lyricist and composer:Robby Krieger (American guitarist, member of The Doors)
publisher:Doors Music Company (in 1968)
Nipper Music Co., Inc. (in 1968)
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1968-07-26Wishful Sinful (Doors only mix)The Doors2:56
1968-07-26 – 1968-11-21Wishful Sinful (original studio mix)The Doors2:58
1968-07-26 – 2019Wishful Sinful (Doors only mix w/new Robbie Krieger overdub)The Doors3:00
1969-04-28Wishful, Sinful (PBS Studios, WNET—Channel 13; New York, NY; 1969‐04‐28)liveThe Doors3:27
1969Wishful, Sinful (live, 1969‐04‐28: PBS Studios, WNET/Channel 13, New York, NY, USA)liveThe Doors3:27
– 2019Wishful Sinful (Doors only mix, Robby Krieger overdub)The Doors2:58
Wishful SinfulThe Doors2:58
Wishful SinfulThe Doors2:54
Wishful Sinful (40th anniversary mix)The Doors3:00
Wishful SinfulThe Doors2:56
Wishful SinfulThe Doors2:56
Wishful SinfulThe Doors2:57
Wishful SinfulliveThe Doors3:02
Wishful SinfulThe Doors2:52
Wishful Sinful (alternate single mix)The Doors2:58
Wishful SinfulliveThe Doors3:01
Wishful SinfulThe Doors2:56
Wishful Sinful (5.1 mix)The Doors3:00
Wishful Sinful (5.1 mix)The Doors3:00
Wishful Sinful (Doors only mix w/ new Robby Krieger overdub)The Doors2:57
Wishful Sinful (Doors only mix)The Doors2:58
Wishful Sinful (Doors only mix)The Doors2:57
Wishful Sinful (mono radio version)The Doors2:56
Wishful, SinfulliveThe Doors3:27
Wishful, Sinful (live critique PBS broadcast USA 1969)liveThe Doors3:01