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lyricist:Ned Washington (in 1947)
composer:Bronislau Kaper (Bronisław Kaper) (in 1947)
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Wikidata:Q2023627 [info]


1957-03On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalThe Poll Winners4:02
1957-07-20Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalJack Sheldon and His All Star Band3:00
1957-12-09On Green Dolphin Streetcover and instrumentalChet Baker3:08
1958-05-26On Green Dolphin StreetcoverMiles Davis9:50
1958-05-26On Green Dolphin Street (original mix - CO61165-3)instrumentalThe Miles Davis Sextet9:49
1958-12Green Dolphin StreetcoverJack Sheldon And His Exciting All-Star Big-Band3:00
1959-01-19Green Dolphin StreetBill Evans8:13
1960-03-21On Green Dolphin Street (live, 1960-03-21: Olympia, Paris, France)instrumental and liveMiles Davis featuring John Coltrane14:40
1960-03-21On Green Dolphin Street (live, 1960-03-21: Olympia, Paris, France)cover and liveMiles Davis & John Coltrane14:59
1960-03-22On Green Dolphin Street (live, 1960-03-22: Second Concert, Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden)cover and liveMiles Davis & John Coltrane13:40
1960-03-22On Green Dolphin Street (live, 1960-03-22 (late show): Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden)instrumental and liveMiles Davis & John Coltrane13:37
1960-03-24On Green Dolphin Streetinstrumental and liveMiles Davis Quintet14:22
1960-03-24On Green Dolphin Street (live, 1960-03-24: Tivolis Koncertsal, Copenhagen, Denmark)cover and liveMiles Davis & John Coltrane14:35
1960-04-01On Green Dolphin StreetEric Dolphy Quintet5:46
1960-04-24On Green Dolphin Street (live, 1960-03-24: Tivoli Konsertsal, Copenhagen, Denmark)instrumental and liveMiles Davis Quintet with John Coltrane14:24
1960-06-24On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalThe Jimmy Heath Orchestra4:46
1960-06-28On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalGene Harris & The Three Sounds5:37
1960-06-29 – 1961-01-07On Green Dolphin StreetThe George Shearing Quintet with Nancy Wilson2:23
1960-07On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalLes McCann Ltd. & Leroy Vinnegar5:04
1961-03-14Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalWalter Bishop, Jr. Trio9:24
1961-03-16Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalRed Garland8:18
1961-03On Green Dolphin Streetinstrumental and liveShelly Manne & His Men13:14
1961-04-21On Green Dolphin Street (live, 1961-04-21: Blackhawk Supper Club, San Francisco, CA, USA)instrumental and liveMiles Davis12:12
1961-04-21On Green Dolphin Streetcover, instrumental and liveMiles Davis12:10
1961-04-22On Green Dolphin Street (live, 1961-04-22: Blackhawk Supper Club, San Francisco, CA, USA)instrumental and liveMiles Davis12:05
1961-05On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalDodo Marmarosa3:18
1961-07-19On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalRed Garland Trio5:03
1961-08On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalCal Tjader5:30
1961-09Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalOscar Peterson & Milt Jackson7:31
1961-12-23On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalGrant Green6:25
1961On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalDave Pike5:39
1962Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalEddie Harris2:25
1962On Green Dolphin StreetElek Bacsik5:18
1963-01-14On Green Dolphin StreetAlbert Ayler9:07
1963-08On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalGary Burton4:07
1963-10-01 – 1963-10-02On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalBronisław Kaper2:05
1963-12-17On Green Dolphin Streetinstrumental and liveBen Webster6:35
1964-07-27Green Dolphin StreetcoverBenny Carter2:30
1964-09-22 – 1964-09-24On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalEddie Harris2:36
1964-11-07On Green Dolphin Streetcover, instrumental and liveErroll Garner4:48
1964-12-16Green Dolphin StreetcoverAnita O’Day6:27
1964Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalMaynard Ferguson5:10
1965-07-08On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalSonny Rollins7:12
1965-12-23On Green Dolphin Street (live, 1965-12-23: Plugged Nickel, Chicago, IL, USA (set 2))instrumental and liveMiles Davis13:03
1967-06-18Green Dolphin StreetcoverTeddy Wilson2:10
1967-08-18Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalBill Evans4:53
1967-10-28On Green Dolphin Street (live, 1967-10-28: Koningin Elisabethzaal, Antwerp, Belgium)instrumental and liveMiles Davis Quintet8:31
1968-04-21On Green Dolphin StreetJoe Henderson with The Wynton Kelly Trio16:04
1970-03-06On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalGene Harris & The Three Sounds7:20
1972-10-13Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalJimmy McGriff, Lucky Thompson, George Freeman, O'Donel Levy5:52
1974-04-09On Green Dolphin Streetinstrumental and liveGeorge Coleman and the Rob Agerbeek Trio14:17
1974-09-30On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalLee Konitz5:43
1975-01-12On Green Dolphin Streetinstrumental and liveRed Rodney / Herman Schoonderwalt13:51
1975-11-28On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalJoe Sample / Ray Brown / Shelly Manne5:19
1976-09-14On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalJoe Pass7:39
1976-09On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalPhineas Newborn, Jr.5:26
1977-05On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalRhoda Scott & Kenny Clarke4:36
1977-12On Green Dolphin Streetinstrumental and liveThe Red Garland Trio6:58
1978-07-07On Green Dolphin StreetliveBill Evans Trio6:16
1979-01-20On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalAnthony Braxton5:42
1979-05-02On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalHank Jones5:30
1979-12On Green Dolphin Streetinstrumental and liveBill Evans Trio6:23
1981-01-01On Green Dolphin StreetliveSun Ra and the Omniverse Jet Set Arkestra8:00
1981-02-11On Green Dolphin Streetinstrumental and liveEddie "Lockjaw" Davis7:38
1981-05-25 – 1981-05-26On Green Dolphin StreetcoverRan Blake / Jaki Byard6:09
1981On Green Dolphin StreetliveDizzy Gillespie11:28
1982-06-10 – 1982-06-12On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalRuss Freeman, Shelly Manne2:59
1982-06On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalRuss Freeman, Shelly Manne3:21
1987-07-06On Green Dolphin Streetinstrumental and liveStan Getz13:38
1988-04On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalGreat Jazz Trio7:21
1989-06 – 1989-07On Green Dolphin StreetcoverHagood Hardy5:39
1989-10Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalPaul Smith4:16
1990-09-13 – 1990-09-14On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalThe Walter Norris Trio5:31
1991-09-01On Green Dolphin Streetinstrumental and liveKenny Barron7:09
1993-02-25On Green Dolphin Streetinstrumental and liveAnthony Braxton & The Fred Simmons Trio11:40
1994-06-05On Green Dolphin Street / Joy Rideinstrumental and liveKeith Jarrett21:07
1994-06-21 – 1994-06-22On Green Dolphin Streetcoverタイガー大越7:07
1994-07On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalEddie Henderson5:13
1995-05-29On Green Dolphine StreetcoverBarry Harris7:08
1995-08On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalThe Gerry Wiggins Trio4:26
1997-12On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalErnie Watts6:30
2001-12-03On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalThe George Gallus Trio7:19
2002-03-13 – 2002-03-14On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalEddie Henderson6:42
2002-05-12On Green Dolphin Streetinstrumental and liveCarter, Cobb, Coleman, Stern7:21
2003-05-16On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalBrian Lynch meets Bill Charlap7:58
2003-11-13Green Dolphin Streetinstrumental and liveAnthony Braxton16:13
2004-04On Green Dolphin StreetDenise Donatelli4:39
2005-01-11On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalCedar Walton5:55
2006-01-29On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalHank Jones5:22
2007-03-01 – 2007-03-03On Green Dolphin StreetliveDena DeRose7:36
2008-05-23On Green Dolphin Streetlive辛島文雄, 川村竜, 高橋信之助 & 池田篤12:44
Green Dolphin StreetDavid Friedman4:57
Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalHerb Ellis & Ray Brown2:31
Green Dolphin StreetBlack Gardenia3:46
Green Dolphin StreetcoverBeverley Staunton4:06
Green Dolphin StreetcoverAl Grey4:19
Green Dolphin StreetcoverThe Bossa Three2:50
Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalMaynard Ferguson4:00
Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalMatija Dedić5:20
Green Dolphin StreetcoverKalima3:09
Green Dolphin StreetAirmen of Note2:40
Green Dolphin StreetSarah Vaughan3:20
Green Dolphin StreetShelly Manne2:19
On Green Dolphin StYvette Johansson and Jazz Avenue4:03
On green dolphin streetArmin Heitz & Zigan Swing Trio4:27
On Green Dolphin Street (live)cover and liveMiles Davis & John Coltrane12:32
On Green Dolphin Street (live, 1960-03-22: Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden)cover and liveMiles Davis & John Coltrane12:03
On Green Dolphin Streetcover and instrumentalThe Tony Rice Unit3:33
On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalBill Evans8:10
On Green Dolphin StreetKing & Moore2:55
On Green Dolphin StreetElla Fitzgerald & Joe Pass3:28
On Green Dolphin StreetOnce in a lifetime8:04
On Green Dolphin StreetMiles Davis9:47
On Green Dolphin StreetliveSarah Vaughan3:00
On Green Dolphin StreetSarah Vaughan3:04
On Green Dolphin StreetBilly Eckstine2:35
On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalGeorge Cables7:15
On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalRichie Cole6:38
On Green Dolphin StreetBilly Eckstine2:36
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverLanfranco Malaguti, Dario Volpi4:08
On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalEnrico Pieranunzi & Marc Johnson6:41
On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalGonzalo Rubalcaba8:06
On Green Dolphin StreetNancy Wilson2:23
On Green Dolphin StreetDakota Staton1:54
On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalTito Puente7:00
On Green Dolphin StreetRita Reys4:36
On Green Dolphin StreetMishka Adams2:58
On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalDonato & Gelfand3:37
On Green Dolphin StreetLeszek Możdżer4:21
On Green Dolphin StreetHerbert Katz3:34
On Green Dolphin StreetJimmy Dorsey & His Orchestra?:??
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverTony Williams Trio8:53
On Green Dolphin StreetTom Grant4:35
On Green Dolphin StreetSarah Vaughan3:04
On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalGene Russell5:05
On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalBenny Carter6:30
On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalBill Evans8:08
On Green Dolphin StreetCharlie Byrd3:06
On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalWynton Kelly4:44
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverTony Bennett4:00
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverMiles Davis16:31
On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalUrbie Green3:33
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverMiles Davis8:55
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverMiles Davis12:27
On Green Dolphin Streetcover and liveMiles Davis12:48
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverMiles Davis9:58
On Green Dolphin Street (live: Europe)cover and liveMiles Davis14:41
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverMiles Davis12:10
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverMiles Davis13:47
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverMiles Davis9:50
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverMiles Davis9:58
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverMiles Davis9:50
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverMiles Davis13:02
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverMiles Davis9:48
On Green Dolphin Streetcover and liveMiles Davis9:05
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverMiles Davis8:26
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverMiles Davis12:09
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverMiles Davis9:51
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverMiles Davis9:53
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverMiles Davis9:49
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverMiles Davis9:46
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverMiles Davis8:37
On Green Dolphin Street (live, 1960-04-09: Kurhaus, Scheveningen, Den Haag, Netherlands)cover and liveMiles Davis12:33
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverMiles Davis9:33
On Green Dolphin Streetcover and liveMiles Davis16:00
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverMiles Davis10:00
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverMiles Davis13:45
On Green Dolphin StreetBill Evans6:48
On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalJohnny Costa5:10
On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalRolf Kühn4:38
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverJohn Coltrane feat. Miles Davis & Cannonball Adderley7:29
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverJohn Coltrane12:08
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverCannonball Adderley feat. John Coltrane & Miles Davis9:52
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverMiles Davis & John Coltrane13:36
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverThe Red Garland Quintet featuring John Coltrane8:22
On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalThe George Shearing Quintet2:25
On Green Dolphin StreetDena DeRose5:23
On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalEddie "Lockjaw" Davis & Sonny Stitt7:08
On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalStefan Karlsson4:25
On Green Dolphin StreetinstrumentalDave McKenna5:21
On Green Dolphin StreetChet Baker3:11
On Green Dolphin StreetBud Shank / Bill Mays / Alan Broadbent8:45
On Green Dolphin StreetcoverCorea, Clarke & White8:41
On Green Dolphin StreetErnestine Anderson3:50
On Green Dolphine StreetcoverMiles Davis?:??
On the Green Dolphine StreetcoverFantasy .Inc5:46