God Save the King (national anthem of several countries in the British Commonwealth)

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anthem of:Anguilla
British Indian Ocean Territory
British Virgin Islands
Cayman Islands
Falkland Islands
Norfolk Island, Australia
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
Turks and Caicos Islands
Lesotho (until 1966-10-04)
United Kingdom (from 1745-09 to present)
South Africa (from 1901 until 1957)
New Zealand (from 1977-11-17 to present)
lyricist and composer:[unknown] (Special Purpose Artist – Do not add releases here, if possible.)
previously attributed to:John Bull (16th century composer)
Henry Carey
lyrics page:https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_National_Anthems_of_the_Allies/Great_Britain [info]
Wikidata:Q40807 [info]
referred to in medleys:American Pageant
later versions:God Save the Queen (UK rock group Queen’s version)
Rufst du, mein Vaterland (former national anthem of Switzerland)
is the basis for:7 Variations for Piano in C major on “God Save the King”, WoO 78
America (My Country, ’Tis of Thee)
Anglia (Laibach song)
Eight Variations in B-flat on “God Save the King”
God Save Our Lobster Queen
God Save the King per violino solo, op. 9, MS 56
God Save the Queen, S. 235
Premier Duo à quatre mains sur God Save the King, op. 4
Three Variations in D on “God Save the King”
orchestrations:Twelve Various Folksongs, WoO 157: No. 1, “God Save the King”
arrangements:God Save the King (for soloists, chorus and orchestra, Elgar)
God Save the Queen (arranged by Britten)
God Save the Queen (for orchestra, Walton)
God Save the Queen (arranged by Costa)
God Save the Queen (arranged by Jacob)
God Save the Queen (for chorus and orchestra, Willcocks)
God Save the Queen (arranged by H. Wood)
God Save the Queen (catch-all for unknown arrangements)
God Save the Queen (The National Anthem) (for chorus and orchestra, Bliss)
God Save the Team
National Anthem (The Enid version of “God Save the Queen”)
music quoted in:Anglia (Laibach song)


1929-07-03National Anthem / Psalm of ThanksgivingThe Choir of St. George’s Chapel, Windsor, Sir Henry Walford Davies4:04
1952-09-29British National AntheminstrumentalPhilharmonia Orchestra, Arturo Toscanini1:14
1952-10-01British National AnthemPhilharmonia Orchestra, Arturo Toscanini1:19
1955-12-08The British National AnthemliveRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra, Sir Thomas Beecham1:17
1956-08-19The British National AnthemliveKim Borg, Edinburgh Festival Chorus, Sylvia Fisher, Richard Lewis, Nan Merriman, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Sir Thomas Beecham3:56
1958-02God Save the Queeninstrumental and liveThe Dave Brubeck Quartet1:16
1958-10-15The British National AnthemRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra, Sir Thomas Beecham1:14
1959-06National AnthemliveVan Cliburn1:05
1959-11-08The British National AnthemliveRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra, Sir Thomas Beecham1:19
1963-08-07We Are Not AmusedpartialPeter, Dan3:51
1969-01-30God Save the Queenlive and partialThe Beatles0:51
1969-01-30God Save the Queen (jam) (live, 1969-01-30: Apple Corps Headquarters rooftop, London, UK)liveThe Beatles0:26
1969-01-30God Save the Queen 30.12live and partialThe Beatles0:51
1969-01-30God Save the Queen 30.12PliveThe Beatles2:33
1969-09-13God Save the QueenliveBBC Chorus, BBC Choral Society, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Sir Colin Davis1:14
1969-09-13God Save the QueenliveBBC Symphony Orchestra, Colin Davis?:??
1969-09-13God Save the QueenliveBBC Chorus, BBC Choral Society, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Sir Colin Davis1:14
1969-11-19The British National Antheminstrumental and liveThe Trumpeters & Band of the Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall1:19
1970-08-31God Save the QueenliveJimi Hendrix?:??
1970-08-31God Save the QueenliveJimi Hendrix2:55
1970-08-31God Save the QueenliveJimi Hendrix3:55
1970-08-31Intro / God Save the Queencover and liveJimi Hendrix3:00
1970-08-31The Queencover, instrumental and liveJimi Hendrix2:41
1970-08-31The Queen (British National Anthem)cover and liveHendrix2:41
1972-02-17 – 1972-02-27United Kingdom: God Save the QueeninstrumentalBerliner Philharmoniker, Herbert von Karajan0:57
1975-12-31God Save The Queen Tuninglive and partialJerry Garcia Band0:48
1977-02-07 – 1977-04-04God Save the Queen (London Philharmonic Orchestra Concert version)Sir Georg Solti1:13
1978-01-31God Save the Queen (live, 1978-01-31: Niigata Kenmin‐Kaikan Dai‐Hall, Niigata, Niigata, Japan)liveRainbow0:20
1985-05-11God Save the Queen (live, 1985-05-11: Tokyo, Japan)liveQueen1:11
1987-06-06God Save the Queen (live, 1987-06-06: Wembley Arena, London, UK)liveBuddy Curtess & The Grasshoppers1:11
1997-06National Anthem of the United KingdominstrumentalNew Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, Seiji Ozawa0:48
2000-01 – 2000-03The National AnthemThe City of London Choir, Hilary Davan Wetton, The BBC Concert Orchestra, Barrie Hingley2:01
2002-06-03God Save the Queen (live, 2002-06-03: Buckingham Palace, London, UK)liveBrian May + The Royal Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra with Roger Taylor & Ray Cooper1:58
2016-06-10God save the QueenliveSt Paul’s Cathedral Choir1:22
2016-11God Save the KinginstrumentalSteven Isserlis, Connie Shih?:??
2018-05-19National AnthemliveThe Choir of St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, Members of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Members of the English Chamber Orchestra, Members of the Philharmonia Orchestra, The State Trumpeters, James Vivian, Christopher Warren‐Green1:18
Aria / Variations 1-4, 30 / Star-Spangled Banner / God Save the Queen (excerpt)instrumental and partialGlenn Gould12:35
British Commonwealth - God Save The QueenThe Royal Australian Air Force Central Band?:??
God Save the King (live)liveBob Dylan0:46
God Save the KingAnonymous2:59
God Save the QueenJimi Hendrix5:09
God Save the QueenJimi Hendrix5:08
God Save the QueenJimi Hendrix4:50
God Save the QueeninstrumentalThe London Theatre Orchestra1:22
God Save the QueenThe Royal Philharmonic Orchestra4:07
God Save the QueenBBC Symphony Chorus, London Adventist Chorale, Band of HM Royal Marines, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Sir Andrew Davis2:21
God Save the Queen[unknown]2:31
God Save the QueenTasmanian Symphony Orchestra Chorus, Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Marc Taddei2:10
God Save the QueenJimi Hendrix5:07
God Save the QueenJimi Hendrix5:06
God Save the Queen (live)liveBob Dylan0:46
God Save the QueenNeil Young with Crazy Horse4:09
God Save the QueenThe Royal Philharmonic Orchestra4:09
God Save the Queeninstrumental荻原和音0:52
God Save the QueenCambridge Univ Musical Society Chorus Choir of King’s College, Cambridge, New Philharmonia Orchestra, Sir Philip Ledger2:45
God Save the QueenSlovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, Peter Breiner1:25
God Save the QueenmedleyNeil Young & Crazy Horse4:09
God Save the QueenThe London Theatre Orchestra1:24
God Save the Queen[unknown]0:55
God Save the QueeninstrumentalTikanmäki Attack feat. Roope Latvala3:04
God Save the QueenThe Royal Philharmonic Orchestra4:07
God Save the Queen (live, 1966-05-14: Odeon Theatre, Liverpool, UK)liveBob Dylan0:48
God Save the QueenWilliam Kapell0:55
God Save The QueenJimi Hendrix0:58
God Save The Queen - British National AnthemEnglish Chamber Orchestra, Donald Fraser, José‐Luis García0:47
God Save the Queen - Englandcover[unknown]0:37
God Save the Queen (Great Britain)instrumentalThe Starshine Orchestra1:01
God Save the Queen (National Anthem)coverGary Barlow & The Commonwealth Band featuring Laura Wright2:39
God Save the Queen (rooftop performance / Jam) (Dolby Atmos Mix)The Beatles0:26
God Save the Queen (verses 1 & 2, full chorus)Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra Chorus, Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Marc Taddei2:07
Great Britain (God Save the Queen)Stan Kenton and His Orchestra1:07
Great Britain (long)Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, Peter Breiner1:29
Great Britain (short)Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, Peter Breiner0:50
Great Britain: God Save the QueeninstrumentalOrlando Philharmonic Orchestra, Andrew Lane0:55
Great Britain: God Save the Queeninstrumental[unknown]1:29
Great Britain: God Save The QueenAmerican Brass Band1:39
National Anthem[unknown]1:04
National Anthem: God Save the QueenCSR Symphony Orchestra, Peter Breiner1:24
Opening Titles / National Antheminstrumental and liveStatus Quo?:??
Royal Salute (live, 1985-07-13: Live Aid 1985, Wembley Stadium, London, England)Coldstream Guards1:21
The British National Anthem (God Save the Queen)[unknown]0:50
The National Antheminstrumental[traditional]1:27
The National Anthem (live, 2006-07-09: Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod, Sir Ddinbych, UK)cover and liveKatherine Jenkins, National Symphony Orchestra, Anthony Inglis?:??
The Queen [8/30/70 Isle of Wight]cover, instrumental and liveJimi Hendrix3:00
Turks and Caicos IslandsinstrumentalSlovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, Peter Breiner0:49
United KingdominstrumentalNew Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, Seiji Ozawa0:48
United Kingdom: God Save the QueeninstrumentalVienna State Opera Orchestra, Hans Hagen1:17