Song Around a Song, op. 50 (for children's choir (SSA))

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Sakura was already recorded in 1977 so it must have been composed before 1980 which is often reported to be composing year for op. 50. 1977 recording uses manuscript so most likely work wasn't published until 1981 with full op. 50 by Novello.

Notes from the score:
1. It is desirable, althought not essential, that each of the server solos will be sung by a different singer.
2. For structural reasons the songs may not be performed separately.

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arranger: Aulis Sallinen (1980)
composer: [traditional] (Special Purpose Artist)
lyricist: [traditional] (Special Purpose Artist)
publisher: Novello & Co. Ltd. (1981)
part of: Works of Aulis Sallinen by opus number (number: op. 50)
parts: 1. Italiano, op. 50 no. 1 (for children's choir (SSA))
2. Sakura, op. 50 no. 2 (for children's choir (SSA))
3. Tein minä pillin pajupuusta, op. 50 no. 3 (for children's choir (SSA))
4. Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho, op. 50 no. 4 (for children's choir (SSA))