Foxy Lady

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lyricist and composer:Jimi Hendrix
publisher:Bella Godiva Music
Experience Hendrix
Experience Hendrix, L.L.C. (company, not a label)
Intersong Music Ltd.
Sea-Lark Enterprises, Inc.
Warner Chappell Music Ltd. (no slash; used 1988–1996)
Yameta Co. Ltd.
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1966-12-13Foxy Lady (original stereo studio mix)The Jimi Hendrix Experience3:19
1967-02-13Foxey LadyliveJimi Hendrix2:54
1967-02-13Foxy LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience3:01
1967-02-13Foxy Lady (live, 1967-02-13: BBC Broadcasting House, London, UK)liveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience3:00
1967-02-13Foxy LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience2:43
1967-06-18Foxey LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience3:28
1967-06-18Foxey Lady (live, 1967-06-18: Monterey Pop Festival, CA, USA)liveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience3:45
1967-06-18Foxey LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience3:30
1967-06-18Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix3:36
1967-06-18Foxy Lady (live, 1967-06-1x: Monterey Pop Festival, Monterey County Fairground, Monterey, CA, USA)liveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience3:23
1967-09-05Foxy Lady (live, 1967-09-05: Studio 4 Radiohuset, Stockholm, Sweden)liveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience3:25
1967-09-05Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix3:48
1967-09-05Foxy LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience3:28
1967-11-10Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix3:19
1968-01-29Foxey LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience5:29
1968-01-29Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix5:22
1968-02-18Foxy LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience4:50
1968-03-15Foxey LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience4:31
1968-03-19Foxey LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience5:33
1968-05-18Foxey Lady (live, 1968-05-18: Miami Pop Festival, Gulfstream Park, Hallandale, FL, USA)liveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience4:32
1968-05-18Foxey Lady (live, 1968-05-18: Miami Pop Festival, Gulfstream Park, Hallandale, FL, USA. (Afternoon show))liveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience4:55
1968-07-06Foxey Lady (live, 1968-07-06: Woburn Music Festival, Bedfordshire, England)liveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience4:55
1968-09-14Foxey Lady (live, 1968-09-14: Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience2:42
1968-10-11Foxy LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience5:16
1968-10-11Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix5:16
1968-10-11Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix4:50
1968-10-11Foxy LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience6:06
1968-10-11Foxy LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience5:14
1968-10-11Foxy LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience5:16
1968-10-11Foxy LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience4:50
1968-10-12Foxy LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience9:31
1968-10-12Foxy LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience7:29
1969-02-18Foxy Lady (live, 1969-02-18: Royal Albert Hall, London, England)liveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience?:??
1969-02-24Foxey LadyliveJimi Hendrix5:36
1969-04-26Foxy Lady (live, 1969-04-26: The Forum, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience5:21
1969-04-26Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix4:30
1969-04-26Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix5:03
1969-04-27Foxey LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience10:37
1969-05-24Foxey LadyliveJimi Hendrix5:05
1969-08-18Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix5:07
1969-10-11Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix5:04
1969-12-31Foxey Lady (live, 1969-12-31: Fillmore East, New York, NY, USA)liveJimi Hendrix6:45
1969-12-31Foxey LadyliveJimi Hendrix6:29
1970-01-01Foxey Lady (live, 1970-01-01: Fillmore East, New York, NY, USA)liveJimi Hendrix7:21
1970-01-01Foxey Lady (live) (live, 1970-01-01, Fillmore East, 1st show)liveJimi Hendrix6:34
1970-01-01Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix6:33
1970-01-01Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix6:39
1970-01-01Foxy Lady (live, 1969-12-31 - 1970-01-01, 3rd show: Fillmore East, New York City, New York, USA)liveJimi Hendrix6:33
1970-05-30Foxy LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience6:31
1970-05-30Foxy LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience6:20
1970-07-04Foxey Lady (live, 1970-07-04: Atlanta Pop Festival, Byron, GA, USA)liveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience4:30
1970-07-04Foxey Lady (live, 1970-07-04: Atlanta Pop Festival, Byron, GA, USA)liveJimi Hendrix?:??
1970-07-04Foxy Lady (live, 1970-07-04: Atlanta Pop Festival, Byron, GA, USA)liveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience4:30
1970-07-30Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix4:28
1970-08-31Foxey LadyliveJimi Hendrix?:??
1970-08-31Foxey LadyliveJimi Hendrix7:50
1970-08-31Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix9:13
1970-08-31Foxy LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience8:41
1970-08-31Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix8:54
1970-09-06Foxey LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience4:23
1974-06-13Castles Made of Sand / Foxey Ladycover and partialGil Evans11:28
1990-12-07Foxy Lady (live, 1990-12-07: Astoria Theatre, London, UK)cover and liveThe Cross6:14
1994-03-19Foxy Ladycover and instrumentalLonnie Smith Trio10:01
2003-03-14 – 2003-03-15Foxey LadycoverWorld Saxophone Quartet5:29
2003-06-01Let Me Roll It / Foxy Lady (live, 2003-06-01: King's Dock, Liverpool, UK)cover and livePaul McCartney?:??
2004-05-27Foxy LadycoverHiram Bullock6:25
2005-05-08Foxey Lady (live, 2005-05-08: Tokyo Forum, Tokyo, Japan)cover and liveThe G3 Jam10:44
2007-10-25Foxey Lady (video, live, 2007-10-25: London Hippodrome, London, UK)cover and liveGary Moore?:??
2007-10-25Foxey Lady (live, 2007-10-25: London Hippodrome, London, UK)cover and liveGary Moore6:14
2007-11-01Foxy Lady (live, 2007-11-01: Nokia Theatre, Grand Prairie, TX, USA)cover and liveZZ Top4:31
2010-03-12Foxy Lady (live, 2010-03-12: Lorsch, Germany)cover and liveHenrik Freischlader13:09
2011-05-21Foxy Lady (live, 2011-05-21: Arnsberg, Germany)cover and liveHenrik Freischlader Band?:??
2011-05-21Foxy Lady (live, 2011-05-21: Kunst-Werk, Arnsberg, Germany)cover and liveHenrik Freischlader Band12:15
2013-08-03Foxy Lady (live, 2013-08-03: Wacken Open Air Festival, Wacken, Germany)cover and liveAlice Cooper3:51
2018-12-05Foxy Lady Jam (live, 2018-12-05: Wiener Stadthalle, Wien, Austria)cover and livePaul McCartney1:54
Foxey LadyJimi Hendrix?:??
Foxey LadycoverGiant Sand3:34
Foxey LadycoverThe Hampton String Quartet3:29
Foxey LadycoverDidjits3:20
Foxey LadycoverThe Human Beinz2:41
Foxey LadycoverMary’s Danish3:46
Foxey LadycoverDavid West, Tom Ball, Tom Corbett & Bo Fox2:45
Foxey LadycoverKathy Kosins5:59
Foxey LadyJimi Hendrix2:45
Foxey LadyJimi Hendrix2:59
Foxey LadyliveJimi Hendrix?:??
Foxey LadyJimi Hendrix6:13
Foxey LadyJimi Hendrix3:19
Foxey LadyJimi Hendrix4:58
Foxey LadyJimi Hendrix5:48
Foxey LadyJimi Hendrix5:19
Foxey LadyJimi Hendrix4:59
Foxey LadyJimi Hendrix3:13
Foxey LadyliveJimi Hendrix3:18
Foxey LadyJimi Hendrix5:36
Foxey LadycoverYngwie Malmsteen4:51
Foxey LadycoverEight to the Bar3:40
Foxey LadycoverThe Rubber Band5:13
Foxey LadyThe Jimi Hendrix Experience3:04
Foxey Ladycover and liveBuckethead?:??
Foxey LadyJimi Hendrix5:06
Foxey LadyJimi Hendrix6:05
Foxey LadyJimi Hendrix5:43
Foxey LadyliveJimi Hendrix7:09
Foxey LadyJimi Hendrix6:05
Foxey LadyJimi Hendrix?:??
Foxey LadyJimi Hendrix4:20
Foxey LadyJimi Hendrix4:58
Foxey LadyliveJimi Hendrix4:45
Foxey LadycoverThe Fremont's Group3:03
Foxey Ladycover and liveBuckethead2:56
Foxey Ladycover and instrumentalVitamin String Quartet3:24
Foxey LadycoverJesters of Destiny6:11
Foxey LadyThe Jimi Hendrix Experience2:55
Foxey LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience5:13
Foxey Lady (live at Clark University)liveJimi Hendrix4:35
Foxey Lady (live)liveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience6:08
Foxey Lady (live)liveJimi Hendrix6:29
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix3:14
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix2:58
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix4:38
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix3:53
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix3:51
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix4:46
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix3:27
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix3:23
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix4:37
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix4:09
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix5:24
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix3:18
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix5:42
Foxy LadycoverTóth Bagi Csaba?:??
Foxy LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience6:12
Foxy LadycoverOmigosh4:35
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix3:17
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix5:06
Foxy LadycoverStevie Anders3:05
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix?:??
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix?:??
Foxy LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience5:44
Foxy LadycoverRainbow Bridge4:33
Foxy LadycoverCrossroadz3:02
Foxy LadycoverIggy Pop4:54
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix3:14
Foxy Lady (live, 2013-07 : Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland)cover and liveZZ Top?:??
Foxy LadycoverThe Cure2:29
Foxy Ladycover and liveThe Cure0:32
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix3:16
Foxy LadyThe Jimi Hendrix Experience3:15
Foxy LadyThe Jimi Hendrix Experience?:??
Foxy LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience8:22
Foxy LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience5:13
Foxy LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience6:06
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix4:36
Foxy LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience3:11
Foxy LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience5:19
Foxy LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience6:53
Foxy LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience5:34
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix3:12
Foxy LadyThe Jimi Hendrix Experience5:40
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix2:57
Foxy Ladycover and liveBuckethead?:??
Foxy LadycoverBooker T. & The MG’s3:15
Foxy LadycoverElectric Snow?:??
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix6:32
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix5:01
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix8:25
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix?:??
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix2:58
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix4:56
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix13:10
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix4:19
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix2:55
Foxy LadyThe Jimi Hendrix Experience6:08
Foxy LadyMick Jagger3:28
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix3:42
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix5:26
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix7:09
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix5:29
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix3:16
Foxy LadycoverBeki Bondage3:27
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix8:49
Foxy LadycoverThe Hamsters3:36
Foxy Ladycover and livePaul Rodgers and Company4:27
Foxy LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience4:39
Foxy Lady (NOT a Red Hot Chili Peppers recording, performer unknown)cover[unknown]3:56
Foxy Ladycover and instrumentalRobin Morris3:34
Foxy Ladycover and liveRoy Buchanan3:37
Foxy LadycoverJoe Satriani3:25
Foxy LadyThe Human Beinz4:24
Foxy Ladycover and liveMick Jagger3:43
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix3:14
Foxy LadycoverElectric Jaguar Baby2:59
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix3:10
Foxy LadycoverKtulu3:21
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix4:34
Foxy LadycoverESP4:28
Foxy Lady (live, 1969-02: Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Gore, London, SW7 2AP, UK)liveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience5:32
Foxy Lady (2010 EP version)coverRainbow Bridge3:35
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix3:15
Foxy Lady (Album Original Mix)coverThe Cure2:29
Foxy LadycoverThe Cross3:26
Foxy LadycoverBlack Merda3:35
Foxy LadycoverBlue Cheer3:51
Foxy Ladycover and livePopa Chubby6:31
Foxy LadycoverThe Twang2:57
Foxy Lady (original mono studio mix)The Jimi Hendrix Experience3:16
Foxy LadycoverThe Purple Fox3:10
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix5:42
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix4:45
Foxy LadycoverHarry Manx2:58
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix5:14
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix3:20
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix5:07
Foxy LadycoverCee‐Lo Green3:41
Foxy LadycoverAlexei Aigui and Dietmar Bonnen4:05
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix7:23
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix?:??
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix6:11
Foxy LadyliveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience5:37
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix4:57
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix4:59
Foxy LadyThe Cure2:29
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix3:25
Foxy LadyThe Jimi Hendrix Experience3:17
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix3:00
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix?:??
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix?:??
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix5:21
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix4:47
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix3:15
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix3:26
Foxy Lady (mono)The Jimi Hendrix Experience3:17
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix3:20
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix3:00
Foxy LadyliveThe Cure0:32
Foxy LadyJimi Hendrix3:17
Foxy LadyliveJimi Hendrix5:11
Foxy Lady (live)cover and liveThe Cure3:56
Foxy Lady (outtake)Jimi Hendrix3:11
Foxy Lady/Gypsiescover and liveBuckethead?:??
Improvisation / Love Maker Trouble Maker (live, 1978-01-31: Niigata Kenmin‐Kaikan Dai‐Hall, Niigata, Niigata, Japan)cover, live and partialRainbow3:04
Medley: Foxy Lady / Sexcover and liveThomas Blug8:25
Purple Haze / Foxy Lady (Tribute to Jimi)cover and medleyThe Jimmy Castor Bunch?:??