writer:Homer Flynn
Hardy Fox (composer for The Residents)
publisher:Pale Pachyderm Publishing


1982Ship’s a’Going Down (1982 rehearsal)The Residents2:36
1985-10-30The Ship’s a’Goin’ Down (live, 1985-10-30: Parco Space Part 3, Tokyo, Japan)liveThe Residents2:43
1986-01-27Ship’s a Goin Down (live, 1986-01-27: Peabody’s Down Under, Cleveland, OH, USA)liveThe Residents?:??
1986-02-08Ship’s a’Goin’ Down (live, 1986-02-08: The Palms, Milwaukee, WI, USA)liveThe Residents2:28
1986-02-10Ship’s a Goin’ Down (live, 1986-02-10: First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, USA)liveThe Residents feat. Snakefinger4:18
1986-10-05Ship’s a’Goin’ Down (live, 1986-10-05: Den Norske Opera, Oslo, Norway)liveThe Residents2:24
1986Ship’s a’Going Down (live, 1986)liveThe Residents4:14
Part Three: Ship’s a Goin’ DownThe Residents6:34
Part Three: Ship’s a Goin’ DownThe Residents10:11
Ship's a’ Going DownThe Residents2:33
Ship’s a’Going DownThe Residents6:39
Ship’s a’Going Down (extract)The Residents2:22
Ships a-Goin’ DowncoverThe Buds?:??
1986-02-07Smelly Tongues / Eloise / Ship’s Agoin’ Down / Tourniquet of Roses (live, 1986-02-07: The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL, USA)live and medleyThe Residents & Snakefinger?:??
1986-10-05Smelly Tongues / Eloise / Ships ’a’ Going Down (live, 1986-10-05: Den Norske Opera, Oslo, Norway)live and medleyThe Residents feat. Snakefinger?:??