Drop In

~ Song


lyricist:Robert Fripp
composer:Robert Fripp
Michael Giles
Greg Lake
Ian McDonald (UK multi‐instrumentalist, formerly of King Crimson and Foreigner)
has revision:The Letters
revision of:Why Don’t You Just Drop In


1969-07-06Drop In (live, 1969-07-06: Marquee, London, UK)liveKing Crimson5:41
1969-07-06Drop In (live, 1969-07-06: The Marquee, London, UK)liveKing Crimson5:42
1969-08-09Drop InliveKing Crimson6:53
1969-09-06Drop In (live, 1969-09-06: Chesterfield, UK)liveKing Crimson6:36
1969-09-06Drop In (live, Chesterfield, September 6, 1969)liveKing Crimson7:22
1969-09-07Drop InliveKing Crimson6:20
1969-12-14Drop In (live, 1969-12-14: Fillmore West, New York, USA)liveKing Crimson5:15
1969-12-15Drop In (live, 1969-12-15: Fillmore West, San Francisco, USA)liveKing Crimson5:15
1969-12-15Drop InliveKing Crimson5:14
1969Drop InliveKing Crimson5:41
Drop In (early rehearsal by Islands lineup)King Crimson3:49
Drop In (live, Fillmore West, 12/15/1969)liveKing Crimson5:15