Rita May

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  • First copyright date: 1975-09-15
  • Copyright renewed in 2003
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lyricist:Bob Dylan (in 1975)
Jacques Levy (in 1975)
composer:Bob Dylan (in 1975)
publisher:Ram’s Horn Music (from 1975 to present)


1975-07-14Rita May (July 14, 1975)Bob Dylan?:??
1975-07-30Rita May (45 version) (July 30, 1975)Bob Dylan?:??
1975-10-19Rita May (S.I.R. Studio rehearsals)Bob Dylan3:22
Rita MaeBob Dylan3:13
Rita MaeliveBob Dylan3:29
Rita Mae (live: 1976-05-03: The Warehouse, New Orleans, LA, USA) (1976-05-16: Tarrant Convention Center, Fort Worth, TX, USA)liveBob Dylan & The Rolling Thunder Revue?:??
Rita Mae (studio: 1976-04-15: "The Trio Tape": Bellevue Biltmore Hotel, Clearwater, FL, USA)Bob Dylan, Rob Stoner, Howard Wyeth & Scarlet Rivera?:??
Rita MayBob Dylan2:45
Rita MayliveBob Dylan3:46
Rita MayliveBob Dylan3:31
Rita MayBob Dylan3:11
Rita MayBob Dylan3:14
Rita May (live, 1976-05-03 (evening): The Warehouse, New Orleans, LA, USA)liveBob Dylan & Rolling Thunder Band3:55
Rita MayBob Dylan3:10
Rita May (outtake)Bob Dylan3:21