, Wilmington, DE, USA)liveKing Crimson9:35
1972-02-11Formentera Lady (Wilmington, February 11th, early show)liveKing Crimson9:29
1972-02-12Formentera LadyliveKing Crimson10:04
1972-02-12Formentera LadyliveKing Crimson8:29
1972-02-12Formentera Lady (New York, February 12th, early show)liveKing Crimson8:24
1972-02-12Formentera lady (New York, February 12th, late show)liveKing Crimson10:10
1972-02-17Formentera Lady (live, 1972-02-17: Grande Ballroom, Detroit, MI, USA)liveKing Crimson9:27
1972-02-18Formentera Lady (Detroit, February 18th)liveKing Crimson9:34
1972-02-25Formentera Lady (live, 1972-02-25: Miami Beach Auditorium, Miami Beach, FL, USA)King Crimson7:59
1972-02-26Formentera LadyliveKing Crimson10:21
1972-02-26Formentera Lady (Jacksonville, February 26th)liveKing Crimson10:08
1972-02-27Formentera LadyliveKing Crimson8:24
1972-02-27Formentera Lady (live, 1972-02-27: Orlando, FL, USA)liveKing Crimson8:24
1972-03-06Formentera LadyliveKing Crimson8:38
1972-03-08Formentera Lady (live, 1972-03-08: Riverside Theater, Milwaukee, WI, USA)liveKing Crimson9:33
1972-03-08Formentera Lady (live, 1972-03-08: Riverside Theater, Milwaukee, WI, USA)liveKing Crimson9:30
1972-03-08Formentera Lady (live 1972)liveKing Crimson9:30
1972-03-13Formentera Lady (live, 1972-03-13: Sound Track, Denver, CO, USA)live and partialKing Crimson8:51
1972-03-14Formentera Lady (live, 1972-03-14: Sound Track, Denver, CO, USA)liveKing Crimson9:27
1972-03-21Formentera Lady (live, 1972-03-21: Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA, USA)liveKing Crimson7:23
1972-03-27Formentera Lady (live, 1972-03-27: Boston, MA, USA)liveKing Crimson8:33
1972Formentera Lady Improv Section (unidentified 1972 show no. 2)liveKing Crimson7:01
2002-11-06Formentera Lady (live, 2002-11-06: Shinjuku Kouseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan)cover and live21st Century Schizoid Band12:07
2004-04-27Formentera Lady (live, 2004-04-27: B.B. Kings Blues Club in Times Square, New York, NY, USA)cover and live21st Century Schizoid Band9:50
Formentera LadyKing Crimson5:45
Formentera LadyKing Crimson5:21
Formentera LadyKing Crimson10:16
Formentera LadyKing Crimson10:17
Formentera LadyKing Crimson13:47
Formentera LadyliveKing Crimson9:09
Formentera LadyliveKing Crimson10:20
Formentera LadyliveKing Crimson8:24
Formentera Ladycover21st Century Schizoid Band12:45
Formentera Lady (5.1 mix)King Crimson10:19
Formentera Lady (2010 stereo mix)King Crimson10:19
Formentera Lady (instrumental edit)instrumentalKing Crimson7:16
Formentera Lady (Needledrop: ILPS 9175)King Crimson10:20
Formentera Lady (rough mix)King Crimson8:13
Formentera Lady (take 1)King Crimson2:29
Formentera Lady (take 2)King Crimson2:24
Formentera Lady (take 2) (2010 mix by Steven Wilson)King Crimson2:23
Formentera Lady (take 3)King Crimson2:21
Formentera Lady (take 4)King Crimson2:52