According to author:

'The theme of the first movement, Allegretto, has been taken from one of my songs.
I had a rock group but the authorities stopped it. As a protest I took this little song
(Seven sad stars, 1970) and made it part of a symphony.

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composer: Imants Kalniņš (– 1973-04-20)
is based on: Septiņas skumjas zvaigznes
part of: 4. simfonija


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1987-11-18 – 1987-11-19 Allegretto live Liepājas Simfoniskais orķestris 14:14
1999-09 "Rock" Symphony (Symphony no. 4): I. Allegretto Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Lan Shui 10:53
2009 – 2009-07 Allegretto Liepājas Simfoniskais orķestris 14:48
Allegretto Latvijas Televīzijas un Radio simfoniskais orķestris ?:??