Pink Triangle (Weezer)

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lyricist and composer:Rivers Cuomo (US singer, guitarist & songwriter of Weezer)
Wikidata:Q1403706 [info]


1996-11-25Pink Triangle (live, 1996-11-25: Harroo East Ballroom, Rochester, NY, USA)liveWeezer?:??
1997-08-17Pink Triangle (live, 1997-08-17: Bizarre Festival, Köln, Germany)liveWeezer?:??
2008-10-14Pink Triangle (live, 2008-10-14: The Forum, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveWeezer?:??
2011-01-21Pink Triangle (live, 2011-01-21: The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA)liveWeezer4:00
2012-01-20Pink Triangle (live, 2012-01-20: Palladium Lounge)liveWeezer?:??
2012-01-21Pink Triangle (live, 2012-01-21: Palladium Lounge)liveWeezer?:??
Pink Trianglecover and liveThe Fergusons4:38
Pink TrianglecoverHeypenny3:07
Pink Trianglecover and instrumentalVitamin String Quartet4:03
Pink Triangle (live, 1996-10-19: Club Quattro, Osaka, Japan)Weezer?:??
Pink TrianglecoverCOMEBACK MY DAUGHTERS3:10
Pink TrianglecoverKristen Ford3:50
Pink TrianglecoverAwkward5:08
Pink Triangle (live, 1997-06-20: Y-100 Sonic Session, Philadelphia, PA, USA)Weezer3:58
Pink Triangle (live, 2008-09-24: Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY, USA)liveWeezer4:20
Pink TriangleWeezer3:57
Pink TriangleWeezer3:58
Pink Triangle (acoustic live)liveWeezer4:27
Pink Triangle (acoustic)Weezer4:29
Pink Triangle (acoustic)Weezer4:18
Pink Triangle (live and acoustic)liveWeezer4:57
Pink Triangle (live at Reading Festival 1996)liveWeezer4:54
Pink Triangle (live at Y100 Sonic Session)liveWeezer4:12
Pink Triangle (radio remix)Weezer4:01
Pink Triangle (remix)Weezer4:02