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writer: Stig Anderson
Benny Andersson (ABBA)
Björn Ulvaeus
publisher: EMI Grove Park Music, Inc.
EMI Music Publishing (do not use as a release label!)
Polar Music AB ( – ????)
Union Songs Music
Universal Music Publishing Group
Universal Songs of PolyGram International, Inc.
Universal/Union Songs Musikförlag AB
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Wikidata: Q1585621 [info]
Wikipedia: en: SOS (ABBA song) [info]
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is the basis for: Bring Me Edelweiss
later translated versions: S.O.S. (Asia Entertainment)
later versions: S.O.S. (German version)
referred to in medleys: More Stars ("More Stars" (12" Mix) - 11:53)
More Stars (7" mix) ("More Stars" (7" Mix) - 4:42)
ABBA Cappella
translated version of: S.O.S.


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1979-10-29 S.O.S. (live, 1979-10-29: Wiener Stadthalle, Wien, Austria) live ABBA ?:??
1979-11-10 SOS (live, 1979-11-10: Wembley Arena, London, England) live ABBA 3:30
1980-03 S.O.S. (live, 1980-03: Japan) live ABBA ?:??
1992-07-11 S.O.S. (ABBA Cover) (live, 1992-07-11: Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK) cover and live Erasure ?:??
1992-10-23 Sos (live, 1992-10-23, Toronto, ON, Canada) cover and live Erasure 4:41
2013 SOS cover Papermoon 2:54
ABBA Medley cover, medley and partial Mini★Pops ?:??
S. O. S. cover Sigma 3:22
S. O. S. cover Peter Cetera 4:05
S.O.S cover and instrumental Ricardo Caliente 3:20
S.O.S. cover KBO! 3:18
S.O.S. cover Softcore Express feat. Polette 3:26
S.O.S. cover Golden Quartet 3:20
S.O.S. partial Ngọc Hương, Lê Toàn & Lê Trí 3:35
S.O.S. cover Mike Massé feat. Jeff Hall 3:14
S.O.S. cover and instrumental Richard Clayderman ?:??
S.O.S. James Last 3:06
S.O.S. cover Wing 3:25
S.O.S. cover Peter Cetera with Ronna Reeves 4:04
S.O.S. cover Celebrity Skin 3:35
S.O.S. cover E-Rotic 3:16
S.O.S. cover and instrumental Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 4:26
S.O.S. cover Dodd Ferrelle & The Tinfoil Stars 3:26
S.O.S. cover Michelle Hunziker 3:23
S.O.S. cover The Meat Purveyors 3:14
S.O.S. cover [unknown] 3:20
S.O.S. cover Abbacadabra 7:37
S.O.S. cover Radha Kali feat. Marianne Filali 3:49
S.O.S. cover Les Blue Belles 3:57
S.O.S. cover Hazell Dean 4:23
S.O.S. cover Angeleyes 3:11
S.O.S. cover The Element 3:47
S.O.S. cover Chris de Burgh 3:22
S.O.S. cover The Rasmus 3:29
S.O.S. cover Th’ Faith Healers ?:??
S.O.S. cover Peter Cetera with Ronna Reeves 4:13
S.O.S. (live) cover and live Tonic 3:07
S.O.S. cover A★Teens 3:11
S.O.S. cover At Vance 3:27
S.O.S. cover Erasure 3:45
S.O.S. cover Men Without Hats 3:59
S.O.S. cover Paradox 2:35
S.O.S. cover and instrumental Margus Kappel 3:27
S.O.S. cover ABBARATION 3:20
S.O.S. cover and instrumental Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 4:53
S.O.S. cover The Able Tasmans 3:27
S.O.S. cover and live Th’ Faith Healers 3:42
S.O.S. cover Mad Caddies 3:09
S.O.S. cover and instrumental Suspicious Minds 3:32
S.O.S. cover Chris Knox 3:30
S.O.S. cover Siobhán McCarthy, Hilton McRae 2:45
S.O.S. cover A★Teens 3:45
S.O.S. cover The Favourites 3:17
S.O.S. cover and instrumental Richard Clayderman 4:10
S.O.S. cover Carbon 4 ?:??
S.O.S. cover Symphonic Rock Project 3:20
S.O.S. cover Erasure 3:48
S.O.S. cover and live Erasure 4:38
S.o.s. (Art of mix) cover Erasure 6:58
S.O.S. (Definitive mix) cover Abbacadabra 7:45
S.O.S. (Kinky Boyz dub) cover Abbacadabra 6:02
S.O.S. (Man on a Mission mix) cover Abbacadabra 6:26
S.O.S. (Perimeter mix) cover Erasure 5:18
S.O.S. (radio edit) cover Abbacadabra 3:57
S.O.S. (Ventura mix) cover E-Rotic 1:50
Sos cover and live Erasure 4:38
Sos cover and live Erasure 4:04
SoS cover Brad Sucks ?:??
SOS cover Cher 3:22
SOS cover Pierce Brosnan & Meryl Streep 3:21
SOS cover Studio 99 3:27
SOS cover Gabba 2:26
SOS cover Israelvis 3:07
SOS cover Jasmin Kaset 2:50
SOS cover The Musicworkers Gang 3:26
SOS cover Portishead 3:29
SOS cover [unknown] 3:21
SOS cover Studio 99 3:48
SOS cover Maria Doyle Kennedy ?:??
SOS cover Stonecake 3:43
SOS cover [unknown] 3:24
SOS cover Cluster 4:18
SOS (album version) ABBA 3:22
SOS cover Nils Landgren Funk Unit 4:45
SOS (E-Rotic remix) ABBA 3:15
SOS (Seaside special, BBC) live ABBA ?:??
The Abba Medley partial Stars on 45 3:37