lyricist and composer:Simon & Garfunkel
writer:[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist)
Art Garfunkel
Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel)
publisher:Fanfare (publisher)
Pattern Music Ltd (publisher)
Paul Simon Music
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Wikidata:Q109852562 [info]
later parody versions:Offer Your Prayer
later translated versions:Lilja, ruusu ja kirsikkapuu
Scarborough Fair (German version)
version of:Scarborough Fair
The Side of a Hill


1966-07-26Scarborough Fair / Canticle (mono)Simon & Garfunkel3:11
1966-07-26Scarborough Fair / Canticle (stereo remix)Simon & Garfunkel3:14
1966-07-26Scarborough Fair / CanticleSimon & Garfunkel3:11
1968-03-18Scarborough Faircover, instrumental and partialSoul Flutes2:43
1968-05-07Scarborough Fair / Canticlecover and instrumentalWes Montgomery4:54
1968-12-16Scarborough Fair - Canticlecover and instrumentalJack Wilson5:01
1969-11-28Scarborough Fair / CanticleliveSimon & Garfunkel3:56
1969Scarborough Fair / Canticlecover and instrumentalPaul Desmond4:23
1970-05-01Scarborough Fair / Canticle (live, 1970-05-01: Olympia, Paris,France)liveSimon & Garfunkel3:23
1981-09-19Scarborough Fair (live, 1981-09-19: Central Park, New York, NY, USA)liveSimon & Garfunkel3:49
1981-09-19Scarborough Fair (live, 1981-09-19: Central Park, New York, NY, USA)liveSimon & Garfunkel3:57
1991-03-30Scarborough Fair (live video, 1991-03-30: Hong Kong Coliseum)cover and live陳百強1:55
1991-03-30Scarborough Fair (live, 1991-03-30: Hong Kong Coliseum, Hong Kong)cover and live陳百強1:55
1992-03-04Scarborough Fair (live)livePaul Simon3:13
2003-12Scarborough Fair (live, 2003-12: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA)liveSimon & Garfunkel3:50
2016-10-01スカボロー・フェア (live, 2016-10-01: Tokyo International Forum Hall C, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan)cover and live岩崎宏美 & 国府弘子 with 岩崎良美?:??
2021-12-06Scarborough Faircover and liveDaisy the Great2:51
Scarborough Faircover内橋和久3:14
Scarborough FaircoverQueensrÿche3:50
Scarborough FairSimon & Garfunkel3:09
Scarborough FaircoverGregorian4:11
Scarborough Faircover and instrumentalCanadian Brass2:48
Scarborough Faircover[unknown]3:06
Scarborough Faircover鬼束ちひろ3:14
Scarborough FaircoverLeaves’ Eyes4:04
Scarborough FaircoverClaire Sweeney3:14
Scarborough FaircoverMichael Chapdelaine2:53
Scarborough FaircoverBrainbox5:55
Scarborough FaircoverTony Mottola2:49
Scarborough FaircoverAlan Caddy Orchestra & Singers?:??
Scarborough FaircoverGregorian4:52
Scarborough Faircover and instrumentalThe Grassmasters3:02
Scarborough Faircover and instrumental[unknown]3:20
Scarborough Faircover and instrumentalTony Rice2:40
Scarborough FairinstrumentalPhilharmonic Pops Orchestra3:13
Scarborough FaircoverDaisy the Great2:53
Scarborough Faircover and instrumentalMary O’Hara3:01
Scarborough FaircoverSérgio Mendes & Brasil ’663:20
Scarborough Faircover[unknown]?:??
Scarborough FairRoger Whittaker?:??
Scarborough Fair (Nov 1967 Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY (Remastered))liveSimon & Garfunkel3:12
Scarborough Fair6 Zylinder3:24
Scarborough Fair (mono)coverSandie Shaw?:??
Scarborough Faircover and instrumentalThe Mantovani Orchestra2:23
Scarborough FairSandie Shaw2:48
Scarborough FaircoverLesley Garrett with Ian Bostridge4:40
Scarborough FairliveArt Garfunkel3:20
Scarborough FairCarly Simon3:37
Scarborough FaircoverDeena Webster?:??
Scarborough Faircover and instrumentalJordan Rudess2:50
Scarborough FaircoverBrainbox6:27
Scarborough FaircoverGershon Kingsley2:50
Scarborough Faircover and instrumentalJoe Reisman & His Orchestra & Chorus2:48
Scarborough FaircoverQueensrÿche3:12
Scarborough Fair - CanticlecoverThe Coterie3:48
Scarborough Fair (acoustic version)coverLeaves’ Eyes3:24
Scarborough Fair (canticle)instrumentalTony Hatch Orchestra?:??
Scarborough Fair (Canticle)Harry Belafonte3:28
Scarborough Fair (Canticle)Simon & Garfunkel3:08
Scarborough Fair (Flying Headcase dub)cover, instrumental and partialAnother Fine Day6:27
Scarborough Fair / CanticlecoverHarry Belafonte3:30
Scarborough Fair / Canticlecover and instrumentalJean‐Luc Ponty3:02
Scarborough Fair / CanticleAndy Williams3:40
Scarborough Fair / CanticlecoverThe Ventures2:51
Scarborough Fair / CanticlecoverBobbie Gentry & Glen Campbell3:20
Scarborough Fair / CanticlecoverAndy Williams3:40
Scarborough Fair / CanticleRoger Whittaker3:24
Scarborough Fair / CanticlecoverThe Hampton String Quartet5:30
Scarborough Fair / CanticlecoverHelena Vondráčková3:16
Scarborough Fair / Canticlecover増崎孝司4:46
Scarborough Fair / CanticlecoverClaudine Longet3:19
Scarborough Fair / Canticlecover and instrumental国府弘子3:02
Scarborough Fair Canticlecover and instrumentalCharlie Byrd2:48
Scarborough Fair; CanticlecoverRay Conniff2:24
Scarborough Fair/Canticlecover and instrumentalThe Filmscore Orchestra3:16
Scarborough Fair/CanticleinstrumentalFrank Chacksfield & His Orchestra2:14
Scarborough Fair/Canticle (From the Graduate)coverAndre Kostelanetz And His Orchestra?:??
Scarborough FairecoverAndean Nation3:27
クラエス (スカボロー・フェア)cover and instrumental大谷幸1:54
クラエスのピアノ (スカボロー・フェア)cover and instrumental大谷幸1:23