Get Back

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writer:John Lennon (The Beatles)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles)
publisher:Maclen Music Ltd. (U.S. based publisher for Lennon–McCartney)
Music Corporation of America, Inc. (BMI‐affiliated music publisher of MCA Records, Inc.?)
Northern Songs
Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC (1995–2020)
Sony/ATV Songs LLC
Sony/ATV Tunes LLC
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later translated parody versions:Get claques
Schitt weg
later translated versions:Daun lekk
Rentre Jojo à la maison (Get Back)
later versions:Get Back (Love version)


1969-01-07Get Back 7.16The Beatles1:57
1969-01-07Get Back 7.17partialThe Beatles0:09
1969-01-07Get Back 7.18The Beatles5:59
1969-01-07Get Back 7.19The Beatles9:15
1969-01-09Get Back 9.59The Beatles2:27
1969-01-09Get Back 9.60The Beatles5:17
1969-01-09Get Back 9.61The Beatles5:27
1969-01-09Get Back 9.62The Beatles3:06
1969-01-09Get Back 9.63partialThe Beatles0:37
1969-01-09Get Back 9.64The Beatles4:34
1969-01-10Get Back 10.10The Beatles2:58
1969-01-10Get Back 10.13The Beatles7:37
1969-01-10Get Back 10.14The Beatles1:38
1969-01-10Get Back 10.16The Beatles1:35
1969-01-10Get Back 10.17The Beatles2:08
1969-01-10Get Back 10.18The Beatles6:17
1969-01-10Get Back 10.19The Beatles3:15
1969-01-10Get Back 10.20The Beatles3:05
1969-01-10Get Back 10.22The Beatles10:30
1969-01-10Get Back 10.23The Beatles4:03
1969-01-10Get Back 10.27partialThe Beatles0:22
1969-01-10Get Back 10.29The Beatles3:57
1969-01-10Get Back 10.30The Beatles3:16
1969-01-10Get Back 10.31The Beatles3:23
1969-01-10Get Back 10.32The Beatles2:12
1969-01-10Get Back 10.33The Beatles1:06
1969-01-10Get Back 10.35The Beatles4:03
1969-01-10Get Back 10.36The Beatles2:41
1969-01-10Get Back 10.37The Beatles3:45
1969-01-10Get Back 10.39The Beatles1:33
1969-01-10Get Back 10.40The Beatles1:40
1969-01-10Get Back 10.41The Beatles1:51
1969-01-13Get Back 13.15The Beatles1:32
1969-01-13Get Back 13.17partialThe Beatles0:39
1969-01-13Get Back 13.18partialThe Beatles0:31
1969-01-13Get Back 13.19partialThe Beatles0:49
1969-01-13Get Back 13.20partialThe Beatles0:10
1969-01-13Get Back 13.21partialThe Beatles0:48
1969-01-13Get Back 13.22partialThe Beatles0:33
1969-01-13Get Back 13.23partialThe Beatles0:18
1969-01-13Get Back 13.24The Beatles1:10
1969-01-13Get Back 13.27The Beatles5:05
1969-01-13Get Back 13.28The Beatles2:43
1969-01-13Get Back 13.29The Beatles2:57
1969-01-13Get Back 13.30The Beatles5:48
1969-01-13Get Back 13.31The Beatles1:50
1969-01-13Get Back 13.32partialThe Beatles0:40
1969-01-14Get Back 14.41The Beatles1:57
1969-01-21Get Back / [improvisation] 21.75partialThe Beatles0:49
1969-01-23Get Back / Reach Out 23.15The Beatles4:30
1969-01-23Get Back 23.06The Beatles1:45
1969-01-23Get Back 23.07The Beatles5:23
1969-01-23Get Back 23.08The Beatles1:31
1969-01-23Get Back 23.09The Beatles2:37
1969-01-23Get Back 23.10The Beatles1:02
1969-01-23Get Back 23.12The Beatles2:00
1969-01-23Get Back 23.13The Beatles3:38
1969-01-23Get Back 23.14The Beatles2:57
1969-01-23Get Back 23.16The Beatles2:25
1969-01-23Get Back 23.17The Beatles10:13
1969-01-23Get Back 23.18The Beatles3:22
1969-01-23Get Back 23.19The Beatles0:10
1969-01-23Get Back 23.20The Beatles9:54
1969-01-23Get Back 23.21The Beatles11:07
1969-01-23Get Back 23.22partialThe Beatles0:55
1969-01-23Get Back 23.23The Beatles12:16
1969-01-23Get Back 23.24The Beatles1:10
1969-01-23Get Back 23.25The Beatles10:07
1969-01-23Get Back 23.26The Beatles2:32
1969-01-23Get Back 23.27partialThe Beatles0:22
1969-01-23Get Back 23.29The Beatles2:46
1969-01-23Get Back 23.29PThe Beatles3:58
1969-01-23Get Back 23.29PpartialThe Beatles1:39
1969-01-23Get Back 23.29PpartialThe Beatles0:49
1969-01-23Get Back 23.31partialThe Beatles0:21
1969-01-23Get Back 23.33partialThe Beatles0:35
1969-01-23Get Back 23.34partialThe Beatles0:06
1969-01-23Get Back 23.35The Beatles1:01
1969-01-23Get Back 23.36The Beatles2:26
1969-01-23Get Back 23.37The Beatles2:51
1969-01-23Get Back 23.38The Beatles6:07
1969-01-23Get Back 23.39The Beatles3:24
1969-01-23Get Back 23.66The Beatles2:23
1969-01-23Get Back 23.67The Beatles2:45
1969-01-23Get Back 23.68The Beatles3:28
1969-01-23Get Back 23.69The Beatles5:34
1969-01-23Get Back 23.70The Beatles1:44
1969-01-23Get Back 23.71partialThe Beatles0:35
1969-01-23Get Back 23.72The Beatles2:16
1969-01-23Get Back 23.73The Beatles2:28
1969-01-23Get Back 23.74The Beatles3:12
1969-01-23Get Back 23.75The Beatles3:30
1969-01-23Get Back 23.76The Beatles1:59
1969-01-23Get Back 23.78The Beatles1:17
1969-01-23Get Back 23.79The Beatles2:37
1969-01-23Get Back 23.79PThe Beatles3:28
1969-01-23Get Back 23.79PpartialThe Beatles0:15
1969-01-23Get Back 23.79PThe Beatles2:32
1969-01-23 – 1969-01-24Get Back 23.74PThe Beatles1:13
1969-01-23 – 1969-01-24Get Back 23.78PpartialThe Beatles0:05
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