writer:Mark Oliver Everett
Jim Jacobsen (worked with Eels)
Jim Weatherly (American singer/songwriter)
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Wikidata:Q7647483 [info]


Susan's House (live, 2000-03-23: Black Session #158: Paris, FR)liveEELS3:14
Susan's HouseEELS3:56
Susan's HouseEELS3:53
Susan's HouseEELS3:48
Susan's HouseEELS3:55
Susan's House (2000-03-23 Black Session, 11 track release)liveEELS4:37
Susan's HouseEELS3:55
Susan's HouseEELS3:54
Susan's HouseEELS1:15
Susan's House (live, 1996-11-16: Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL)liveEELS?:??
Susan's House (live, 1997-08-23: Reading Festival, UK)EELS?:??
Susan's HouseEELS3:50
Susan's House (live, 2000)liveEELS4:29
Susan's HouseEELS3:58
Susan's HouseEELS3:57
Susan's HouseEELS3:48
Susan's House (1996-11-16, Paradiso, Amsterdam)EELS3:52
Susan’s HouseEELS3:44
Susan’s House (Meet the Eels DVD video collection)EELS3:50
Susan’s House (single version)EELS3:57
Susan’s House (live, 1997-08-25: 2 Meter Sessie)liveEELS3:37
Susan’s HouseEELS3:53