composer:Eric Bloom (Blue Öyster Cult)
Albert Bouchard
Sandy Pearlman


1973-12-31Dominance and SubmissionliveBlue Öyster Cult?:??
1975-05-17Dominance and SubmissionliveBlue Öyster Cult?:??
1975-07Dominance and SubmissionliveBlue Öyster Cult?:??
1980-12Dominance and Submission (live) (live, 1980-02-11: Mid-Hudson Civic Centre, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA)liveBlue Öyster Cult5:56
1988-11-04Dominance & SubmissionliveBlue Öyster Cult?:??
1989-01-03Dominance and Submission (live, 1989-01-03: New Haven, CT, USA)liveBlue Öyster Cult?:??
1989-04-28Dominance and Submission (live, 1989-04-28: Night Moves, Memphis, TN, USA)liveBlue Öyster Cult5:48
1993-03-16Dominance & Submission (live, 1993-03-16: Sun Studios Concert Club, Palm Springs, CA, USA)liveBlue Öyster Cult?:??
1993-03-17Dominance and Submission (live, 1993-03-17: The Strand, Redondo Beach, CA, USA)liveBlue Öyster Cult?:??
1993-07-31Dominance & Submission (live, 1993-07-31: Pennant Lounge, Philadelphia, PA, USA)liveBlue Öyster Cult?:??
2000-07-01Dominance & Submission (live, 2000-07-01: The Proctor & Gamble Pavilion, Cincinatti, OH, USA)liveBlue Öyster Cult?:??
2002-08-17Dominance and Submission (live, 2002-08-17: The E.J. Nutter Center Lawn, Wright State University, Fairborn, OH, USA)liveBlue Öyster Cult?:??
2002-11-01Dominance & Submission (live, 2002-11-01: PromoWest Pavillion, Columbus, OH, USA)liveBlue Öyster Cult?:??
2004-05-28Dominance and Submission (live, 2004-05-28: Soldier’s Memorial Plaza, St. Louis, MO, USA)liveBlue Öyster Cult?:??
2008-11-16Dominance & SubmissionliveBlue Öyster Cult?:??
2008-11-16Dominance & SubmissionliveBlue Öyster Cult?:??
Dominance and SubmissioncoverThe Order of the Solar Temple5:24
Dominance and SubmissionBlue Öyster Cult5:22
Dominance and Submission (live, 2002-06-21: Navy Pier, Chicago, IL, USA)Blue Öyster Cult4:58
Dominance and Submission (4.0 mix)Blue Öyster Cult5:21