Like a Ship (outtake from Travelling Wilburys Vol. 3 sessions)

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  • First copyright date: 2007-06-27
  • First copyright document: PA0001167731

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  • First copyright date: 2007-??-??
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lyricist and composer:Bob Dylan (in 1988-05)
George Harrison (The Beatles) (in 1988-05)
Jeff Lynne (in 1988-05)
Roy Orbison (in 1988-05)
Tom Petty (in 1988-05)
writer:Bob Dylan
George Harrison (The Beatles)
Jeff Lynne
Tom Petty
publisher:EMI April Music Inc.
EMI Music Publishing France
Gone Gator Music (ASCAP affiliated)
Harrisongs Ltd.
Sony/ATV Music Publishing France
Special Rider Music
Strictly Confidential France
“Travelling Wilburys” Music (from 2007 to present)


1990-03 – 2007Like a ShipTraveling Wilburys3:31
Like a ShipBob Dylan3:19
Like a ShipTraveling Wilburys3:26
Like a ShipTraveling Wilburys3:17
Like a ShipTraveling Wilburys3:23
Like a Ship (monitor mix)Traveling Wilburys0:49
Like a Ship (outtake)Traveling Wilburys3:19
Like a Ship (Outtake)Traveling Wilburys3:18
Like a Ship (Studio Playbacks/Overdubs)Traveling Wilburys0:49