lyricist:Ballard MacDonald (in 1917)
composer:James F. Hanley (in 1917)
publisher:B. Feldman & Co. Ltd.
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Wikidata:Q798311 [info]
referred to in medleys:Bugle Call Rag Medley (order: 5)


1917-05-31Indiana (studio, 1917-05-31, for Aeolian)instrumentalOriginal Dixieland Jazz Band3:26
1917-05-31Indiana (studio, 1917-05-31, matrix 77087-2)The Original Dixieland Jass Band3:32
1917-05-31IndianaOriginal Dixieland Jass Band?:??
1917-05-31Indiana (recording session no. 77087-3)The Original Dixieland Jass Band3:19
1935-05-09IndianaMound City Blue Blowers2:49
1936-09-29Back Home Again in IndianaBob Wills And His Texas Playboys2:52
1937-03-23IndianaChu Berry and His Stompy Stevedores2:51
1937-11-12IndianaBill Coleman and His Orchestra2:52
1937-11-12IndianainstrumentalBill Coleman2:56
1938-09-06Indiana (#1)instrumental and liveCount Basie & His Orchestra4:07
1938IndianaCount Basie4:04
1938IndianaCount Basie2:33
1939-04-06IndianaHarry James and His Orchestra2:46
1939-04-06IndianainstrumentalHarry James and His Orchestra2:42
1939-07-12IndianaEarl Hines and His Orchestra2:04
1939-09-13Indiana (#2) (Incomplete)instrumental, live and partialCount Basie & His Orchestra2:35
1940-07-26(Back Home Again in) IndianainstrumentalArt Tatum2:53
1941-05Indiana (live, 1941-05: Minton's Playhouse, NY)cover, instrumental and liveThelonious Monk5:06
1941IndianaRoy Eldridge5:09
1941Indianainstrumental and liveDon Byas6:31
1942-07-15IndianainstrumentalKing Cole Lester Young Red Callender Trio4:53
1944-02-19IndianainstrumentalEddie Heywood and His Orchestra2:35
1944-02-19IndianainstrumentalEddie Heywood and His Orchestra2:38
1944-02-19Indiana No. 2Eddie Heywood and His Orchestra2:35
1944-05-01(Back Home Again in) Indianacover and instrumentalLester Young2:55
1944-05-01Back Home Again in IndianaLester Young2:56
1944-05-01Indiana (take 2)instrumentalLester Young2:56
1944-06-15(Back Home Again In) IndianainstrumentalTeddy Wilson Sextet3:02
1944-06-15IndianainstrumentalTeddy Wilson Sextet3:01
1944-07-18IndianainstrumentalIke Quebec & His Quintet3:53
1944-07-18IndianaIke Quebec & His Quintet3:59
1944-12-11IndianainstrumentalArt Hodes' Blue Five2:56
1945-03-02IndianaMuggsy Spanier2:48
1945-05-09Indiana (1945-05-09: NYC Town Hall, New York, NY, USA)instrumentalDon Byas5:18
1945-06-09Indianainstrumental and liveDon Byas with Jan Johansson5:14
1945-06-09IndianainstrumentalDon Byas and Slam Stewart5:14
1945-06-09Indiana (Back Home Again in Indiana)instrumentalDon Byas - Slam Stewart5:13
1945-09-25Back Home Again in IndianainstrumentalErroll Garner2:36
1945-09-25Back Home Again in IndianainstrumentalErroll Garner Trio2:35
1945-09IndianainstrumentalErroll Garner2:38
1946-01-21Back Home Again in IndianaArt Tatum2:40
1946-01-21Indianainstrumental and liveArt Tatum2:44
1946-02-20IndianaGene Krupa and His Orchestra3:01
1946-02-20IndianaGene Krupa and His Orchestra3:00
1946-05IndianaJohnny Mercer1:35
1946-06-30Indiana (live, 1946-06-30: Convention Hall, Asbury Park, New Jersey)liveHarry James Orchestra3:08
1946-07-16IndianaDuke Ellington and His Orchestra3:01
1946-08-26(Back Home Again in) IndianaDuke Ellington and His Orchestra2:48
1946-08-26(Back Home Again in) IndianaDuke Ellington & His Orchestra2:48
1946-08-26Back Home Again in IndianaDuke Ellington & His Orchestra2:49
1946-08-26Back Home Again in IndianaDuke Ellington and His Orchestra2:45
1946-11IndianaHarry James And His Orchestra3:06
1947-01-10IndianainstrumentalBud Powell Trio2:36
1947-01-10Indiana (matrix no. 2992)Bud Powell2:46
1947-01-10IndianainstrumentalBud Powell Trio2:39
1947-03-08IndianaHenry “Red” Allen8:39
1947Back Home Again in IndianainstrumentalOscar Peterson Trio3:12
1949-10-12IndianainstrumentalJames Moody?:??
1949-10-12IndianaJames Moody Sextet2:51
1949-11-18IndianaRex Stewart & His Sydney Six2:30
1949-12-22IndianaRex Stewart with Graeme Bell and his Australian Jazz Band2:28
1950-08-28Indianainstrumental and liveCharlie Parker4:34
1950IndianacoverGerald Wilson Orchestra4:02
1951-01-11IndianainstrumentalErroll Garner2:09
1951-01-13(Back Home in) IndianainstrumentalLester and Lee Young’s Band4:12
1951-01-30(Back Home Again In) Indiana (live, 1951-01-30: Civic Auditorium, Pasadena, CA, USA)coverLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars5:32
1951-01-30(Back Home Again In) Indiana (live, 1951-01-30: Civic Auditorium, Pasadena, CA, USA)cover, instrumental and liveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars5:32
1951-01-30Indiana (live, 1951-01-30: Civic Auditorium, Pasadena, CA, USA)instrumental and liveLouis Armstrong and His All Stars5:22
1951-04-10IndianainstrumentalJess Stacy2:35
1952-06-16(Back Home Again in) Indiana / Donna LeeinstrumentalCharlie Parker & Chet Baker11:06
1952-10-06IndianainstrumentalTeddy Wilson Trio3:15
1952-10-18IndianainstrumentalBill Coleman3:34
1952-12-20IndianainstrumentalArt Tatum3:29
1952Indianainstrumental and liveArt Tatum2:54
1953-06IndianaClifford Brown4:15
1953-07-01Indianainstrumental and liveHarry Edison Quartet5:44
1953-09-17IndianainstrumentalJohnny Hodges3:48
1953-10-25Indianainstrumental and liveSidney Bechet6:13
1953-10-25IndianacoverSidney Bechet6:20
1953-12-31IndianaliveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars4:25
1954-03-07(Back Home Again In) IndianainstrumentalMilt Jackson3:51
1954-03-07IndianainstrumentalHenri Renaud3:49
1954-05-05IndianainstrumentalRené Thomas2:03
1954-06-29IndianaClaude Williamson Trio2:33
1954-08-13Indiana (radio broadcast, 1954-08-13: Basin Street Club, New York, NY, USA)liveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars4:35
1954-10-12IndianacoverThe Dave Brubeck Quartet5:45
1954-11-30 – 1954-12-02IndianacoverKid Oryʼs Creole Jazz Band3:51
1954-12-31IndianaliveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars4:17
1955-01-21Indiana (live, 1955-01-21: Crescendo Club, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars4:22
1955-04-21Indianacover and instrumentalCrazy Otto2:24
1955-07-26(Back Home Again in) IndianainstrumentalBarney Kessel3:13
1955-10-30IndianaliveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars4:19
1955-12-16IndianainstrumentalStan Getz4:54
1955-12-16Indianainstrumental and liveStan Getz4:53
1955-12-20Indiana Take 2liveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars4:16
1956-02-20(Back Home Again in) IndianainstrumentalMaurice Meunier Quartet3:44
1956-06-01IndianaliveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars4:28
1956-07-06IndianaliveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars4:15
1956-07-06Indiana (live, 1956-06-06: Newport Jazz Festival in Newport, Richmond)liveLouis Armstrong & the All Stars4:09
1956-07-14(Back Home Again in) Indiana (live, 1956-07-14: Lewisohn Stadium, New York, NY, USA)liveLouis Armstrong4:49
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