composer:Clarence Williams (composer / pianist /bandleader) (in 1919)
Spencer Williams (US jazz composer, pianist & singer) (in 1919)
Wikidata:Q11350147 [info]
referred to in medleys:Royal Garden Blues Medley (order: 1)
Brunswick Brevities: Margie / After You’ve Gone / Black & Blue / Ain’t Misbehavin’ / I’m Nobody’s Sweetheart Now / Harvey / Royal Garden Blues (order: 7)


1921-05-25Royal Garden Blues (studio, 1921-05-25, Victor, matrix 25413-4)Original Dixieland Jazz Band3:08
1921-09Royal Garden BluesEthel Waters’ Jazz Masters3:14
1924-06-20Royal Garden BluesBix Beiderbecke and the Wolverines2:52
1927-10-05Royal Garden BluesBix Beiderbecke and His Gang3:03
1927-10-05Royal Garden BluesBix Beiderbecke3:04
1927-10-05Royal Garden BluesBix Beiderbecke and His Gang3:05
1927Royal Garden BluesBix Beiderbecke and His Gang3:03
1931-03-06Royal Garden BluesTed Lewis and His Band3:03
1931-03-06Royal Garden BluesTed Lewis and His Band3:00
1931-03-06Royal Garden BluesTed Lewis and His Orchestra3:00
1934-10-03Royal Garden BluesWingy Manone and His Orchestra2:49
1934-10-03Royal Garden BluesWingy Manone and His Orchestra2:45
1934-10-03Royal Garden Blues (alt tk)Wingy Manone and His Orchestra2:47
1936-04-03Royal Garden BluesTommy Dorsey and His Orchestra2:52
1936-10-19Royal Garden BluesBenny Carter And His Swing Quartet3:03
1936Royal Garden BluesTommy Dorsey2:53
1936Royal Garden BluesliveGlen Gray & the Casa Loma Orchestra2:40
1938-12-19Royal Garden BluesMezz Mezzrow3:07
1938-12-19Royal Garden BluesMezzrow-Ladnier Quintet3:06
1939-06-19Royal Garden BluesWingy Manone and His Orchestra2:38
1939-07-28Royal Garden BluesJohn Kirby and His Orchestra2:32
1940-11-07Royal Garden BluesThe Benny Goodman Sextet2:49
1940-11-07Royal Garden BluesThe Benny Goodman Sextet3:06
1940-11-07Royal Garden BluesBenny Goodman and his Sextet featuring Count Basie3:05
1940-11-07Royal Garden BluesThe Benny Goodman Sextet3:02
1940-11-07Royal Garden Blues (studio, 1940-11-07, matrix CO.29028-1)The Benny Goodman Sextet3:03
1940-11-07Royal Garden BluesThe Benny Goodman Sextet3:03
1940-11-07Royal Garden Blues (take 1)The Benny Goodman Sextet feat. Count Basie2:46
1940-11-07Royal Garden Blues (take 2)The Benny Goodman Sextet feat. Count Basie3:02
1940-11-07Royal Garden Blues (take 3: Master)The Benny Goodman Sextet feat. Count Basie3:01
1940-12-07Royal Garden BluesCharlie Christian3:03
1941Royal Garden BluesJohn Kirby and His Orchestra1:45
1942-07-24Royal Garden Blues (1942-07-24: Los Angeles, CA, USA – HCO 874-1)Don Byas3:10
1943-11-29Royal Garden BluesGeorge Brunies and His Jazz Band2:57
1943-11-29Royal Garden Blues No.2George Brunies and His Jazz Band2:59
1944-12-13Royal Garden BluesEddie Condon2:27
1945-10-22Royal Garden BluesMuggsy Spanier and His Band3:30
1945-12-10Royal Garden BluesBud Freeman and His Orchestra2:46
1946-09-03Royal Garden BluesDuke Ellington and His Orchestra3:06
1946-09-03Royal Garden BluesDuke Ellington3:09
1946-09-03Royal Garden BluesDuke Ellington3:06
1946-09-03Royal Garden BluesDuke Ellington & His Orchestra3:08
1947-05-17Royal Garden Blues (live, 1947-05-17: Town Hall, New York, NY, USA)liveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars4:40
1947-06-09Royal Garden BluesDuke Ellington & His World Famous Orchestra3:32
1947-11-30Royal Garden Blues (live, 1947-11-30: Symphony Hall, Boston, MA, USA)liveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars5:57
1947-11-30Royal Garden BluescoverLouis Armstrong and the All Stars5:09
1947-11Royal Garden BluesliveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars5:25
1948-02Royal Garden BluesliveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars4:39
1948-09Royal Garden BluesliveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars4:47
1948-12-11Royal Garden BluesliveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars4:11
1949-10-24Royal Garden Blues (live, 1949-10-24: Trieste, Italy)liveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars5:04
1950-01-18Royal Garden Bluescover and liveLouis Armstrong2:07
1950-06Royal Garden Blues (live, 1950-06: Bop City, New York, NY, USA)liveLouis Armstrong feat. Jack Teagarden, Earl Hines, Barney Bigard, Arvell Shaw & Cozy Cole4:21
1950-08-31Royal Garden BluesBobby Hackett2:35
1950-08-31Royal Garden BluesBobby Hackett4:52
1950Royal Garden BluesDjango Reinhardt2:38
1951-01-26Royal Garden Blues (live, 1951-01-26: Exhibition Gardens, Vancouver, BC, Canada)liveLouis Armstrong and His All‐Stars3:03
1951Royal Garden BluesHoward McGhee1:54
1951 – 1952Medley: Royal Garden Blues / Mood Indigo / St. Louis BluesmedleyHoward McGhee4:12
1951 – 1952Royal Garden BluesHoward McGhee, J.J. Johnson, Oscar Pettiford, Clifton Best, Rudy Williams, Charlie Rice1:54
1952-01-31Royal Garden BluesSidney Bechet5:23
1952-01-31Royal Garden BluesinstrumentalSidney Bechet - Claude Luter?:??
1952-01-31Royal Garden Blues (bis)Sidney Bechet3:18
1952-02-05Royal Garden BluesliveMezz Mezzrow Featuring Lee Collins, Zutty Singleton, Claude Bolling, Mowgli Jospin, Guy Lafitte?:??
1952-02-05Royal Garden BluesMezz Mezzrow5:27
1952-03-12Royal Garden BluesliveSidney Bechet5:34
1952-10-18Royal Garden BluesBill Coleman5:54
1952-10-18Royal Garden BluesBill Coleman3:55
1952-10-18Royal Garden BluesBill Coleman4:45
1954-11-30 – 1954-12-02Royal Garden BluescoverKid Oryʼs Creole Jazz Band3:30
1955-04-20Royal Garden BluesEddie Condon and His All-Stars5:01
1955-04Royal Garden BluesEddie Condon5:04
1955-05-02Royal Garden BluesThe Bud Shank and Bill Perkins Quintet3:54
1955-10-19Royal Garden BluesliveSidney Bechet3:46
1955-10-19Royal Garden BluesliveSidney Bechet3:37
1955-12-20Royal Garden BluesliveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars4:48
1955-12-31Royal Garden BluesinstrumentalManny Albam3:39
1956-01-24Royal Garden BluesliveLouis Armstrong5:10
1956-06-02Royal Garden BluesRoy Eldridge6:13
1956-09Royal Garden Bluesinstrumental and liveThe Dave Brubeck Quartet3:45
1957-03Royal Garden BluesConte Candoli3:50
1957-07-05Royal Garden BluesliveBobby Hackett Sextet4:16
1957-10-11Royal Garden BluesHerb Ellis4:43
1957-11Royal Garden BluesinstrumentalEarl Hines4:04
1957Royal Garden BluesMax Roach and Stan Levey with Howard Rumsey’s Lighthouse Allstars?:??
1958-07-05Royal Garden BluesliveJack Teagarden Sextet with Bobby Hackett5:52
1959-02-20Royal Garden BluesDuke Ellington & Johnny Hodges5:24
1959Royal Garden BluesCandido3:39
1959Royal Garden BluesCecil Scott and His Washboard Band?:??
1961-09-07Royal Garden BluesliveLil Hardin Armstrong and Her Orchestra5:46
1964Royal Garden BluesliveEddie Condon7:08
1965-03Royal Garden Blues (live, 1965-03: Lucerna Hall, Prague, Czechia)liveLouis Armstrong3:44
1968-11-26Royal Garden BluesliveChris Barber5:35
1972Royal Garden Bluescover and liveLongstreet Jazzband & Albert Nicholas4:48
1974-05-22Royal Garden BluesThe Count Basie Trio4:28
1978-02-21Royal Garden BluesCount Basie4:16
1980-08Royal Garden BluesliveThe Chris Barber Jazz and Blues Band7:37
1986Royal Garden BluesBranford Marsalis7:07
1988-06Royal Garden BluesThe Ruby Braff Trio4:11
1996-04-15 – 1996-04-16Royal Garden BluescoverRuby Braff9:02
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