lyricist and composer:Bart Howard (in 1954)
premiered by:Kaye Ballard (in 1954)
publisher:Almanac Music-Inc.
Kensington Music Ltd.
Palm Valley Music LLC
TRO Essex Music Ltd.
ティー・アール・オー・エセックス・ジャパン A事業部
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Wikidata:Q1066479 [info]
later parody versions:Stuck Here On The Moon
later translated versions:En d’autres mots (In Other Words – Fly Me To The Moon)
Schieß mich doch zum Mond
Voin sanoa sen toisinkin
Volons vers la lune
is the basis for:AOYAMA“FLY ME TO THE MOON”
arrangements:Fly Me to the Moon (Quincy Jones arr.)
Fly Me to the Moon (arr. Mats Hålling)


1954In Other Words (original artist)Kaye Ballard2:14
1960-02-18Fly Me to the MooncoverPeggy Lee3:00
1961-12Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)coverNat King Cole & The George Shearing Quintet3:32
1962-03-24In Other Wordscover and liveMel Tormé4:06
1962-05-16Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)instrumentalRoy Haynes Quartet6:41
1962-08-25Fly Me to the MooninstrumentalStan Kenton3:22
1962-10Fly Me to the MooninstrumentalHoward McGhee2:57
1962-10Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)Anita O’Day & The Three Sounds3:49
1962Fly Me to the MoonAnn Burton2:02
1963-07-29Fly Me to the MoonliveSarah Vaughan4:00
1963-09-16Fly Me to the MooninstrumentalJames Moody & Kenny Barron4:43
1963-09-16In Other Words (Fly Me to the Moon) (stereo)James Moody4:40
1963Fly Me to the MooncoverJack Jones3:00
1964-04-16Fly Me to the MooncoverDuke Ellington & His Orchestra2:31
1964-06Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)instrumental and liveRamsey Lewis Trio6:33
1964-07-29Fly Me to the Moon (live, 1964-07-29: Ljubljana, Yugoslavia)cover and liveThe Oscar Peterson Trio with Ray Brown and Ed Thigpen3:51
1964-07-29Fly Me to the Mooninstrumental and liveThe Oscar Peterson Trio4:13
1964-07-29Fly Me to the Mooncover, instrumental and liveThe Oscar Peterson Trio3:55
1964-10-21 – 1965-02-04Fly Me to the MooncoverAstrud Gilberto2:21
1964Fly Me to the Mooncover and liveThe Oscar Peterson Trio3:53
1964Fly Me to the Mooncover and liveThe Oscar Peterson Trio4:21
1964Fly Me to the Moon (live, 1964: Frank Sinatra Spectacular)liveFrank Sinatra2:32
1964Fly Me to the MoonRita Reys with the Pim Jacobs Trio3:05
1965-05-12Fly Me to the MooninstrumentalHampton Hawes Trio6:57
1965Fly Me to the MooninstrumentalThe Paul Smith Trio3:12
1965Fly Me to the MooninstrumentalThe Tete Montoliu Trio8:15
1966Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words) (live, 1966: Sands Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV, USA)liveFrank Sinatra with Count Basie & His Orchestra2:50
1968-01-25Fly Me To The MooninstrumentalHampton Hawes7:25
1968-01Fly Me to the MooninstrumentalHampton Hawes & Martial Solal3:06
1968-05-07Fly Me to the Mooncover and instrumentalWes Montgomery2:53
1970Fly Me to the MooncoverOscar Peterson4:40
1971-07-21The Bossa Scene Medley: The Girl From Ipanema / Fly Me to the Moon / O Nosso Amor (Carnival Samba) / Cielito Lindo / Madalena / Agua de Beber (Water to Drink)live and medleyElla Fitzgerald5:47
1975-06-10Fly Me To The MooninstrumentalHampton Hawes7:24
1976-06-10Fly Me to the Mooninstrumental and liveHampton Hawes9:27
1978-12Fly Me to the MoonChris Connor?:??
1992-08-26Fly Me to the MooninstrumentalRob Schneiderman, Rufus Reid, Ben Riley6:05
1993-12-04Fly Me to the MooninstrumentalPer Goldschmidt, Tom Harrell, Niels Lan Doky, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, Alvin Queen6:04
1994-04-15Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)cover and liveTony Bennett2:57
1994-12-19Fly Me to the MooninstrumentalRussell Gunn5:36
1996-03-04 – 1996-03-05Fly Me to the MooncoverCarol Sloane3:43
1996-12-20 – 1996-12-21Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)coverMonty Alexander with John Patitucci & Troy Davis6:48
1997-07-06 – 1997-07-14FLY ME TO THE MOONcover and liveキャロル・トンプソン & Loren9:53
1998-06-11 – 1998-06-13Fly Me to the MoonliveTom Burlinson2:44
1999-03-25Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)instrumentalRuby Braff10:52
2000-01Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) -2007 MIX-cover宇多田ヒカル3:26
2000-10Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)coverTOKU4:48
2001-05Fly Me to the MooncoverElmhurst College Jazz Band?:??
2003-06Fly Me to the MooncoverTierney Sutton4:16
2003Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)Stephen Triffitt?:??
2005Fly Me to the Moon (live, 2005)cover and liveDany Brillant2:33
2010-02-24Fly Me to the MooninstrumentalHank Jones / The Great Jazz Trio5:39
2013-04-04 – 2013-04-06Fly Me to the Mooncover and liveMike & Tarja2:42
2014-01Fly Me to the Moon (live, 2014-01)liveCurtis Stigers & The Danish Radio Big Band2:57
2016-06-14 –Fly Me to the Moon / LuckymedleyRick Hale feat. Breea Guttery3:14
2020Fly Me To The MooncoverAstrophysics3:55
2020Fly Me To The Moon (instrumental)cover and instrumentalAstrophysics3:55
(Fly Me to the Moon) In Other WordsJoni James3:40
A Cruel Angel Thesis (Ayanami reggae version)coverSlime Girls3:33
B-4cover and instrumental鷺巣詩郎3:00
B-4ギター・ピアノcover and instrumental鷺巣詩郎1:13
B-4ギター・ピアノ・さびしくcover and instrumental鷺巣詩郎1:35
B-4ストリングスcover and instrumental鷺巣詩郎1:24
B-4ストリングス・ピアノcover and instrumental鷺巣詩郎2:21
B-4ピアノcover and instrumental鷺巣詩郎1:12
B-4ピアノ・さびしくcover and instrumental鷺巣詩郎1:32
B-18cover and instrumental鷺巣詩郎2:13
B-18テンポ遅cover and instrumental鷺巣詩郎2:26
B-18テンポ遅・フルートのみcover and instrumental鷺巣詩郎2:27
B-18フルートのみcover and instrumental鷺巣詩郎2:13
B-22Aタイプcover and instrumental鷺巣詩郎2:22
B-22Bタイプcover and instrumental鷺巣詩郎2:37
B-22Cタイプcover and instrumental鷺巣詩郎2:20
ED-1Aタイプcover and instrumental鷺巣詩郎1:50
ED-1Bタイプcover and instrumental鷺巣詩郎1:56
Fly me to the moonSiggi Gerhard Swingtett & Greetje Kauffeld5:53
Fly me to the mooncover鷺巣詩郎7:25
Fly me to the Mooncover朝川ひろこ3:30
Fly Me to the MooncoverLotion2:49
Fly Me to the MooninstrumentalRussell Gunn5:35
Fly Me to the MooncoverJimmy Osmond?:??
Fly Me to the MoonMary Nelson3:54
Fly Me to the MoonKeely Smith2:24
Fly Me to the MooncoverHelge Schneider3:29
Fly Me to the MooncoverJune Christy3:15
Fly Me to the MoonFrank Sinatra duet with George Strait2:32
Fly Me to the MooncoverLyn Collins2:42
Fly Me to the Moon (live, 1968-05-22: Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA, USA)Frank Sinatra2:03
Fly Me to the MoonFrank Sinatra2:58
Fly Me to the MooncoverSteve Tyrell2:44
Fly Me to the MooncoverEldar3:24
Fly Me to the MooncoverDinah Washington2:30
Fly Me to the MooncoverCliff Richard2:49
Fly Me to the MooncoverNicki Parrott3:53
Fly Me to the MooncoverPatrizio Buanne4:35
Fly Me to the MooncoverWestlife2:32
Fly Me to the MooncoverAl Hirt2:35
Fly Me to the MoonAstrud Gilberto?:??
Fly Me to the MooninstrumentalThe Romantic Strings and Orchestra2:54
Fly Me to the Mooncover and liveSarah Vaughan4:40
Fly Me to the MoonAstrud Gilberto2:19
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