Warsaw Concerto (Dangerous Moonlight)

~ Concerto


composer:Richard Addinsell (composer)
orchestrator:Roy Douglas (British composer, pianist)
Wikidata:Q1823087 [info]
Wikipedia:en: Warsaw Concerto [info]
is the basis for:Precious Moments
part of:Dangerous Moonlight (film soundtrack)
referred to in medleys:Hooked on Romance, Part 2


1961The World Outside (Warsaw Concerto)coverThe Golden Gate Quartet2:26
1976-11-16Warsaw Concerto (live, 1976-11-16: Jaap Eden Hal, Amsterdam, Netherlands)liveCarpenters7:02
1983-07Warsaw ConcertoMisha Dichter, Philharmonia Orchestra, Neville Marriner8:12
1995-09-25 – 1995-09-26Warsaw Concerto (Dangerous Moonlight, 1941)Philip Fowke, RTÉ Concert Orchestra, Proinnsías Ó Duinn9:09
1998-06Dangerous Moonlight: Warsaw ConcertoJean‐Yves Thibaudet, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Hugh Wolff8:53
2015-08Warsaw ConcertoValentina Lisitsa, BBC Concert Orchestra, Gavin Sutherland8:41
[アディンセル]ワルソー・コンチェルト〜恋人達のペイヴメントmedleyTHE ALFEE with London Symphony Orchestra4:57
Dangerous Moonlight: Warsaw ConcertoRichard Addinsell8:21
Dangerous Moonlight: Warsaw ConcertoRichard Addinsell8:06
Dangerous Moonlight: Warsaw ConcertoRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra, José Serebrier9:24
Hooked on Romance, Part 2medleyRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra, Louis Clark6:41
Overture / The Warsaw Concerto (Theme From the Warsaw Concerto)Roy Budd3:08
Suicide Squadron: Warsaw ConcertoBoston Pops Orchestra, Arthur Fiedler8:55
Theme From Dangerous MoonlightRon Goodwin8:16
Warsaw ConcertoLiberace with Paul Weston & His Orchestra?:??
Warsaw ConcertopartialCristina Ortiz, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Moshe Atzmon9:01
Warsaw ConcertoJohn Sellers4:29
Warsaw ConcertoRobert Docker, London Promenade Orchestra, Eric Hammerstein5:14
Warsaw ConcertoRichard Clayderman, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Roger Berthier3:50
Warsaw ConcertoliveMarguerite Beatson10:38
Warsaw ConcertoDavid Haines, Paris Theatre Orchestra15:07
Warsaw ConcertoRobert Docker5:18
Warsaw ConcertoLjubljana Radio Symphony Orchestra8:37
Warsaw ConcertoRichard Addinsell8:16
Warsaw ConcertoGeorge Rider, Radio Symphony Orchestra Ljubljana, Anton Nanut8:39
Warsaw ConcertoDaniel Adni, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Kenneth Alwyn9:00
Warsaw ConcertoIsador Goodman, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Patrick Thomas8:07
Warsaw ConcertoMartin Jones, Royal Ballet Sinfonia, Kenneth Alwyn8:55
Warsaw ConcertoLiberace6:01
Warsaw ConcertoGeorge Melachrino6:42
Warsaw ConcertoMantovani7:49
Warsaw ConcertoHugo Winterhalter3:40
Warsaw ConcertoFrank Chacksfield & His Orchestra7:57
Warsaw ConcertoRichard Addinsell9:01
Warsaw ConcertoRay Anthony6:23
Warsaw ConcertoHill Bowen & His Orchestra5:12
Warsaw ConcertoHill Bowen & His Orchestra5:23
Warsaw Concertocover and liveCarpenters6:35
Warsaw ConcertoinstrumentalGeorge Greeley?:??
Warsaw ConcertoGeorge Greeley6:48
Warsaw ConcertoAlain Lefèvre, Orchestre symphonique de Québec, Yoav Talmi9:33
Warsaw ConcertoToronto Festival Pops3:35
Warsaw ConcertoCarmen Cavallaro3:07
Warsaw ConcertoThe Melachrino Strings And Orchestra?:??
Warsaw ConcertoGeorge Rider, Radio Symphony Orchestra Ljubljana, Anton Nanut8:45
Warsaw ConcertoDick Hyman & His Orchestra3:31
Warsaw ConcertoClaude Thornhill & His Orchestra3:11
Warsaw ConcertoLiberace4:44
Warsaw ConcertoLiberace6:04
Warsaw ConcertoClaude Thornhill3:12
Warsaw ConcertoSimfonični orkester RTV Slovenija, Anton Nanut8:39
Warsaw ConcertoAlexander Cattarino, Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra, Bystrík Režucha8:29
Warsaw ConcertoRichard Addinsell8:41
Warsaw ConcertoRichard Addinsell9:18
Warsaw ConcertoRay Conniff2:52
Warsaw ConcertoRobert Wells8:11
Warsaw ConcertoFreddy Martin2:59
Warsaw ConcertoRay Conniff3:02
Warsaw ConcertoRichard Addinsell3:02
Warsaw ConcertoRichard Clayderman3:49
Warsaw ConcertoliveCarpenters7:30
Warsaw ConcertoCarmen Cavallaro3:09
Warsaw ConcertoLiberace6:01
Warsaw ConcertoThe Mantovani Orchestra7:57
Warsaw ConcertoFreddy Martin and His Orchestra3:13
Warsaw ConcertoRichard Addinsell9:00
Warsaw ConcertoRoy Budd3:39
Warsaw ConcertoFerrante and Teicher2:39
Warsaw Concerto[unknown]2:35
Warsaw ConcertoFreddy Martin and His Orchestra2:57
Warsaw ConcertoRichard Addinsell9:04
Warsaw ConcertoDieter Goldmann, Münchner Symphoniker, Henry Adolph8:43
Warsaw ConcertoRichard Addinsell5:15
Warsaw Concerto - Parts 1 & 2Rawicz & Landauer6:02
Warsaw Concerto (from "Dangerous Moonlight")Ron Goodwin & His Orchestra8:15
Warsaw Concerto (version)Roy Budd3:11
Warsaw Concerto (Waltz, 29mpm)Norrie Paramor & His Orchestra3:13
Warsaw Concerto / Stella by StarlightpartialLiving Strings4:19
Warsaw Concerto From "Dangerous Moonlight" (Opening)Daniel Adni, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Kenneth Alwyn3:36
Warsaw Concerto from Suicide SquadronErich Kunzel, Cincinnati Pops Orchestra8:37
Warsaw Concerto, Part 1partialRichard Addinsell, The Philharmonic Orchestra of Los Angeles, Alfred Wallenstein, Harry Kaufman?:??
Warsaw Concerto, Part 1partialLondon Symphony Orchestra, Muir Mathieson?:??
Warsaw Concerto, Part 2partialLondon Symphony Orchestra, Muir Mathieson?:??
Warsaw Concerto, Part 2partialRichard Addinsell, The Philharmonic Orchestra of Los Angeles, Alfred Wallenstein, Harry Kaufman?:??
Warsaw Concerto: Introduction (from The Eagle Squadron)partialRichard Addinsell3:35
Warsaw Concerto: R. AddinsellLiberace6:02