writer:Łukasz Gottwald
Henry Walter
Max Martin
Bonnie McKee
Katy Perry


2012-07-25Wide Awake (live, 2012-7-25: Concord, CA)cover and liveKelly Clarkson4:47
I’m Wide Awake (acoustic)coverWinston K.3:07
Wide AwakecoverAli Brustofski3:43
Wide AwakecoverHannah Trigwell?:??
Wide AwakecoverCorey Gray3:26
Wide AwakecoverSamantha Jade3:43
Wide AwakecoverMadilyn Bailey3:33
Wide AwakecoverTiffany Alvord3:33
Wide Awakecover and liveJoiStaRR?:??
Wide AwakecoverGlee Cast3:32
Wide AwakecoverMissy Lynn4:23
Wide AwakecoverJason Chen3:40
Wide AwakecoverSuy2:53
Wide AwakecoverLandon Austin feat. Ryan David Rose3:37
Wide AwakecoverJess Moskaluke3:19
Wide AwakecoverShaun Reynolds feat. Lily Beck3:31
Wide AwakecoverAlex G4:24
Wide AwakecoverAdam Stanton3:45
Wide AwakeKaty Perry3:41
Wide AwakeKaty Perry3:41
Wide AwakeKaty Perry3:43
Wide Awake (live, 2014-12-13/14: Allphones Arena, Sydney, Australia)Katy Perry?:??
Wide AwakeKaty Perry3:40
Wide AwakecoverAlex Goot2:57
Wide Awake (album version)Katy Perry3:41
Wide Awake (Alex Ghenea instrumental)Katy Perry4:37
Wide Awake (Alex Ghenea remix edit)Katy Perry3:42
Wide Awake (Alex Ghenea remix)Katy Perry4:42
Wide Awake (Cedric Gervais club mix)Katy Perry6:05
Wide Awake (Cedric Gervais dub)Katy Perry6:04
Wide Awake (Cedric Gervais instrumental)Katy Perry6:04
Wide Awake (Cedric Gervais radio edit)Katy Perry3:33
Wide Awake (Dyro club mix)Katy Perry5:23
Wide Awake (Dyro dub)Katy Perry5:08
Wide Awake (Dyro instrumental)Katy Perry5:23
Wide Awake (Dyro mixshow edit)Katy Perry4:22
Wide Awake (Dyro radio edit)Katy Perry3:20
Wide Awake (Groundislava Cool Mix)Katy Perry2:46
Wide Awake (instrumental)Katy Perry3:39
Wide Awake (Johnson Somerset & John Monkman radio edit instrumental)Katy Perry4:23
Wide Awake (Johnson Somerset & John Monkman radio edit)Katy Perry4:23
Wide Awake (Johnson Somerset & John Monkman remix instrumental)Katy Perry7:11
Wide Awake (Johnson Somerset & John Monkman remix)Katy Perry7:11
Wide Awake (Jump Smokers dub)Katy Perry5:56
Wide Awake (Jump Smokers extended instrumental)Katy Perry5:56
Wide Awake (Jump Smokers extended mix)Katy Perry5:57
Wide Awake (Jump Smokers radio edit)Katy Perry4:05
Wide Awake (Kaskade club mix instrumental)Katy Perry5:13
Wide Awake (Kaskade club mix)Katy Perry5:16
Wide Awake (Kaskade club mix) (Boy Bruynzeel video yearmix 2012)Katy Perry?:??
Wide Awake (Kaskade dub)Katy Perry5:16
Wide Awake (Kaskade mixshow edit)Katy Perry4:41
Wide Awake (Kaskade radio edit)Katy Perry3:51
Wide Awake (Kaskade radio edit)Katy Perry3:47
Wide Awake (P.A.F.F. remix)Katy Perry4:32
Wide Awake (Violin Version)cover and instrumentalTaylor Davis3:54
Wide Awake (Xilent instrumental)Katy Perry5:10
Wide Awake (Xilent radio edit)Katy Perry3:35
Wide Awake (Xilent remix)Katy Perry5:10