lyricist and composer:Roger Waters
publisher:Lupus (publisher)
Lupus Music Co. Ltd
Lupus Music Ltd.
TRO-Hampshire House Publishing Corp.
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1968-02-18 – 1968-02-19Corporal Clegg (1968-02-18 - 1968-02-19: Tienerklanken, Brussels, Belgium)Pink Floyd2:57
1968-02Corporal Clegg (original mono mix)Pink Floyd4:08
1968-02Corporal Clegg (original stereo mix)Pink Floyd4:12
1968Corporal Clegg (video mix)Pink Floyd2:53
1969-07-22Corporal Clegg (live, 1969-07-22: P1—P Wie Peterbilie, Stuttgart, Germany)livePink Floyd4:38
Corporal Clegg (Out of Phase Stereo mix)Pink Floyd4:13
Corporal CleggPink Floyd?:??
Corporal CleggcoverSamarin, Morgan and Hull, LLP4:20
Corporal Cleggcover and liveMo Pair3:05
Corporal CleggcoverJosip Radiæ4:09
Corporal Clegg (Belgian TV mix)Pink Floyd3:00
Corporal Clegg (Belgium TV)livePink Floyd?:??
Corporal Clegg (isolated alternate version)Pink Floyd4:11
Corporal CreggPink Floyd4:09
Floydian Memoriescover and medleyShadow Gallery24:39