composer:Richard Rodgers (1927)
lyricist:Lorenz Hart (1927)
publisher:Marlin Enterprises
Wikidata:Q7796963 [info]


1928-03-27Thou SwellinstrumentalLouisiana Sugar Babes3:00
1928-04-17Thou SwellBix Beiderbecke and His Gang3:03
1944-06-21Thou Swell 1Art Tatum4:10
1944-06-21Thou Swell 2Art Tatum4:17
1944-06-21Thou Swell 3Art Tatum4:01
1948-05-03Thou Swell (mono)June Allyson, with Eugene Cox and Pete Roberts (for the Blackburn Twins Ramon & Royce)3:54
1951-01-16Thou Swellcover and instrumentalLester Young3:01
1951-10-28Thou Swellinstrumental and liveStan Getz Quintet4:24
1952-10-09Thou SwellHorace Silver2:55
1952Thou SwellinstrumentalThe Oscar Peterson Trio2:30
1954-02-19Thou SwellinstrumentalMaynard Ferguson2:45
1954-07-29Thou WellClaude Williamson Trio3:08
1955-01-30Thou SwellinstrumentalJohn Mehegan Trio3:19
1955-05-13Thou SwellBetty Carter & Ray Bryant1:44
1955-05Thou SwellBetty Carter1:39
1955-10-12Thou SwellinstrumentalUrbie Green3:20
1956-01-09 – 1956-01-12Thou SwellinstrumentalLennie Niehaus4:52
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Thou SwellElla Fitzgerald2:09
1956-08Thou SwellinstrumentalDorothy Ashby4:02
1956-09-11 – 1956-09-12Thou SwellBlossom Dearie3:04
1957-02-04Thou SwellcoverShorty Rogers and His Giants3:41
1957-06Thou SwellinstrumentalFrank Rosolino3:21
1957-08-06Thou Swellcover and liveSarah Vaughan and Her Trio2:43
1957-08Thou SwellRusty Bryant3:37
1957-11-29Thou SwellinstrumentalBud Shank6:37
1958-01-27Thou SwellHampton Hawes4:54
1958-06-24 – 1958-07-02Thou Swell (No. 1)Count Basie & His Atomic Band1:52
1958-11-02Thou SwellinstrumentalBenny Carter2:52
1960Thou SwellRita Reys with the Pim Jacobs Trio3:17
1961-05Thou SwellliveCarmen McRae1:30
1962-09-27 – 1962-10-13Thou SwellliveCarmen McRae1:04
1973-02-22 – 1973-02-23Thou Swellcover and instrumentalOscar Peterson & Stéphane Grappelli4:38
1973Thou SwellCarol Sloane?:??
1977-10Thou SwellcoverYehudi Menuhin & Stéphane Grappelli3:04
1978-02-02Thou SwellinstrumentalSir Roland Hanna4:46
1981-01-17Thou Swell (live, 1981-01-17: Bubba’s, Fort Lauderdale, FLA, United States)liveCarmen McRae1:17
1989-06Thou Swellinstrumental and liveJoanne Brackeen4:55
1999-03-02 – 1999-03-04Thou Swellcover and liveThe Ralph Sutton Trio6:20
2003-04-15 – 2003-04-17Thou SwellinstrumentalRob McConnell Tentet8:54
This Can't Be Love / Thou SwellmedleyJulie Andrews2:34
Thou SwellliveSarah Vaughan2:43
Thou SwellSarah Vaughan2:49
Thou SwellStacey Kent4:52
Thou SwellcoverStacey Kent4:52
Thou SwellMargaret Whiting2:44
Thou SwellEchoes of Swing?:??
Thou SwellCarmen McRae1:20
Thou SwellcoverThe Dick Hyman Trio?:??
Thou SwellBix Beiderbecke3:03
Thou SwellinstrumentalOscar Peterson2:28
Thou SwellCarmen McRae1:32
Thou SwellElla Fitzgerald2:05
Thou SwellBix Beiderbecke and His Gang2:58
Thou SwellFrank Sinatra?:??
Thou SwellinstrumentalYehudi Menuhin & Stéphane Grappelli3:04
Thou SwellcoverThe Supremes2:42
Thou SwellcoverThe Supremes2:41
Thou SwellArmando Trovajoli3:17
Thou SwellTony Bennett2:11
Thou SwellTony Bennett2:10
Thou SwellinstrumentalJo Jones And His Orchestra3:30
Thou SwellJune Allyson2:56
Thou SwellNat King Cole1:31
Thou SwellNat King Cole1:28
Thou SwellNat King Cole?:??
Thou SwellcoverTony Bennett2:08
Thou SwellinstrumentalEchoes of Swing5:00
Thou SwellNat King Cole2:26
Thou SwellNat King Cole1:15
Thou SwellcoverBetty Carter1:40
Thou SwellinstrumentalBeryl Booker3:00
Thou SwellBix Beiderbecke3:00
Thou SwellTony Bennett2:09
Thou SwellBilly Taylor3:14
Thou SwellTony Bennett2:14
Thou SwellTony Bennett2:11
Thou SwellTony Bennett2:13
Thou SwellLorenz Hart, Richard Rodgers2:59
Thou SwellcoverFats Waller3:01
Thou SwellcoverNatalie Cole1:51
Thou SwellSammy Davis Jr.3:01
Thou SwellJoe Williams2:22
Thou SwellliveNat King Cole1:16
Thou SwellliveNat King Cole2:25
Thou SwellNat King Cole1:19
Thou SwellliveNat King Cole2:41
Thou SwellNat King Cole1:51
Thou SwellNat King Cole1:31
Thou SwellNat King Cole1:58
Thou SwellNat King Cole1:35
Thou SwellNat King Cole1:55
Thou SwellNat King Cole1:31
Thou SwellNat King Cole1:30
Thou SwellNat King Cole1:15
Thou SwellNat King Cole1:15
Thou SwellNat King Cole1:32
Thou SwellNat King Cole1:34
Thou SwellNat King Cole1:31
Thou SwellNat King Cole1:30
Thou SwellNat King Cole1:31
Thou SwellNat King Cole1:15
Thou Swell (alternate, take 1)Tony Bennett2:10
Thou Swell (At the Sands)liveNat King Cole1:47
Thou Swell (from 'A Connecticut Yankee')coverRobert Clary2:07
Thou Swell (live)liveNat King Cole2:05
Thou Swell (No. 2)Count Basie & His Atomic Band1:47
Thou Swell (take 1)Tony Bennett2:10
Thou WellinstrumentalPaul Smith?:??