Chicken Dance (original tune, no lyrics)

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composer:Werner Thomas
Wikidata:Q1344584 [info]
referred to in medleys:Dance Little Bird / This Ole House / Making Your Mind Up (order: 1)
Polkarama! (order: 1)
later parody versions:Taniec Kaczek
later versions:Chicken Dance (1970 version with lyrics, published by Louis van Rijmenant)
Kosher Chicken Dance
La Danse des canards
is the basis for:Birdy Song


Birds Dance (The Bird Club Mix)coverT-Birds5:03
Birds Dance (The Bird Club Mix)coverT-Birds5:02
Birds Dance (The Bird Dub Mix)coverT-Birds5:04
Birds Dance (The Bird Dub Mix)coverT-Birds5:05
Birds Dance (The Bird Radio Mix)coverT-Birds3:24
Birds Dance (The Bird Radio Mix)coverT-Birds3:25
Dance Electric (The Bowled Egg Mix)coverT-Birds3:34
Dance Little BirdDe Electronica's2:33
Dance Little BirdDe Electronica's2:32
Dance Little BirdElectronica's2:35
Dance Little BirdElectronica's2:32
Dance Little BirdDe Electronica's2:32
Dance Little BirdieElectronica's2:36
De vogeltjes dansinstrumentalDe Electronica's1:51
Tchip TchipCash & Carry?:??