Pine Apple Rag (piano rag)

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The original 1908 piano rag arrangement. Was later published in 1910 as a song.

Full title: “Pine Apple Rag”
Published: 1908 by Seminary Music Company, New York, New York

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composer:Scott Joplin (composer and pianist) (1908)
download score for free:imslp: Pine Apple Rag (Joplin, Scott) [info]
later versions:Pine Apple Rag (song)


1908Pine Apple Rag (1908 piano roll)Scott Joplin3:52
1990-09-12 – 1991-02-06Pine Apple RagcoverOphelia Ragtime Orchestra3:02
1997-10-23 – 1997-10-24Pine Apple RagButch Thompson3:16
Pine Apple RagScott Joplin3:59
Pine Apple RagWm. Neil Roberts3:51
Pine Apple RagScott Joplin4:35
Pine Apple RagDaniel Blumenthal3:40
Pine Apple RagScott Joplin3:31
Pine Apple RagGerman Brass3:30
Pine Apple RagE. Power Biggs Plays Scott Joplin3:31
Pine Apple RagScott Joplin3:51
Pine Apple RagAlexander Peskanov3:43
Pine Apple RagScott Joplin4:59
Pine Apple Rag (Audio transcription of piano roll arranged by Hal Boulware)Scott Joplin3:28
Pine Apple RagScott Joplin3:09
Pine Apple RagScott Joplin?:??
Pine Apple RagScott Joplin2:43
Pine Apple RagJoshua Rifkin3:26
Pine Apple RagRon Falson2:43
Pine Apple RagScott Joplin2:59
Pine Apple RagScott Joplin3:27
Pine Apple RagGuido Nielsen3:17
Pine Apple RagScott Joplin3:10
Pine Apple RagWilliam Albright3:24
Pine Apple RagRoy Eaton3:56
Pine Apple RagNew England Ragtime Ensemble3:57
Pine Apple Rag / Gladiolas RagmedleyRon Falson2:39
Pine Apple Rag / Gladiolus RagmedleyScott Joplin2:39
Pineapple RagScott Joplin4:59
Pineapple RagWilliam Conley3:55
Pineapple RagScott Joplin?:??
Pineapple RagScott Joplin3:56
Pineapple RagScott Joplin3:18
The Pine Apple RagGiovanni De Chiaro3:49
The Sting: The Entertainer / Pineapple RagMarvin Hamlisch5:35