lyricist and composer:Jack White (rock & blues multi-instrumentalist, The White Stripes, Third Man Records)
publisher:Peppermint Stripe Music
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Wikidata:Q1420378 [info]
referred to in medleys:Seven Nation Cali (Cali vs. The Whites Stripes)
Sweet Dreams Seven Nation Army Mashup
later parody versions:Lölölölölö


2003-04-11Seven Nation Army (live, 2003-04-11: Brixton Academy, London, England)liveThe White Stripes?:??
2003-06-14Seven Nation Army (live, 2003-06-14: Hultsfredfestivalen, Hultsfreds Hembygdspark, Hultsfred, Sweden)cover and liveAudioslave5:48
2003-06-18Seven Nation Army (live, 2003-06-18: Point Theatre, Dublin, Ireland)cover and liveAudioslave?:??
2003-07-27Seven Nation Army (live, 2003-07-27: Tweeter Center, Camden, NJ, USA)cover and liveAudioslave5:29
2003-10-02[covers medley] (live, 2003-10-02: Astoria Theatre, London, UK)cover, live, medley and partialA Perfect Circle11:49
2005-12Seven Nation Army (live, 2005-12: Astoria, London, UK)cover and liveHard‐Fi8:51
2006Seven Nation ArmycoverDräp En Hund?:??
2007-02-02Seven Nation Army (live, 2007-02-02: Like a Version: Studio 261, ABC Ultimo, Sydney, NSW, Australia)cover and liveC.W. Stoneking3:18
2007-02-02Seven Nation Army (live, 2007-02-02: Like a Version: Studio 261, ABC Ultimo, Sydney, NSW, Australia)cover and liveC.W. Stoneking3:14
2008-01Medley "Fan" (live, 2008-01: Zénith, Strasbourg)live and medleyLes Enfoirés8:34
2010Seven Nation Army (”White Stripes”)cover and liveБи-2?:??
2012-09-08Seven Nation ArmyliveJack White5:41
2012-11-19Seven Nation Army (The Voice Performance)cover and liveMelanie Martinez2:56
2014-06-14Seven Nation Army (live, 2014-06-14: Bonnaroo, Manchester, Tennessee)liveJack White?:??
2014-06-14Seven Nation Army (live, 2014-06-14: Bonnaroo, Manchester, Tennessee)liveJack White10:37
2014-07-30Seven Nation ArmyliveJack White?:??
2015-07-19Seven Nation Army (2015-07-19: Fenway Park, Boston, MA, USA)cover and liveFoo Fighters?:??
2015-08-22Seven Nation Army (live, 2015-08-22: The Flavours of Monkland Festival, Montreal, QC, Canada)cover and liveFox & the Hound4:01
2018-07-17Porch (live, 2018-07-17: O2 Arena, London, UK)cover, live and partialPearl Jam7:08
2019-10-27Seven Nation Army (live, 2019-10-27: Cass Tech, Detroit, MI, USA)liveJack White5:45
7 Nation ArmycoverThe Dynamics4:22
7 Nation ArmycoverNostalgia 773:07
7 Nation Army (part of "The Great Soundclash Swindle" DJ-mix)coverSly Bastard vs. Effcee3:37
7 Nation ArmycoverUniversity of Virginia Belles3:34
7 Nation Army (part of "Grandmaster Anthems" DJ mix)The White Stripes?:??
7 Nation Army and Zombie LivecoverHeizzentrale10:06
Abpfiff (Seven Nation Army)cover and partialHeino0:49
Anpfiff (Seven Nation Army)cover and partialHeino0:19
Armee der sieben VölkercoverReliquiae3:56
Oh O O O Oh OohcoverD-Me3:47
Ooh o o o oh oohcoverD-Me3:47
Seven Mation ArmycoverKrausetto3:38
Seven nation armycoverAlexandra Kuznetsova2:35
Seven Nation ArmycoverKrausetto3:38
Seven Nation ArmycoverThe Green2:53
Seven Nation ArmycoverMarc Marée4:00
Seven Nation ArmycoverNostalgia 774:21
Seven Nation ArmycoverLeo Moracchioli4:02
Seven Nation ArmycoverPercival3:52
Seven Nation ArmycoverMickie Krause?:??
Seven Nation Armycover and instrumentalThe Piano Tribute Players2:32
Seven Nation ArmycoverMarc Marée4:03
Seven Nation ArmycoverNostalgia 774:20
Seven Nation Armycover and instrumentalThe University of Georgia Redcoat Band0:27
Seven Nation ArmycoverKrausetto3:36
Seven Nation ArmycoverMickie Krause?:??
Seven Nation ArmycoverPartycrowd3:53
Seven Nation ArmyliveJack White7:13
Seven Nation ArmycoverBen l’Oncle Soul2:56
Seven Nation ArmycoverScary Pockets feat. Elise Trouw3:36
Seven Nation Army (part of a “Kontor: House of House, Volume 17” DJ‐mix)coverTradelove1:38
Seven Nation ArmycoverGraeme James4:50
Seven Nation ArmyliveJack White7:25
Seven Nation ArmycoverJimmel9?:??
Seven Nation Army (part of "Boxfresh Presents: Exclusive Unthugged Mix CD" dj-mix)The White Stripes1:03
Seven Nation ArmyliveJack White6:19
Seven Nation Armycover and instrumentalStantough3:54
Seven Nation ArmycoverFlash3:04
Seven Nation ArmycoverTomer G3:25
Seven Nation ArmyThe White Stripes3:52
Seven Nation ArmycoverTomer G3:14
Seven Nation ArmycoverZia Quizon4:15
Seven Nation ArmyliveJack White7:19
Seven Nation ArmycoverHermes House Band3:31
Seven Nation ArmycoverHard‐Fi4:14
Seven Nation ArmycoverAlice Strange3:44
Seven Nation ArmycoverT.H.S4:55
Seven Nation ArmyliveJack White6:07
Seven Nation Armycover and instrumentalConan O’Brien2:29
Seven Nation Armycover and liveYoung Division feat. Tristen Gressett2:41
Seven Nation Armycover and instrumentalRamin Djawadi2:13
Seven Nation ArmycoverWildes Holz4:15
Seven Nation ArmycoverZella Day2:52
Seven Nation ArmyliveJack White6:18
Seven Nation ArmycoverZella Day2:53
Seven Nation Armycover and instrumentalRemi Vicious?:??
Seven Nation ArmycoverSershen & Zarítskaya3:32
Seven Nation Armycover and liveConan O’Brien & The Legally Prohibited Band3:19
Seven Nation ArmyThe White Stripes?:??
Seven Nation Armycover and instrumentalThe Jingle Punks Hipster Orchestra3:37
Seven Nation ArmycoverAnina Schibli2:59
Seven Nation ArmycoverEs Vedra4:42
Seven Nation Armycover and instrumentalJan Böhmermann0:50
Seven Nation Armycover and instrumentalKarl Denson's Tiny Universe6:43
Seven Nation ArmycoverStreetboxers4:14
Seven Nation Armycover and liveDamien Rice3:47
Seven Nation Army (part of “Hed Kandi: The Mix Winter 2004” DJ-mix)coverOpen Air4:53
Seven Nation ArmycoverMusik For The Kitchen?:??
Seven Nation ArmycoverSixtyfive Cadillac3:58
Seven Nation Armycover and liveMilla Kay5:16
Seven Nation ArmycoverMilla Kay3:30
Seven Nation Armycover and instrumentalBrass Roots4:01
Seven Nation ArmycoverBasswood Dollies4:12
Seven Nation ArmycoverArena4:20
Seven Nation ArmycoverLa Diane Rouergate4:30
Seven Nation ArmycoverJerin-Lei4:12
Seven Nation Armycover and instrumentalMichigan Tech Huskies Pep Band1:49
Seven Nation ArmycoverBen l’Oncle Soul2:57
Seven Nation Armycover and instrumentalGreenbeats2:23
Seven Nation Army (live and acoustic on The Ray D'Arcy Show on Today FM)cover and liveVyvienne Long2:48
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