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lyricist and composer:Tony Hatch
publisher:ATV Music Ltd.
Sony/ATV Music Publishing
Welbeck Music Ltd.
SecondHandSongs: [info]
Wikidata:Q2020828 [info]
later parody versions:Arty Farty Kemptown
Crazy Downtown (Allan Sherman parody)
later translated versions:Ciao Ciao (Italian version)
Dans le temps (French version)
Downtown (German lyrics)
later versions:Kauan
is the basis for:Darntarn


1964DowntownPetula Clark2:58
1966-05-16Downtown (original studio master)coverFrank Sinatra2:13
1978 – 1979-06DowntowncoverThe B‐52’s2:57
2003-09-28Downtown (live, 2003-09-28: Olympia, Paris, France)livePetula Clark3:24
2003-09-28DowntownlivePetula Clark?:??
2007-09-12Downtowncover and liveJames Last4:12
California Love Generationcover and medleyUnicante6:56
Down TownPetula Clark3:52
Down TownPetula Clark3:15
Down TowncoverBilly Preston2:43
Down TownPetula Clark3:19
Down TowncoverMarianne Faithfull2:49
Down TownPetula Clark3:56
Down TownPetula Clark3:17
DowntowninstrumentalKlaus Wunderlich3:11
Downtowncover and instrumentalRalf Willing and his Multisound-Orchestra3:05
DowntowncoverThe B-52s3:18
DowntowncoverMrs. Miller2:56
DowntowncoverYo La Tengo1:51
DowntowncoverMaxine Linehan3:17
DowntowncoverJann Arden3:18
DowntowncoverNancy LaMott3:46
Downtown (2013 version)Petula Clark3:32
DowntownMarie-France Arcilla, Erin Crosby, Julie Dingman-Evans, Erica Schroeder, Denise Summerford3:00
DowntownPetula Clark2:58
DowntownPetula Clark3:12
DowntownPetula Clark3:10
DowntownPetula Clark2:57
Downtown (part of “Bar Culture Essentials” DJ-mix)Petula Clark2:55
DowntownPetula Clark3:55
DowntownPetula Clark3:53
Downtown (live, 1972: Royal Albert Hall, London, United Kingdom)livePetula Clark3:51
DowntownPetula Clark3:53
DowntownPetula Clark3:27
DowntownPetula Clark2:52
DowntownPetula Clark3:26
DowntownPetula Clark3:52
DowntownPetula Clark3:25
DowntownPetula Clark2:58
DowntownPetula Clark3:15
DowntowncoverSandie Shaw2:57
DowntowncoverThe B‐52’s3:16
DowntowninstrumentalNinapinta and His Bongos and Congas3:21
DowntowncoverConnie Smith?:??
DowntowncoverAnn-Mette Elten?:??
DowntowncoverPatty Duke?:??
DowntowncoverFrank Sinatra2:10
Downtowncover and liveJames Last with His Orchestra4:11
Downtown (live)livePetula Clark3:20
DowntowncoverJane Morgan2:57
DowntownPetula Clark3:55
DowntowncoverHolly Cole3:55
Downtowncover and instrumentalShake Keane2:52
DowntownRay Conniff Singers2:29
DowntownPetula Clark3:52
DowntownPetula Clark2:54
Downtowncover and instrumentalRay Conniff and His Orchestra2:29
DowntownChris Allen and his Music with Rosemary Scott?:??
DowntowncoverBilly Preston2:39
DowntowncoverBilly Preston2:40
DowntowncoverBilly Preston2:40
DowntowncoverBilly Preston2:41
DowntowncoverBilly Preston2:41
DowntowncoverBilly Preston2:40
DowntowncoverMart Avi?:??
DowntowncoverDolly Parton3:19
Downtowncover and instrumentalDavid McCallum2:17
DowntownPetula Clark3:11
Downtown (part of “Sixties Pop/Summer mix”)Petula Clark2:59
DowntownPetula Clark3:53
DowntownPetula Clark3:08
DowntownPetula Clark3:26
DowntownPetula Clark3:16
Downtown (part of “The Essential Pre-Club Mix” DJ-mix)Petula Clark3:22
DowntownPetula Clark3:11
DowntownPetula Clark?:??
DowntownPetula Clark3:49
DowntownPetula Clark3:07
DowntownPetula Clark3:50
DowntownPetula Clark3:13
DowntownPetula Clark?:??
DowntownPetula Clark3:18
DowntownPetula Clark3:18
DowntownPetula Clark3:19
DowntownPetula Clark3:24
DowntownPetula Clark3:19
DowntownMrs. Miller2:49
DowntownPetula Clark3:49
DowntownPetula Clark3:10
DowntownPetula Clark2:51
DowntownPetula Clark3:54
Downtown '88Petula Clark3:26
Downtown '88Petula Clark5:16
Downtown ’76Petula Clark3:35
Downtown ’88Petula Clark3:27
Downtown ’88Petula Clark3:05
Downtown (1999 remix)Petula Clark3:26
Downtown (Chevrolet)Petula Clark3:06
Downtown (dance remix)Marie-France Arcilla, Erin Crosby, Julie Dingman-Evans, Erica Schroeder, Denise Summerford3:12
Downtown (new version)Petula Clark3:31
Downtown (original version)Petula Clark3:12
Downtown (radio version)coverThe Killer Barbies2:57
Downtown (Re-Recording)Petula Clark3:53
Downtown (remix)Petula Clark5:18
Medley: I Only Want to Be With You / Downtown / Save the Last Dance for Meinstrumental and medleyRobert Wolfe4:53