composer:Benny Golson
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Wikidata:Q1655252 [info]
later versions:Oh Yes, I Remember Clifford


1956-08-23I Remember CliffordOscar Pettiford Orchestra4:42
1957-01-13I Remember CliffordDonald Byrd & Gigi Gryce4:55
1957-03-24I Remember CliffordLee Morgan7:09
1957-07-06I Remember Cliffordcover and liveDizzy Gillespie4:47
1957-07-08I Remember CliffordDizzy Gillespie4:15
1957-08-23I Remember CliffordOscar Pettiford Orchestra4:44
1957I Remember CliffordKenny Dorham3:00
1957I Remember CliffordliveOscar Pettiford Orchestra4:00
1958-11-19I Remember CliffordliveLee Morgan5:44
1958-11-22I Remember Clifford (live, 1958‐11‐22: L’Olympia, Paris, France)liveArt Blakey’s Jazz Messengers5:42
1958-11-22I Remember Clifford (live, 1958‐11‐22: L’Olympia, Paris, France)instrumental and liveArt Blakey’s Jazz Messengers5:42
1958-12-04I Remember CliffordliveArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers8:00
1958-12-12I Remember CliffordBenny Golson3:02
1958-12-12I Remember CliffordBenny Golson3:03
1958-12-28 – 1958-12-29I Remember CliffordMilt Jackson5:56
1959-11-24I Remember CliffordJ. R. Monterose5:38
1960-02-06 – 1960-02-10I Remember Cliffordcover and instrumentalArt Farmer & Benny Golson3:13
1960-02-14I Remember CliffordliveThe Quincy Jones Big Band3:32
1960-02I Remember CliffordThe Jazztet3:13
1960-02I Remember CliffordThe Jazztet3:11
1960-02I Remember CliffordThe Jazztet3:11
1960-04-11I Remember Clifford (mono)liveThe Modern Jazz Quartet5:54
1960-04-11I Remember CliffordliveThe Modern Jazz Quartet5:17
1960-04-11I Remember CliffordliveThe Modern Jazz Quartet5:09
1960-06-29 – 1961-01-07I Remember CliffordThe George Shearing Quintet with Nancy Wilson2:35
1960-07-04 – 1961-01-16I Remember CliffordinstrumentalJames Moody4:02
1960-07-29I Remember Clifford (mono)John Lewis3:25
1960-09-27I Remember CliffordcoverRichard Williams6:25
1961-08I Remember CliffordBuddy Rich3:39
1961-10-18I Remember Clifford (live, 1961-10-18: Kongresshaus, Zürich, Switzerland)cover and liveRay Charles Orchestra5:24
1961-12-15I Remember CliffordBud Powell & Don Byas6:15
1962-01-31I Remember CliffordliveBud Powell5:39
1962-02-02I Remember CliffordliveDon Byas with Jan Johansson9:42
1962-04-26I Remember CliffordBud Powell Trio6:16
1963-11-14I Remember CliffordSlide Hampton5:11
1964-06-29I Remember CliffordliveYusef Lateef6:14
1964-07-14I Remember CliffordThe International Jazz Orchestra Under the Direction of Benny Golson4:46
1964-07-29I Remember CliffordliveThe Oscar Peterson Trio10:13
1964-07-29I Remember Clifford (live, 1964-07-29: Ljubljana, Yugoslavia)cover and liveThe Oscar Peterson Trio with Ray Brown and Ed Thigpen9:32
1965-07-28I Remember CliffordcoverWoody Herman & His Orchestra5:41
1968-02-14 – 1968-02-15I Remember CliffordDon Ellis5:29
1970-01-01 – 1970-01-10I Remember CliffordcoverRay Charles3:42
1971-03I Remember CliffordliveStan Getz5:25
1972-07-23I Remember Cliffordcover and liveStan Getz Quartet5:10
1974-05-28I Remember CliffordThe Tete Montoliu Trio8:23
1976-02-10I Remember CliffordPat Martino7:48
1976-05-10I Remember CliffordcoverUrs Voerkel?:??
1979-01-17I Remember CliffordAnthony Braxton5:39
1980-03I Remember CliffordMax Roach3:23
1980-10I Remember CliffordBenny Golson Featuring Curtis Fuller6:29
1980I Remember CliffordliveGeorge Cables3:41
1984-06-16I Remember CliffordcoverMax Roach Quartet & Max Roach7:54
1985-04-14I Remember CliffordValery Ponomarev7:41
1985-04-21I Remember CliffordCedar Walton Quartet9:44
1985-04-21I Remember CliffordCedar Walton9:50
1986-07-13I Remember CliffordliveKeith Jarrett, Gary Peacock, Jack DeJohnette4:01
1988-01-29I Remember CliffordChet Baker1:27
1988-06-26I Remember CliffordRay Bryant5:42
1991-03-04I Remember CliffordStan Getz & Kenny Barron6:07
1991-03-05I Remember CliffordStan Getz & Kenny Barron9:39
1991-03-05I Remember CliffordliveStan Getz & Kenny Barron9:04
1991-03I Remember CliffordliveStan Getz8:52
1991-09-13I Remember CliffordHouston Person7:32
1992-01-12I Remember CliffordGRP All-Star Big Band5:34
1992-09 – 1992-11I Remember CliffordcoverBruce Cameron2:59
1992-09 – 1992-11I Remember Clifford (Full Band)coverBruce Cameron2:57
1993-08I Remember CliffordEric Alexander11:45
1993-12I Remember CliffordGonzalo Rubalcaba4:47
1994-07I Remember CliffordEddie Henderson7:05
1996-05-23I Remember CliffordBenny Golson15:21
1997-01-14I Remember CliffordRon Carter10:23
2000-08-18I Remember CliffordHouston Person, Ron Carter7:23
2002-03-10I Remember CliffordClark Terry & Max Roach2:26
2002-09-24 – 2002-09-25I Remember CliffordEddie Higgins Trio?:??
2005-03-17I Remember CliffordOne for All7:03
2006-04-05I Remember CliffordJohn Hicks6:19
2012-01-28I Remember CliffordVladimir Shafranov Trio with Peter Washington and Victor Lewis7:10
2015I Remember CliffordHouston Person9:55
2018-01-07I Remember CliffordHarold Mabern4:44
2018-03-22I Remember CliffordcoverBen Paterson6:34
2020-08-17 – 2020-08-18I Remember CliffordcoverDavid Helbock, Sebastian Studnitzky, Arne Jansen3:49
I remember CliffordSiggi Gerhard Swingtett & Greetje Kauffeld5:12
I Remember CliffordcoverDizzy Gillespie4:51
I Remember CliffordBuddy DeFranco, Martin Taylor, Dave Newton, Clark Tracy & Alec Dankworth5:23
I Remember CliffordRoy Hargrove & Antonio Hart7:02
I Remember CliffordinstrumentalArt Blakey And The Jazz Messengers8:58
I Remember CliffordDizzy Gillespie4:13
I Remember CliffordDizzy Gillespie4:17
I Remember CliffordDizzy Gillespie4:15
I Remember CliffordDizzy Gillespie4:14
I Remember CliffordDizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra4:23
I Remember CliffordTrio Töykeät4:46
I Remember CliffordcoverFrank Gordon5:55
I Remember CliffordClark Terry & Max Roach2:26
I Remember CliffordGeorge Shearing & Ernestine Anderson4:55
I Remember CliffordliveOscar Peterson7:42
I Remember CliffordliveThe Modern Jazz Quartet6:03
I Remember CliffordArt Blakey5:41
I Remember CliffordSonny Rollins2:36
I Remember CliffordRahsaan Roland Kirk3:37
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