writer:John Phillips (The Mamas & The Papas)
Michelle Phillips
publisher:MCA Music Publishing (renamed since c. 1996 as Universal Music Publishing Group)
Richt & Slezak OHG
Trousdale Music
Trousdale Music Publishers, Inc.
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referred to in medleys:More Stars (12″ mix) (12″ mix, duration: ~11:56 on vinyl, ~11:38 on cd)
later parody versions:Riley Martin Dreaming (parody for Riley Martin)
later translated versions:California Dreaming
Cwympo Mae Y Dail
Kalajoen hiekat
La Terre promise (California Dreamin')


1965California Dreamin’ (single version)The Mamas & the Papas2:40
1966-09-14California DreamingcoverWes Montgomery3:08
1967-06-18California Dreamin' (live, 1967-06-18: Monterey Pop Festival, CA, USA)liveThe Mamas & the Papas3:57
1967-06-18California Dreamin' (live, 1967-06-18: Monterey Pop Festival, CA, USA)liveThe Mamas & the Papas2:44
1967-06-18California Dreamin’ (live, 1967-06-18: Monterey Pop Festival, CA, USA)liveThe Mamas & the Papas2:48
1967-06-18California Dreamin’ (live, 1967-06-18: Monterey Pop Festival, CA, USA)liveThe Mamas & the Papas4:07
1967-06-18California Dreamin’ (live, 1967-06-18: Monterey Pop Festival, CA, USA)liveThe Mamas & the Papas3:47
1967-11-21California Dreamin’coverJosé Feliciano4:10
1971-11California DreamingcoverGeorge Benson7:19
1972-07-30California Dreamingcover and instrumentalCTI All-Stars8:37
1979-06-30California Dreamin’ (live, 1979-06-30: Wollman Skating Rink, Central Park, New York, NY, USA)cover and liveAmerica3:15
1982-09-04California Dreamin’ (live, 1982-09-04: Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH, USA)cover and liveAmerica3:17
1983-07-13California Dreamin' (live, 1983-07-13)cover and liveR.E.M.2:18
1998-01-12California Dreamin’ (live, 1998-01-12: Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City, NY, USA)liveThe Mamas & the Papas2:51
2002-03-25 – 2002-03-30California Dreamin'coverClare Teal4:11
2005-08-18California Dreamin’ (live, 2005-08-18: PBS Soundstage, Chicago, IL, USA)liveAmerica2:50
2014-11-23California Dreamin' (live, 2014-11-23: Alcatraz, Milan, IT)cover and liveCounting Crows?:??
2014California Dreamin’coverDiana Krall3:17
70’s Medley: The Sound of Silence / Wind Flowers / California Dreamin’ / Devoted to You / Cryin’ in the Rain / Teach Your Children / He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brothercover and medley溫拿樂隊10:22
Acte IV. Rockollection 008cover and medleyLaurent Voulzy15:43
California Dreamin (part of a “The Disco Boys, Volume 4” DJ‐mix)coverRoyal Gigolos3:35
California DreaminThe Mamas & the Papas2:26
California Dreamin (live)The Mamas & the Papas3:47
California DreamincoverRoyal Gigolos2:58
California DreamincoverRoyal Gigolos2:27
California DreamincoverRoyal Gigolos3:35
California Dreamin (acoustic mix)Freischwimmer3:28
California Dreamin (Calvo remix)Freischwimmer4:44
California Dreamin (Clubhouse single)coverRoyal Gigolos3:28
California Dreamin (extended mix)Freischwimmer5:18
California Dreamin (radio edit)Freischwimmer3:32
California Dreamin (Tek House single)coverRoyal Gigolos3:32
California Dreamin by The Mamas & The Papas Meets MetalcoverErock3:52
California Dreamin'The Mamas & the Papas?:??
California Dreamin'coverCornbread Red2:55
California Dreamin'coverJack and White2:48
California Dreamin'coverWilliam Ellwood4:28
California Dreamin'cover and instrumental'Igginbottom4:01
California Dreamin'José Feliciano4:17
California Dreamin'coverThe Beach Boys3:10
California Dreamin'The Mamas & the Papas2:29
California Dreamin' (live)The Mamas & the Papas2:28
California Dreamin'The Mamas & the Papas3:26
California Dreamin'The Beach Boys3:13
California Dreamin'The Beach Boys3:18
California Dreamin'DJ Sammy4:53
California Dreamin'cover and instrumentalBud Shank2:32
California Dreamin'The Mamas & the Papas2:18
California Dreamin'coverStar Academy 31:53
California Dreamin'coverJoão Gustavo2:41
California Dreamin'The Mamas & the Papas2:28
California Dreamin'The Mamas & the Papas2:30
California Dreamin'coverStrobegirl and Illustrial2:58
California Dreamin'coverLeo Moracchioli2:42
California Dreamin'cover and instrumentalThe Ventures2:36
California Dreamin'cover and instrumentalThe Ventures2:34
California Dreamin'coverDavid Starr feat. John Oates3:37
California Dreamin'coverDiana Krall3:18
California Dreamin'cover and instrumentalThe Soulful Strings2:33
California Dreamin'coverThe Rezidudes2:29
California Dreamin'The Mamas & the Papas3:02
California Dreamin'coverDead Artist Syndrome3:30
California Dreamin'coverScala & Kolacny Brothers3:13
California Dreamin'coverJann Arden2:43
California Dreamin'coverNancy Sinatra3:36
California Dreamin' (live)liveThe Mamas & the Papas3:27
California Dreamin'coverMotorpsycho5:08
California Dreamin'coverRoch Voisine2:43
California Dreamin'coverAbsofacto2:27
California Dreamin'coverHi-STANDARD2:19
California Dreamin'coverJohnny Rivers2:34
California Dreamin'coverThe Seekers2:30
California Dreamin'coverThe Free Design2:26
California Dreamin'coverThe Beach Boys3:24
California Dreamin'coverEddie Hazel6:14
California Dreamin'coverM.I.A.1:52
California Dreamin'coverM.I.A.1:41
California Dreamin'coverThe Faction2:14
California Dreamin'John Phillips3:13
California Dreamin'coverLana Lane4:04
California Dreamin'coverJ. D. Fortune2:11
California Dreamin'coverMeat Loaf feat. Patti Russo4:06
California Dreamin'coverCarpenters2:31
California Dreamin'coverR.E.M.2:52
California Dreamin'coverJack Frost6:08
California Dreamin'coverMower4:42
California Dreamin'coverJosé Feliciano3:23
California Dreamin'coverJosé Feliciano4:20
California Dreamin'coverRoyal Gigolos3:33
California Dreamin'coverRoyal Gigolos0:58
California Dreamin'coverRoyal Gigolos2:55
California Dreamin'coverRoyal Gigolos2:43
California Dreamin'coverRoyal Gigolos3:58
California Dreamin'coverRoyal Gigolos3:42
California Dreamin'coverRoyal Gigolos2:17
California Dreamin' (part of a “Megadance 2004.2” DJ‐mix)coverRoyal Gigolos3:26
California Dreamin' (live)cover and liveR.E.M.2:27
California Dreamin'coverParis Burning2:25
California Dreamin'coverWilson Phillips2:49
California Dreamin'The Mamas & the Papas2:24
California Dreamin' (live)liveThe Mamas & the Papas2:26
California Dreamin'The Mamas & the Papas2:32
California Dreamin'The Mamas & the Papas3:27
California Dreamin' (live)liveThe Mamas & the Papas2:27
California Dreamin'Barry McGuire2:39
California Dreamin'coverSmokey2:36
California Dreamin'coverMeat Loaf3:57
California Dreamin'coverMors Principium Est2:20
California Dreamin'cover and instrumentalGary Hoey2:58
California Dreamin'coverThe Fenmen2:26
California Dreamin'coverDavid McCallum2:29
California Dreamin'coverWeena Morloch2:18
California Dreamin'coverWest Coast All Stars4:01
California Dreamin' (Benny Benassi mix)coverRoyal Gigolos6:12
California Dreamin' (Clubhouse edit)coverRoyal Gigolos3:29
California Dreamin' (Clubhouse extended)coverRoyal Gigolos5:01
California Dreamin' (Clubhouse single)coverRoyal Gigolos3:30
California Dreamin' (Flip & Fill remix)coverRoyal Gigolos5:52
California Dreamin' (KB Project remix)coverRoyal Gigolos3:43
California Dreamin' (Royal Gigolos extended mix)coverRoyal Gigolos4:48
California Dreamin' (Royal Gigolos radio edit)coverRoyal Gigolos3:06
California Dreamin' (Royal Gigolos vs. Hardknock California Screaming)coverRoyal Gigolos7:10
California Dreamin' (Teck House remix)coverRoyal Gigolos5:00
California Dreamin' (Tek House)coverRoyal Gigolos3:31
California Dreamin' (Tek-House extended)coverRoyal Gigolos4:52
California Dreamin' (Tek-House extended)coverRoyal Gigolos2:38
California Dreamin' (Tek-House extended)coverRoyal Gigolos4:47
California Dreamin' (Tek-House Extended)coverRoyal Gigolos4:47
California Dreamin' (Tek-House mix) (part of the "Bump 14" DJ-mix by DJ Costa)coverRoyal Gigolos3:12
California Dreamin' (Tek-House radio)coverRoyal Gigolos3:42
California Dreamin' 2006coverRoyal Gigolos4:46
California Dreamin’The Mamas & the Papas2:37
California Dreamin’coverBobby Womack3:21
California Dreamin’coverFour Tops3:21
California Dreamin’coverThe Beach Boys3:12
California Dreamin’coverBaby Huey4:43
California Dreamin’coverMelanie3:57
California Dreamin’coverRiver City People2:20
California Dreamin’The Mamas & the Papas2:40
California Dreamin’coverQueen Latifah3:44
California Dreamin’coverRoyal Gigolos3:32
California Dreamin’coverShawBlades2:42
California Dreamin’coverAmerican Music Club2:35
California Dreamin’coverAmerica2:46
California Dreamin’coverAmason3:08
California Dreamin’coverJamestown Revival3:39
California Dreamin’coverBarry Manilow2:47
California Dreamin’coverJosé Feliciano4:05
California Dreamin’The Mamas & the Papas2:25
California Dreamin’coverThe Beach Boys3:24
California Dreamin’coverRoyal Gigolos2:53
California Dreamin’coverRoyal Gigolos1:59
California Dreamin’coverEllie Drennan3:07
California Dreamin’coverThe BB Band2:38
California Dreamin’coverJimmy Buffett2:31
California Dreamin’cover and instrumentalThe Ventures2:37
California Dreamin’cover and instrumentalThe Ventures?:??
California Dreamin’The Mamas & the Papas2:28
California Dreamin’liveThe Mamas & the Papas2:47
California Dreamin’Barry McGuire & The Mamas & the Papas2:37
California Dreamin’The Mamas & the Papas2:26
California Dreamin’The Mamas & the Papas2:38
California Dreamin’cover and liveKelly Clarkson, Justin Guarini, Nikki McKibbin, Tamyra Gray, RJ Helton, Christina Christian, Ryan Starr, A.J. Gil, EJay Day & Jim Verraros2:47
California Dreamin’ (live)liveThe Mamas & the Papas2:51
California Dreamin’coverHenry Kaiser4:38
California Dreamin’ (live: Montery International Pop Festival)liveThe Mamas & the Papas3:59
California Dreamin’cover and instrumentalThe Ventures2:34
California Dreamin’coverDiana Krall3:17
California Dreamin’Mamas & Papas2:27
California Dreamin’ (live)liveThe Mamas & the Papas2:28
California Dreamin’The Mamas & the Papas2:28
California Dreamin’coverFour Tops3:10
California Dreamin’coverVicki Genfan3:33
California Dreamin’coverRoyal Gigolos0:45
California Dreamin’The Mamas & the Papas2:40
California Dreamin’coverRoyal Gigolos3:26
California Dreamin’The Mamas & the Papas2:40
California Dreamin’coverJosé Feliciano4:02
California Dreamin’coverThe Seekers2:30
California Dreamin’coverThe Seekers2:40
California Dreamin’coverBobby Womack3:08
California Dreamin’ (Brendan Bring ’em remix)coverJosé Feliciano4:59
California Dreamin’ (Flip & Fill remix)coverRoyal Gigolos3:20
California Dreamin’ (remastered)José Feliciano4:09
California Dreamin’ (Tek-House extended)coverRoyal Gigolos5:07
California Dreamin’ (Tek-House extended) (part of the "Ultra.Dance 05: Radio Hits" DJ-mix by Vic Latino)coverRoyal Gigolos4:30
California Dreamin’ (The Voice Performance)liveAlisan Porter2:17
California DreamingcoverCharles Bobuck4:11
California DreamingThe Mamas & the Papas2:18
California DreamingThe Mamas & the Papas2:39
California DreamingPat DiNizio2:41
California DreamingcoverRoyal Gigolos5:02
California DreamingcoverDavid Matthews with Whirlwind6:29
California DreamingcoverWinston Francis2:35
California DreamingcoverSusan Wong3:30
California Dreamingcover and liveBobby Womack6:07
California DreamingcoverGee Gee & Soluna2:37
California Dreaming (part of “Jamiroquai: LateNightTales” DJ-mix)coverJosé Feliciano4:09
California DreamingDJ Sammy4:14
California DreamingThe Mamas & the Papas2:34
California DreamingThe Mamas & the Papas?:??
California DreamingcoverR.E.M.?:??
California DreamingcoverDenial3:09
California DreamingJacintha5:40
California Dreaming (part of “De Après Skihut 13” DJ‐mix)coverRoyal Gigolos1:35
California DreamingThe Mamas & the Papas2:37
California DreamingcoverVains of Jenna2:34
California DreamingcoverDJ Sammy4:32
California Dreamingcover386 DX3:00
California Dreamingcover and instrumentalSungha Jung2:39
California DreamingcoverLee Moses4:24
California DreamingcoverGeschwister Pfister2:32
California DreamingcoverPastel Vespa2:11
California DreamingThe Mamas & the Papas2:00
California Dreaming (part of “DJ Spinna: Strange Games And Things” DJ-Mix)coverJosé Feliciano3:18
California DreamingcoverJosé Feliciano3:47
California DreamingcoverSusan Wong3:29
California DreamingThe Mamas & the Papas2:39
California DreamingcoverLutricia McNeal3:05
California DreamingJacintha5:44
California DreamingcoverKameleoni2:25
California DreamingcoverDavid Hasselhoff2:44
California Dreaming (European Excursion mix)coverHigh Jinx?:??
California Dreaming (live)liveThe Mamas & the Papas2:28
California Dreaming (live)cover and liveJosé Feliciano4:00
California Dreaming (Niche All Nighter mix)coverHigh Jinx?:??
California Dreaming (original L.A. club mix)coverHigh Jinx?:??
California Dreaming (unplugged version)coverMelanie3:46
California Feelin'coverThe Beach Boys2:49
California Feelin’coverThe Beach Boys2:54
California Feelin’ (original demo)The Beach Boys2:14
California Love Generationcover and medleyUnicante6:56
夢のカリフォルニアThe Mamas & the Papas2:41