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lyricist and composer:Alanis Morissette
lyrics page:http://lyrics.wikia.com/Alanis_Morissette:Uninvited [info]
SecondHandSongs:https://secondhandsongs.com/work/5669 [info]
Songfacts:http://www.songfacts.com/detail.php?id=615 [info]
Wikidata:Q2548119 [info]


1999-04-25Uninvited (live, 1999-04-25: Budokan, Tokyo, Japan)liveAlanis Morissette9:37
1999-07-24Uninvited (live, 1999-07-24: Woodstock '99, Rome, NY, USA)liveAlanis Morissette?:??
1999-09-18UninvitedliveAlanis Morissette4:36
2001-06-01UninvitedliveAlanis Morissette?:??
2001-06-01UninvitedliveAlanis Morissette?:??
2001-06-06Piano Intro - UninvitedliveAlanis Morissette8:12
2002-02-05Uninvited (live, 2002-02-05: Gloria, Köln, Germany)liveAlanis Morissette6:07
2005-02-11Uninvited (live, 2005-02-11: House of Blues, West Hollywood, CA, USA)liveAlanis Morissette feat. Boyd Tinsley & Dermot Mulroney?:??
UninvitedcoverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:02
UninvitedcoverDivided Multitude4:23
UninvitedcoverMosaic Whispers4:12
Uninvited (part of a “Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 38” DJ‐mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:50
Uninvited (part of “The Very Best of Euphoric Dance Breakdown” DJ-mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:52
Uninvited (part of “Housexy 10” DJ‐mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke6:46
Uninvited (part of “Put Your Hands Up! 3” DJ‐mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:05
Uninvited (part of “Dancemix 2008” DJ-mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:23
UninvitedcoverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:16
UninvitedcoverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke2:59
UninvitedcoverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:00
UninvitedcoverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke5:22
UninvitedcoverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke2:59
UninvitedcoverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:00
UninvitedcoverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke7:54
UninvitedcoverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:15
UninvitedcoverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:00
UninvitedcoverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:01
UninvitedcoverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:02
UninvitedcoverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:06
UninvitedcoverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke1:22
UninvitedcoverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:08
UninvitedcoverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke5:06
UninvitedcoverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:07
UninvitedcoverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke7:48
UninvitedcoverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:00
UninvitedcoverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:56
UninvitedcoverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke2:59
UninvitedcoverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:08
UninvitedcoverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke2:54
UninvitedcoverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke7:21
UninvitedcoverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke2:54
Uninvited (City of Angels)Alanis Morissette4:34
UninvitedcoverCornell University Class Notes?:??
UninvitedcoverDoll Skin4:14
UninvitedcoverChamber - L’Orchestre de Chambre Noir4:41
UninvitedcoverJackie Stewart?:??
UninvitedcoverCinderella Effect3:55
UninvitedcoverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke5:21
Uninvited (live, VH1 Storytellers)liveAlanis Morissette?:??
Uninvited (live, Berlin, Germany)liveAlanis Morissette5:59
UninvitedliveAlanis Morissette5:07
Uninvited (live, Berlin, Germany)liveAlanis Morissette?:??
UninvitedliveAlanis Morissette7:00
UninvitedliveAlanis Morissette6:48
Uninvited (part of “Ministry of Sound: The Annual 2008” DJ‐mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke4:09
Uninvited (part of a “MoS: The Rush” DJ‐mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke4:07
Uninvited (part of a “Shakedown 2” DJ‐mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke6:22
Uninvited (a cappella)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:01
Uninvited (After Hours mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke4:37
Uninvited (Bailey & Rossko dub)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke7:32
Uninvited (Bailey & Rossko remix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke7:33
Uninvited (Bailey & Rossko remix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke7:28
Uninvited (Big Ocean acoustic mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:13
Uninvited (Big Ocean acoustic mix) (part of a “Kontor: Sunset Chill” DJ‐mix)coverFreemasons ft. Bailey Tzuke3:09
Uninvited (Big Ocean acoustic mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:22
Uninvited (Big Ocean acoustic mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:12
Uninvited (club mix instrumental)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke7:22
Uninvited (club mix) (part of “Hed Kandi: Ibiza 10 Years” DJ-mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke6:22
Uninvited (club mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke7:55
Uninvited (club mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke6:42
Uninvited (club mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke6:32
Uninvited (club mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke6:45
Uninvited (club mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke7:15
Uninvited (club mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke5:24
Uninvited (club mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke5:24
Uninvited (club mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke7:41
Uninvited (club mix) (part of “Bump 22” DJ‐mix)coverFreemasons ft. Bailey Tzuke5:00
Uninvited (Club Mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke7:52
Uninvited (demo)Alanis Morissette3:02
Uninvited (demo)Alanis Morissette3:05
Uninvited (dub)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke7:45
Uninvited (Freemasons After Hours mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke4:38
Uninvited (Freemasons Club Mix)coverFreemasons7:19
Uninvited (Full Length extended mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke9:38
Uninvited (full length extended) (part of a “Ultra Dance 09” DJ‐mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke8:08
Uninvited (Hyper Deejays remix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:43
Uninvited (live acoustique)coverChristophe Willem3:06
Uninvited (Mike B. remix)coverHousebanner6:09
Uninvited (Mr Timothy remix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke5:49
Uninvited (mrTimothy dub mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke5:42
Uninvited (original)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:09
Uninvited (radio edit instrumental)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:09
Uninvited (radio edit remix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:10
Uninvited (radio edit)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:04
Uninvited (radio edit)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:06
Uninvited (radio edit) (part of “De Après Skihut 24” DJ‐mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke1:35
Uninvited (radio edit) (part of a “Saturday Night Love” DJ‐mix)coverFreemasons ft. Bailey Tzuke2:59
Uninvited (radio edit)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:17
Uninvited (radio edit)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:01
Uninvited (radio edit)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:01
Uninvited (Radio Edit)coverFreemasons?:??
Uninvited (Radio Mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke?:??
Uninvited (The Annual 2008 mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke7:55
Uninvited (Wawa dub)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke6:19
Uninvited (Wawa mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke7:05
Uninvited (Wawa remix)coverFreemasons3:01
Uninvited (Wawa remix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke?:??
Uninvited (Wheelan & Di Scala mix) (part of “Vicious Cuts: Summer 2008” DJ-mix)coverFreemasons5:52
Uninvited (Whelan & Di Scala mix - Av Cheeky re-rub) (part of a “Ministry of Sound: Sessions Five” DJ‐mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke3:04
Uninvited (Whelan & Di Scala remix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke8:49
Uninvited (Whelan & Di Scala remix) (Av Re-Rub)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke8:49
Uninvited 2014 (part of “Freemasons: Shakedown 3” DJ-Mix)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke5:30
Uninvited 2014 (extended)coverFreemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke8:11
UnivitedAlanis Morissette3:03