writer:Tom Kelly (songwriter)
Billy Steinberg
publisher:Sony/ATV Music Publishing
Sony/ATV Tunes LLC
Warner / Chappell Music Publishing
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referred to in medleys:Like a Virgin Waltz
Riff Off
later parody versions:Like a Surgeon
Lotsa Versions
later translated parody versions:Humppaneitsyt
later translated versions:Olen neitsyt


1984Like a Virgin (MTV Video Music Awards 1984)liveMadonna3:39
1993-09-28Like a Virgin (live, Girlie Show, 28th September 1993)liveMadonna6:31
2003-08-23Like a Virgin (live, 2003-08-23: Global Balalaika Show, Senate Square, Helsinki, Finland)cover and liveLeningrad Cowboys4:03
2006Like a Virgin (Instr.) (Confession Tour studio demo 2006)instrumentalMadonna?:??
2012-01-02Like a Virgin (live, 2012-01-02: Hafenklang, Hamburg, Germany)cover and liveVic Ruggiero4:01
2012-11-19 – 2012-11-20Like a Virgin Waltz (live, MDNA World Tour)liveMadonna5:15
I Can’t Help Myself~Like A Virgincover and medleyShinya Ohe6:13
Ich geb' Gas im Schnitzelwagencover and medleyUnicante5:43
Lika a Virgin (live, 1990: USA)liveMadonna5:05
Lika a Virgin (remix)Madonna6:08
Like a VirginliveMadonna4:52
Like a VirginMadonna3:42
Like a VirginMadonna1:59
Like a VirgincoverRockabye Baby!3:54
Like a VirgincoverLeo Moracchioli3:06
Like a VirgincoverThe Countdown Singers3:42
Like a VirgincoverMarlene Johnson3:58
Like a VirgincoverBrady Harris4:07
Like a VirgincoverDisco Kings3:48
Like a VirgincoverThe Cooltrane Quartet4:07
Like a VirgincoverBig Daddy2:29
Like a Virginpartialtama happytone1:39
Like a VirgincoverMad’House3:33
Like a Virgincover and instrumental[unknown]3:26
Like a Virgincover and instrumentalMidnite String Quartet3:29
Like a VirgincoverMötley Crüe3:08
Like a VirgincoverKate Schutt?:??
Like a VirginliveMadonna?:??
Like a VirginliveMadonna5:15
Like a VirginliveMadonna5:03
Like a VirginMadonna3:11
Like a VirgincoverMad'House3:31
Like a VirgincoverMad'House3:54
Like a VirgincoverMad'House3:32
Like a VirgincoverMad'House3:32
Like a Virgincover and instrumentalStar Inc.3:32
Like a VirgincoverChixie Dicks3:23
Like a VirgincoverThe Pigs4:07
Like a VirgincoverThe Countdown Singers3:39
Like a VirgincoverThe Countdown Singers3:41
Like a VirginMadonna3:13
Like a VirginMadonna4:29
Like a VirginliveMadonna5:42
Like a VirginMadonna3:40
Like a VirginMadonna3:35
Like a VirginMadonna3:49
Like a VirgincoverMusica nuda2:54
Like a Virgincover and instrumentalLondon Twilight Orchestra3:04
Like a VirgincoverCountdown3:43
Like a VirgincoverWarmen3:38
Like a VirgincoverTrash Pour 44:03
Like a VirgincoverMad House3:53
Like a VirginliveMadonna?:??
Like a Virgin (live, 1985-05-25: Cobo Center, Detroit, MI, USA)liveMadonna?:??
Like a VirgincoverMarilyn Manson2:26
Like a VirgincoverTexas Lightning3:22
Like a VirgincoverRichard Cheese1:27
Like a VirgincoverUnlimited Beat1:01
Like a VirgincoverGlee Cast feat. Jonathan Groff3:16
Like a VirgincoverGlobal Kryner3:41
Like a VirgincoverThe Lords of the New Church3:49
Like a VirginMadonna3:39
Like a Virgin (live, Confessions Tour)liveMadonna4:13
Like a Virgin (live, Sticky & Sweet Tour)liveMadonna?:??
Like a Virgin (live, Girlie Show)liveMadonna6:19
Like a Virgincover and liveTexas Lightning4:03
Like a VirgincoverPaul Mauriat3:32
Like a VirgincoverTeenage Fanclub4:28
Like a VirgincoverAnnabella Lwin4:48
Like a VirgincoverMad'House3:55
Like a Virgincover and liveGlobal Kryner3:39
Like a VirgincoverThe Cooltrane Quartet3:17
Like a VirgincoverThe Slackers4:37
Like a VirgincoverJeanette3:25
Like a VirgincoverCaroline Loeb2:36
Like a VirgincoverBrazil XXI meets Silvinha Santana4:09
Like a VirgincoverAngelina3:05
Like a VirginliveMadonna5:56
Like a VirginMadonna3:48
Like a VirginMadonna?:??
Like a VirginMadonna2:00
Like a VirginMadonna3:15
Like a VirginMadonna3:41
Like a VirginliveMadonna5:25
Like a VirginMadonna6:08
Like a VirginMadonna2:56
Like a VirginliveMadonna4:56
Like a VirginMadonna2:36
Like a VirginliveMadonna4:09
Like a VirgincoverMad'House3:31
Like a VirgincoverMad'House3:39
Like a VirgincoverDon Niño4:50
Like a VirgincoverMad'House3:31
Like a VirgincoverMad'House3:54
Like a VirgincoverMad'House4:15
Like A VirgincoverICONIQ3:27
Like A VirgincoverAmber & The Professors?:??
Like A VirgincoverMad House3:32
Like A VirgincoverBenjamin B.3:09
Like A VirgincoverMad’House3:11
LIKE A VIRGIN (remix)cover2NE14:10
LIKE A VIRGINcover2NE14:14
Like a Virgin (Da Booty Click extended) (Da Booty Click extended)coverMad'House4:48
Like a Virgin (extended dance remix)Madonna6:10
Like a Virgin (extended) (extended)coverMad'House5:24
Like a Virgin (includes parts of Justify My Love and Herartbeat)liveMadonna4:18
Like a Virgin (Lav da Booty Click extended) (part of a “Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 16” DJ‐mix)coverMad’House3:58
Like a Virgin (LCD mix)coverAnnabella Lwin4:47
Like a Virgin (LCD mix)coverBow Wow Wow4:48
Like a Virgin (live)liveMadonna4:31
Like a Virgin (live)liveMadonna4:53
Like a Virgin (live)liveMadonna5:19
Like a Virgin (original film version)coverJim Broadbent, Richard Roxburgh and Anthony Weigh3:12
Like a Virgin (radio edit)coverMad'House3:33
Like a Virgin (US Dance mix)Madonna6:08
Like a Virgin / Hollywood Medley (2003: MTV Video Music Awards)medleyMadonna feat. Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears & Missy Elliott5:37
Medley (Dress You Up / Material Girl / Like a Virgin) (live, 1987: Italy)live and medleyMadonna?:??
VirgincoverThe Les Clöchards5:41