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writer:Magne Furuholmen
Morten Harket
Paul Waaktaar-Savoy
publisher:ATV Music Ltd.
SecondHandSongs: [info]
Wikidata:Q145677 [info]
referred to in medleys:4 Chords (Unicante 2013 version)
99 Red Balloons + Take On Me Mashup
Horse Race (extended mix) (order: 25)
later parody versions:James 1:3
Mine Diamonds
Take On Me (Literal Video Version)
is the basis for:Corporate Trash


1982Lesson One (Autumn 1982 “Take On Me” demo)a‐ha2:42
1983-05 – 1983-10Take On Me (demo)a‐ha3:12
2002-10-12Take On Me (live, 2002)livea‐ha5:43
2006-02-24Take On Me (live, 2006-02-24: Quinta Vergara Amphitheater, Viña del Mar, Valparaíso, Valparaíso, Chile)livea‐ha5:10
2010-12-04Take On Me (live, 2010-12-04: Oslo Spektrum, Oslo, Norway; audio: TS-HD Master Audio 5.1 channel)livea‐ha4:47
2010-12-04Take On Me (live, 2010-12-04: Oslo Spektrum, Oslo, Norway)livea‐ha4:47
2012Take on Mecover and instrumentalRonald Reagan3:52
2016-04-23Take on me (live, 2016-04-23: Kanto da Ilha, Capitólio, MG, Brazil)cover and liveSambô2:34
2017-06-22 – 2017-06-23Take On Me (live, 2017-06-22: Giske, Norway)livea‐ha4:14
2017-06-22 – 2017-06-23Take On Me (MTV Unplugged)livea‐ha?:??
2017-06-22 – 2017-06-23Take on Me (MTV unplugged / edit)livea‐ha3:42
2018-10-31 – 2018-11-02Take on MecoverShalosh4:32
a-ha - Take On MecoverWillRock3:09
Aha ‘Take on Me’coverWalt Ribeiro3:53
Blinding Lights vs Take On Me – Blinding Lights on Me: Blinding Lights / Take on MeThe Weeknd vs a‐ha6:18
Feel This Momentcover and partialPitbull feat. Christina Aguilera3:50
Honk on Mecoveraberrantkenosis3:42
Ich geb' Gas im Schnitzelwagencover and medleyUnicante5:43
Mn'chicoverZombie Eaters9:32
Neem Aan Mijcovera-ha3:50
Take Me On (Fingerstyle Guitar)coverAlexandr Misko3:53
Take on Me (Skacoustic)coverReel Big Fish3:15
Take on Me (acoustic)coverStick to Your Guns3:50
Take on Melivea‐ha4:56
Take on MecoverTopmodelz3:32
Take on Mecover and instrumentalPunk Rock Baby4:05
Take on MecoverEve St. Jones4:09
Take on MecoverIncursed3:48
Take on MecoverKatie Noonan3:54
Take on Mea‐ha3:46
Take on MecoverZoe Evangeline2:50
Take on MecoverEmil Bulls1:15
Take on MecoverRock the World3:34
Take on MecoverThe Heimatdamisch3:20
Take on Mecover and instrumentalJoseph C. Phaze3:40
Take on Mecover and liveSara Bareilles3:01
Take on MecoverWeezer3:44
Take on MecoverRoby Pagani3:28
Take on MecoverRank Sinatra3:41
Take on MecoverEnrico2:33
Take on MecoverRyan Ahlwardt feat. Michael Luginbill3:16
Take on MecoverFirst to Eleven4:10
Take on MecoverTiny Too?:??
Take on MecoverReel Big Fish3:02
Take on MecoverThe Valiant Thieves3:24
Take on MecoverGeneral Soundbwoy4:32
Take on MecoverLabores Somnium3:48
Take on MecoverHayseed Dixie3:07
Take on MecoverThe Moon Loungers4:36
Take on MecoverThe Kings of Reggaeton3:39
Take on MecoverNorthern Kings3:56
Take on MecoverDeep Wave, Shasta3:12
Take on MecoverCrumble Lane3:53
Take on Me (part of “Dancemania Covers” DJ‐mix)coverCaptain Jack3:18
Take on MecoverRemix Artist Collective feat. Karl Kling3:35
Take on MecoverJustin Mauriello3:39
Take on MecoverDeath in Rome5:23
Take on MecoverThe Wohlstandskinder3:42
Take on MecoverAl Berard3:58
Take on MecoverMarc Martel3:48
Take on MecoverVision Divine3:45
Take On MecoverOut of the Blue4:04
Take On Mecover and instrumental8-Bit Misfits3:56
Take On Mea‐ha3:49
Take On MecoverFireball FC4:01
Take On MecoverLos Tipitos?:??
Take On Me (music video)a‐ha3:45
Take On MecoverDan Vasc3:48
Take On MecoverEve St. Jones4:09
Take On Mecoverコロムビアオルゴール3:53
Take On MecoverA13:33
Take On Mea‐ha3:47
Take On Mea‐ha3:42
Take On MecoverHitboutique?:??
Take On MecoverDéhà3:41
Take On Mea‐ha3:46
Take On MecoverNinja Sex Party3:59
Take On MecoverLeo Moracchioli3:37
Take On MecoverSinfonico Honolulu5:26
Take On MecoverClara Moroni4:02
Take On Mecover and liveGoose4:13
Take On MecoverA13:33
Take On MeD.A. Wallach3:00
Take On Mea‐ha3:45
Take On Mea‐ha3:40
Take On MecoverThe Baseballs2:33
Take On Me (acoustic)a‐ha3:05
Take On Me (live)livea‐ha3:47
Take On MecoverCheryle Curtis3:52
Take On MecoverTrevor Horn feat. The Sarm Orchestra4:36
Take On MecoverLazlo Bane4:45
Take On MecoverGlee Cast3:35
Take On Mea‐ha3:47
Take On Mea‐ha2:00
Take On Mea‐ha?:??
Take On MecoverAnni B. Sweet3:13
Take On MecoverEmil Bulls6:08
Take On Mea‐ha3:47
Take On MecoverInger Marie Gundersen4:44
Take On MecoverOut of the Blue4:06
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