lyricist and composer:Joey Tempest
publisher:EMI (EMI Records, since 1972)
EMI Music Publishing Ltd.
Seven Doors Music
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Wikidata:Q1165771 [info]
later parody versions:Final Countdown (parody by Der Familie Popolski)
Final Countdown (parody by Кирилл Немоляев)
Final Cuntdown
The Bible Countdown
The Final Grinddown
later translated parody versions:Jääkärihumppa
Te peto el cacas
later translated versions:Der letzte Countdown


1996-12-02Final Countdown (live, 1996-12-02: Batschkapp, Frankfurt, Germany)cover and liveLaibach5:37
2008-08-09The Final Countdowncover and liveUnlimiteD4:46
2008-08-09The Final Countdowncover and liveUnlimiteD7:19
2012Final Countdown (live, 2012: Aleksanterin teatteri, Helsinki, Finland)cover and liveFORK5:09
7 Days / Final Songcover, live and medleyBastille4:24
80s Medleycover and medleyMambo Kurt4:00
Europe - Final Countdowncovermoondabor5:26
Final CountdownS.U.M.P.3:50
Final CountdowncoverThe Axel Boys Quartet3:31
Final Countdowncover, instrumental and lived’Housemusi4:49
Final CountdowncoverDie Zorros2:47
Final CountdowncoverLaibach5:41
Final CountdowncoverPinnball vs. Corban Dallas4:36
Final CountdowncoverNorther4:21
Final CountdowncoverS.U.M.P.4:19
Final CountdowncoverS.U.M.P.3:49
Final CountdowncoverS.U.M.P.2:35
Final CountdowncoverDolapdere Big Gang4:18
Final Countdowncover and liveLaibach5:39
Final CountdowncoverLaibach3:33
Final CountdowncoverLaibach?:??
Final Countdowncover and instrumentalLeonardo3:49
Final Countdown (7" Euro mix)coverLaibach?:??
Final Countdown (7" Euro mix)coverLaibach3:32
Final Countdown (12" Mark Stent alternate mix)coverLaibach?:??
Final Countdown (12" Mark Stent alternate mix)coverLaibach5:49
Final Countdown (12" Mark Stent extended mix)coverLaibach?:??
Final Countdown (Fortran 5 version I)coverLaibach?:??
Final Countdown (Fortran 5 version II)coverLaibach7:07
Final Countdown (Fortran 5 version II)coverLaibach?:??
Final Countdown (Fortran 5 version II)coverLaibach?:??
Final Countdown (Juno Reactor version (Beyond the Infinite mix))coverLaibach7:38
Final Countdown (Juno Reactor version (Beyond the Infinite mix))coverLaibach?:??
Final Countdown (Juno Reactor version (Beyond the Infinite mix))coverLaibach?:??
Final Countdown (live mix)live and partialPretty Lights14:01
Final Countdown (LP version)coverLaibach?:??
Final GrindowncoverExcrementory Grindfuckers1:01
MY FINAL COUNTDOWNcoverDolomites7:11
Of Light and Darkness / The Final CountdowncoverVision Divine11:50
The Final CountdowncoverDispatched4:11
The Final CountdowncoverUnicante3:44
The Final CountdowncoverUnlimiteD4:29
The Final CountdowncoverTwang Gang3:35
The Final CountdowncoverThe social services4:33
The Final CountdowncoverScott D. Davis5:29
The Final Countdowncover and instrumentalBéla Fleck & Abigail Washburn3:35
The Final Countdown (album version)Europe5:10
The Final Countdown (single version)Europe5:09
The Final CountdownEurope4:10
The Final CountdownEurope3:53
The Final CountdowncoverDan Vasc5:00
The Final CountdownEurope4:12
The Final Countdowncover and instrumental8-Bit Misfits4:27
The Final Countdown (single version)Europe3:58
The Final CountdowncoverLouis Guidone3:01
The Final Countdowncover[unknown]3:54
The Final CountdownEurope5:08
The Final CountdowncoverWisecräcker2:13
The Final CountdownThe Toy Dolls3:03
The Final CountdownEurope5:02
The Final CountdownThe Toy Dolls3:04
The Final CountdowncoverPostmodern Jukebox feat. Gunhild Carling3:50
The Final CountdownEurope4:30
The Final CountdowncoverHullabahoos1:15
The Final CountdowncoverBoombastic3:51
The Final CountdowncoverHayseed Dixie4:25
The Final CountdowncoverAffiance4:54
The Final Countdowncover and instrumentalThomas Zwijsen4:11
The Final Countdowncover and liveLollies1:16
The Final CountdowncoverMinniva4:16
The Final CountdowncoverFarrah3:33
The Final CountdowncoverIdol 2006 Allstars5:06
The Final CountdowncoverPatty Ryan3:36
The Final CountdowncoverThe Toy Dolls3:03
The Final CountdownEurope5:11
The Final CountdowncoverThe BB Band?:??
The Final CountdowncoverLeo Moracchioli4:33
The Final CountdownEurope5:07
The Final Countdowncover[unknown]4:24
The Final CountdowncoverRock the World5:08
The Final CountdowncoverFurillo4:08
The Final CountdowncoverVision Divine5:09
The Final CountdowncoverFurillo4:08
The Final CountdowncoverEncryption3:05
The Final CountdowncoverNICOTINE3:49
The Final CountdowncoverBossa Nova All-Star Ensemble3:54
The Final Countdowncover and instrumentalThe Gino Marinello Synthesizer Section3:17
The Final Countdowncover and instrumentalRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra feat. Matthew Freeman (arr. M. Townend for orchestra)4:34
The Final CountdowncoverCrystal K feat. Melina3:07
The Final CountdowncoverCrystal K feat. Melina3:07
The Final CountdowncoverPinball vs. Corban Dallas4:38
The Final CountdowncoverTommy B.1:36
The Final CountdowncoverTommy B.?:??
The Final CountdowncoverRebecca Frazier, John Frazier, Travis Book and Chris Pandolfi4:10
The Final CountdowncoverCrazy Frog2:55
The Final CountdowncoverThe Leisure Kings2:46
The Final CountdowncoverCaptain Cozmo3:32
The Final CountdowncoverAble-X5:27
The Final CountdowncoverChiara3:19
The Final Countdown (live, 2011-02-19: Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, England)liveEurope?:??
The Final Countdowncover and instrumentalLondon Symphony Orchestra5:25
The Final CountdowncoverNancy Vandal3:11
The Final CountdowncoverDispatched4:13
The Final Countdowncover and instrumentalLondon Symphony Orchestra5:25
The Final CountdowncoverDusty Cowshit4:43
The Final CountdowncoverLeif Norbergs orkester3:01
The Final CountdownDolomites6:42
The Final CountdowncoverMambo Kurt11:10
The Final CountdowncoverVan Canto4:58
The Final CountdownEurope3:34
The Final CountdownEurope?:??
The Final CountdownEurope4:53
The Final Countdown (part of “Popmix” dj-mix by Ben Liebrand)Europe1:38
The Final CountdownEurope4:30
The Final CountdownEurope4:38
The Final Countdown (part of “DJ Yoda’s How to Cut & Paste: ’80s Edition” DJ-mix)Europe2:45
The Final Countdown (live, 2013-06-07: Sweden Rock Festival, Norje Havsbad, Norje, Sweden)liveEurope6:24
The Final Countdown (live, 2008-01-26: Nalen - Stora Salen, Stockholm, Sweden)liveEurope6:00
The Final CountdownEurope4:09
The Final Countdown (live, 2010-07-30: Sonisphere UK, Knebworth House, Stevenage, England)liveEurope6:04
The Final CountdownEurope4:13
The Final CountdownEurope3:45
The Final CountdowncoverTom Helsen3:00
The Final Countdowninstrumental[unknown]3:18
The Final CountdowncoverDispatched3:41
The Final Countdown (Album Version) (Clean Version)Europe5:10
The Final Countdown (classical guitar)cover and instrumentalAndrew Huang feat. Rob Scallon1:32
The Final Countdown (DJ Alex Kalganov Mashup)Europe?:??
The Final Countdown (dubstep)coverAndrew Huang3:22
The Final Countdown (Euro mix)Laibach3:32
The Final Countdown (Europe)coverErekta0:43
The Final Countdown (Eurrope)coverThe social services4:28
The Final Countdown (extended intro version)Europe4:48
The Final Countdown (feat. Melina)coverCrystal K3:07
The Final Countdown (from “Qarya Sakhra Ee”)coverFitspo3:51
The Final Countdown (Joey Tempest)coverPontus Östberg3:17
The Final Countdown (Laibach Suppe)coverKirlian Camera6:23
The Final Countdown (live)liveEurope5:12
The Final Countdown (Notte Prima Degli Esami)Europe5:07
The Final Countdown (orchestral arrangement)cover and instrumentalAndrew Huang2:55
The Final Countdown (percussion only)cover and instrumentalAndrew Huang feat. Bud Newman, Julie Class, Stacy Seever, Kent Jenkins, Jeremy Plottel, Rob Scallon & Bryan Bednarek2:36
The Final Countdown (rap)cover and partialAndrew Huang2:38
The Final Countdown (super 80s)coverAndrew Huang3:48
The Final Countdown (Swing Metal Cover)coverConnor Engstrom4:48
The Final Countdown (The Bangerz remix)Europe3:20
The Final Countdown (The Webb)coverThe Webb2:55
The Final Countdown 2000Europe3:47
The Final Countdown 2000Europe5:43