Elecman Stage (Mega Man)

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Song from the first Megaman game that bears striking resemblance with the intro of Journey's "Faithfully".

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composer: 松前真奈美
other databases: http://ocremix.org/song/157 [info]
part of: Mega Man (video game soundtrack)


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Blackout Tower (Plug Man vs. Elec Man) cover and medley Neblix 3:22
Bots of Rage (Napalm Man vs. Elec Man) cover and medley Main Finger 3:06
Bubble Man's Requiem (Revenge of Zombie Bubble Man) cover and medley Benjamin Briggs 4:00
Current Events (Elec Man in Wily Tower 1-1) cover and medley ectogemia 3:27
Dancin Through Club Wily (Elec Man and Mega Man in Wily Tower 8-1) cover and medley Cash 2:27
Elec Man cover Mitch Murder 2:30
Elec Man (Mega Man 1, Auris Apothecary bootleg) 松前真奈美 ?:??
Elec Man Stage (MM1) Manami Matsumae ?:??
Elecman cover Tanguy Ukulele Orchestra 2:28
Elecman (original, short version) partial 松前真奈美 0:44
Elecman mix cover 松前真奈美 4:36
Electric Sleep (Elec Man in Wily Castle 5) cover and medley ectogemia 5:52
Groove, Swing, March (Elec Man Cossack Fortress 4-2) cover and medley ectogemia 2:56
Insulator (Wood Man vs. Elec Man) cover and medley DusK 3:16
jungle sparks (Spring Man vs. Elec Man) cover and medley prophetik 3:35
Magnetized Spring Punch (Elec Man vs. Spring Man) cover and medley WillRock 4:03
Mega Man - Elec Man 松前真奈美 1:23
Mega Man 'Circuit Breaker' OC ReMix cover injury 5:56
Mega Man 'Elec Man YPOI' OC ReMix cover Grodan Grobi 2:40
Mega Man 'Electrolytic Man' OC ReMix cover MaJIN_SaN, ambient & tomatsu 4:03
Mega Man 'Pull the Plug' OC ReMix cover and medley WillRock 3:09
Mega Man 'Wonderful Shadows by the Electric Sheep Orchestra (stereo)' OC ReMix cover and medley fredrikd 3:46
Mega Man 2 'WoodChipper' OC ReMix cover and medley WillRock 3:20
Mega Man 5 'Walking Weapons Unit' OC ReMix cover and medley WillRock 3:44
Mega Man 9 'Blackout Tower' OC ReMix cover and medley Neblix 3:24
Mega Man 10 'Bleets of Lightning' OC ReMix cover and medley WillRock 3:25
Megaman - Elecman cover Jonas Tunander 1:57
Megaman- Elecman cover Benevolent Demise 1:58
Rockman 1: Elecman Stage 松前真奈美 1:25
Space Plunder (Elec Man and Pirate Island) cover and medley Cash 5:18
Static Shock (Elec Man vs. Mercury) cover and medley Cash 2:18
The Elecman cover Shiryu 2:15
Thunder Beam (Mega Man - Elec Man Stage) cover Joshua Morse 4:10