lyricist and composer:George Harrison (The Beatles)
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1966-04-11 – 1966-04-13Love You To (original stereo studio mix)The Beatles3:01
1966-04-11 – 1966-04-13Love You To (1999 remix)The Beatles3:01
1966-04-11 – 1966-04-13Love You To (original mono studio mix)The Beatles3:03
Love to YouThe Beatles2:58
Love You DoThe Beatles3:01
Love You TocoverFantasmes3:51
Love You ToGeorge Harrison?:??
Love You Tocover and instrumentalLes Fradkin3:14
Love You TocoverBete Pest3:04
Love You ToJoel Harrison Featuring David Liebman, Uri Caine And David Binney8:05
Love You TocoverThe Specimen3:22
Love You TocoverSolid Gold3:39
Love You ToThe Beatles3:02
Love You ToThe Beatles3:07
Love You ToThe Beatles?:??
Love You ToThe Beatles3:00
Love You TocoverBongwater2:15
Love You TocoverSukilove4:04
Love You TocoverRonnie Montrose4:45
Love You TocoverYim Yames4:21
Love You TocoverCornershop3:24
Love You To (Mono Mix)The Beatles3:10
Love You To (mono)George Harrison?:??
Love You To (mono)The Beatles3:11
Love You To (RM1, RM2, RM3 & Edit Take 7)The Beatles?:??
Love You To (RS1, RS2, RS3 & Edit Take 7)The Beatles?:??
Love You To (SI Onto Take 6 2nd Sitar & Fuzz Bass)The Beatles2:25
Love You To (SI Onto Take 6 Sitar & Tabla)The Beatles2:26
Love You To (SI Onto Take 7)The Beatles2:27
Love You To (Stereo Mix, Edit Of RS1-3)The Beatles3:02
Love You To (Take 6 - Guitar & Vocal)The Beatles2:07
Love You TooThe Beatles3:07
Love You ToocoverRachael Yamagata2:51
Love You Too (mono mix)The Beatles3:06
Love You Too (mono)The Beatles3:11