lyricist:Antônio Maria
composer:Luiz Bonfá
SecondHandSongs: [info]
Wikidata:Q1890331 [info]
later translated versions:A Day in the Life of a Fool
Canción de Orfeo
is the basis for:La Chanson d’Orphée


1959Manhã de CarnivalliveLuiz Bonfá2:28
1961-11-02Black OrpheusinstrumentalWayne Shorter4:35
1961-11-02Black Orpheus (take 3)instrumentalWayne Shorter4:43
1962-08-28Manha de carnavalinstrumentalStan Getz with Gary McFarland and His Orchestra5:50
1962-09-04Carnival (Manha De Carnaval)cover and instrumentalQuincy Jones2:58
1962-09Maha de Carnival (The Morning of the Carnaval)instrumentalRamsey Lewis Trio4:41
1963-03-11Carnival (Manha de carnaval)instrumentalFreddie Hubbard5:21
1963-05-16Carnival (mono)instrumentalThe Modern Jazz Quartet6:05
1963-06-10Theme From "Black Orpheus"cover and instrumentalPaul Desmond4:15
1963-09Morning of the Carnival From Black Orpheuscover and instrumentalGerry Mulligan5:30
1963-12-19Manha de Carnavalinstrumental and liveKenny Dorham9:45
1963Morning of the Carnivalinstrumental and liveDizzy Gillespie4:38
1964-03-19Manhã de CarnavalcoverJoe Pass3:30
1964-06-11Manha de CarnavalDexter Gordon9:20
1965-01-30Manha de Carnavalinstrumental and liveStan Getz Quartet4:12
1965-05-28Manha de CarnavalcoverDexter Gordon8:26
1966-04-06Morning of the CarnivalinstrumentalThe Cannonball Adderley Quintet with Strings3:29
1966-06-01 – 1966-06-02Manhã de carnavalcoverBaden Powell3:15
1966-08Manha de CarnavalinstrumentalCharlie Byrd3:00
1966-09-17Manhã de carnaval / A felicidade / Samba de Orfeulive and medleyBola Sete, Sebastian Neto & Paulinho da Costa13:35
1966-12Manhã de carnavalinstrumentalOscar Peterson3:45
1967-02-17Manha Da Carnavalcover and instrumentalStanley Turrentine5:54
1967-07Medley From 'Black Orpheus': Felicidade / Manha de Carnaval / Samba de Orpheusinstrumental and medleyRamsey Lewis8:23
1972-06-29A Day in the Life of a Fool (Manha De Carnaval)cover and instrumentalGene Harris5:26
1975-11-28Manhã do CarnavalinstrumentalJoe Sample / Ray Brown / Shelly Manne6:02
1976-05Manhã Do CarnivalinstrumentalArt Farmer5:25
1976-06-28Medley: Like a Lover / A Felicidade / Manha de Carnaval / Samba de Orfeu (live, 1976-06-28: Roxy, Los Angeles)instrumental, live and medleyEarl Klugh12:57
1976Mañana de carnaval (Portugese version)coverJulio Iglesias3:06
1977-12Manha de CarnavalinstrumentalRay Brown4:37
1978-07-30Manha de CarnavalinstrumentalSadao Watanabe with The Great Jazz Trio9:13
1980-05-29Manha De CarnavalinstrumentalMcCoy Tyner5:19
1980-05-29Manha De CarnavalcoverMcCoy Tyner Quartets5:19
1981-01-26Morning of the CarnivalinstrumentalAhmad Jamal / Gary Burton10:55
1981-04Manha De CarnavalinstrumentalBarney Kessel4:20
1982-06-09Manha de Carnaval (Black Orpheus)instrumental and liveKenny Barron14:20
1985-06Manha de CarnavalinstrumentalJoanne Brackeen Trio7:17
1985Manha de CarnavalinstrumentalMcCoy Tyner9:35
1988-04Black OrpheusGreat Jazz Trio5:00
1988-12-11 – 1988-12-14Manhã De CarnavalcoverGerald Garcia2:31
1989-04Manha de CarnivalinstrumentalCharlie Mariano with The Tete Montoliu Trio5:50
1989-12Black OrpheusFreddie Hubbard6:27
1991-09-13Sweet Love (Theme From Black Orpheus)instrumentalHouston Person6:26
1994-06-28 – 1994-07-01Manhã de CarnavalcoverPatricia Barber3:21
1994Manhã de CarnavalinstrumentalCarl Volk2:38
1996-12-09 – 1996-12-11Black Orpheus: Manhã de Carnavalcover and instrumentalLuiz Bonfá4:13
1997-10-07 – 1997-10-09Manhã de Carnavalcover and instrumentalTethered Moon?:??
1998-07-10Manhã de CarnavalliveThe 3 Tenors2:29
2001-12-02Black OrpheusinstrumentalHarold Mabern8:27
2002-11-11 – 2002-12-04Black Orpheus (Manha de Carnaval)Regina Carter5:23
2003-01-26 – 2003-01-30Manhã de Carnaval (Morning of the Carnival)instrumentalGraham Anthony Devine3:22
2003-11-15Black Orpheusinstrumental and liveAnthony Braxton13:53
2005Morning Of The Carnivalinstrumental and liveDizzy Gillespie6:39
2012-02-20 – 2012-02-22Manhã de Carnaval (from “Orfeu negro”)instrumentalDie Österreichischen Salonisten4:28
2014-12-09Mañana de carnavalcover and livePaata Demurishvili & Jeannette Curta & Erwin Ditzner10:26
(They Long to Be) Close to You / Killing Me Softly With His Song / Uskadara / Manha de Carnavalcover, instrumental and medley国府弘子10:07
A Day in the Life of a Foolcover and instrumentalLenny Dee2:10
A Day in the Life of a Foolcover and instrumentalHenry Mancini3:31
A Day in the Life of a Foolcover and instrumentalHenry Mancini and His Orchestra and Chorus?:??
Black OrpheusAziza Mustafa Zadeh8:19
Black Orpheuscover and instrumentalJoscho Stephan4:44
Black Orpheus日野賢二6:10
Black OrpheusThe Ray Brown Trio3:31
Black Orpheuscover and instrumentalErek Siebel (piano), Johannes Huth (bass), Patrick Manzecchi (drums)2:54
Black OrpheuscoverEuropean Jazz Trio4:19
CarnivalinstrumentalPepe Jaramillo2:47
CarnivalcoverHerb Ellis and Joe Pass3:27
CarnivalcoverMiriam Makeba2:23
CarnivalcoverJunior Jazz2:20
Mana De Carnivalcover and instrumentalMike Jones8:01
Mañana de carnavalinstrumentalPepe Jaramillo2:45
Mañana de carnavalcoverLuis Miguel3:24
Mañana de carnavalcoverCarmen París3:11
Manhã da carnaval (from Black Orpheus)Paula Robison2:49
Manha de carnavalLuiz Bonfá2:57
Manha de carnavalMaria Valdez3:22
Manha de carnavalPaco de Lucía?:??
Manha de carnavalinstrumentalWim Overgaauw5:15
Manha de carnavalcoverBola Sete2:20
Manha de carnavalcoverThe Rosenberg Trio feat. Jan Akkerman4:33
Manha de CarnavalcoverJosé Feliciano3:09
Manha de Carnavalcover and instrumentalTadeusz Machalski3:10
Manha de CarnavalinstrumentalFausto Papetti2:28
Manha de CarnavalinstrumentalAngelo et ses guitares2:49
Manha de CarnavalThe Three Tenors, Orchestre de Paris, James Levine2:33
Manha de CarnavalinstrumentalLuiz Bonfá1:41
Manha de CarnavalLuiz Bonfá1:48
Manha de CarnavalcoverClaudine Longet3:58
Manha de CarnavalcoverMongo Santamaría3:22
Manha de CarnavalcoverCal Tjader6:17
Manha de CarnavalcoverSusannah McCorkle4:51
Manha de Carnavalcover and liveJoan Baez4:50
Manha de CarnavalcoverJoan Baez3:13
Manha de Carnavalcover and instrumentalChuck Mangione8:24
Manha de CarnavalcoverChet Atkins2:46
Manha de CarnavalcoverHarry Belafonte2:17
Manha de Carnavalcover and instrumentalChamorro-Terraza & Friends5:18
Manha de CarnavalcoverFerenc Snétberger5:27
Manha de CarnavalinstrumentalPercy Faith & His Orchestra2:58
Manha De CarnavalcoverHarry Belafonte2:18
Manha De CarnavalliveJoan Baez?:??
Manha De CarnavalcoverLeny Andrade5:36
Manha De CarnavalcoverDaniel Barenboim4:13
Manha De CarnavalcoverHarry Belafonte2:15
Manha De CarnavalcoverDiane Hubka3:22
Manhã de carnavalcover and instrumentalOrquestra Harmônicas de Curitiba4:32
Manhã de carnavalcoverLisa Ono3:37
Manhã de carnavalcoverJoão Gilberto2:34
Manhã de carnavalcoverTrio Esperança3:00
Manhã de carnavalcoverLuis Teixeira2:48
Manhã de carnavalcoverCharlie Byrd2:42
Manhã de carnavalinstrumentalQuarteto Maogani2:35
Manhã de carnavalcoverYazz4:22
Manhã de carnavalcoverThalia Zedek3:51
Manhã de carnavalAntonio Carlos Jobim, Luiz Bonfá & João Gilberto2:57
Manhã de carnavalinstrumentalYamandu Costa5:45
Manhã de carnavalAntonio Carlos Jobim, Luiz Bonfá & João Gilberto1:32
Manhã de carnavalAntonio Carlos Jobim, Luiz Bonfá & João Gilberto3:04
Manhã de carnavalJoão Gilberto2:35
Manhã de carnavalcoverPaco de Lucía, Al Di Meola & John McLaughlin6:14
Manhã de carnavalcover and instrumentalPaulinho Nogueira3:39
Manhã de carnavalcoverVania Abreu3:03
Manhã de carnavalinstrumentalAndré Mehmari e Célio Barros3:07
Manhã de carnavalliveCaetano Veloso · Luciano Pavarotti3:34
Manhã de carnavalinstrumentalRio 65 Trio3:15
Manhã de carnavalcoverNara Leão4:03
Manhã de carnavalcoverDiana Panton5:24
Manhã de CarnavalcoverAstrud Gilberto1:58
Manhã de Carnavalinstrumental木村好夫?:??
Manhã de CarnavalcoverHarry Belafonte2:15
Manhã de CarnavalBrian Wittman & Cool Steel Band6:38
Manhã de CarnavalcoverAndré Rieu3:30
Manhã de CarnavalinstrumentalXuefei Yang3:51
Manhã de CarnavalcoverVince Guaraldi Trio5:50
Manhã de CarnavalcoverMontréal Guitare Trio6:20
Manhã de CarnavalinstrumentalJeff Linsky5:43
Manhã de CarnavalcoverMcCoy Tyner feat. Freddie Hubbard5:17
Manhã de CarnavalNilson Matta7:11
Manhã de CarnavalcoverSasha Masakowski6:03
Manhã de CarnavalinstrumentalToquinho & Paulinho Nogueira3:55
Manhã de Carnavalcover and instrumentalTuck Andress5:38
Manhã de CarnavalcoverBaden Powell3:03
Manhã de CarnavalcoverStan Getz & João Gilberto1:58
Manhã de CarnavalcoverRay Barretto4:26
Manhã De CarnavalGerald Garcia2:31
Manha de Carnaval (A Day in the Life of a Fool)coverHarry Belafonte2:16
Manha de Carnaval (Black Orpheus)instrumentalGonzalo Rubalcaba8:04
Manha de Carnaval (Black Orpheus)cover and instrumentalI Salonisti4:13
Manhā de Carnaval (bolero)instrumentalPepe Jaramillo2:52
Manha de Carnaval (From 'Black Orpheus')coverRon Escheté5:19
Manha De Carnaval (From "Black Orpheus")Daniel Maya3:45
Manhã de Carnaval (From “Mucho Gusto”)Los Machucambos2:27
Manha de Carnaval (Morning of the Carnival)Luiz Bonfá3:05
Manha de Carnaval (Morning of the Carnival)coverStan Getz acc. by the Gary McFarland Orchestra with Jim Hall5:50
Manha de Carnaval (Morning of the Carnival)coverFrédéric Alarie & Art Johnson6:45
Manhã de Carnaval (Morning of the Carnival)instrumentalCarlos Barbosa-Lima4:21
Manha de Carnaval (Morning of the Carnival) (from the motion picture “Black Orpheus”)instrumentalGary McFarland2:50
Manha De Carnaval (Theme From "Black Orpheus")coverCarly Simon2:22
Manhâ de carnaval / Aquarela do BrasilmedleyPlácido Domingo, VVC Symphonic Orchestra, Bebu Silvetti8:18
Manha de carnaval / Aquarela do BrazilmedleyPlácido Domingo8:17
Manhã de Carnaval / Te Ador (live, 1961/1963)cover, live and medleyJoan Baez4:50
Manhã de Carnaval from Black OrpheusinstrumentalThe London Cello Sound, Geoffrey Simon4:29
Manha de CarnavelcoverHarry Belafonte2:16
Manha de carnevalinstrumental and liveArt Pepper7:49
Manha de CarnevalJacintha6:10
Manha de CarnevalJacintha6:11
Manha de CarnevalcoverHarry Belafonte2:17
Manhã De CarnevalcoverMaysa3:11
Manha De Carneval (Black Orpheus)coverGerry Mulligan5:30
Manha de Carneval (From "Black Orpheus")cover and instrumentalPercy Faith and His Orchestra3:01
Manha de CarnivalcoverHarry Belafonte2:19
Manha de Carnivalcover and instrumentalSandy Bull13:04
Manha de CarnivalcoverCamila Benson4:22
Manha de Carnivalcover and instrumentalMason Williams5:34
Manha de CarnivalAstrud Gilberto?:??
Manha De CarnivalJim Tomlinson4:10
Manha De CarnivalcoverHarry Belafonte2:18
Manhã de CarnivalcoverBob Brookmeyer4:35
Manhã de CarnivalcoverCharlie Byrd2:47
Manha de Carnival (Carnival)coverHarry Belafonte2:19
Manhã de Carnival (Morning of the Carnival)Billy Eckstine2:51
Morning of Carnival (Manhã de carneval)cover and instrumentalRay Charles3:34
Morning of the CarnivalinstrumentalAhmad Jamal10:45
Morning of the CarnivalAhmad Jamal & Gary Burton10:33
Morning of the CarnivalinstrumentalKenny Barron13:58
Morning of the Carnivalcover and instrumentalLarry Coryell7:31
Outro adeus • Manhã de carnavalinstrumental and medleyPaulinho Nogueira4:39